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COME PLAY AT THE GARDEN. (group verse: Eve’s Garden)

NAME: Andrew Ryan
AGE: 40s
FACE CLAIM: Vincent Price


Andrei Rayanovsky built himself up from nothing.  He moved to the United States when he was eight and anglicized his name to Andrew Ryan, where he proceeded to start making a true name for himself.  

His businesses began even when he was young, and he showed a remarkable talent for making something out of nothing.  By the time WWII rolled around, he was one of the wealthiest men in the country.

The war only expounded on his profits, and by the time it was over, he had grown tired of life in his adopted country.  President Roosevelt’s New Deal spoke of the country he’d left behind, and he decided that he was going to build his own city, with his own ideals.

But what country could there BE, for a man like him?  What country would ALLOW him to live in a place governed by his OWN ideals?

The answer was that there WAS no country for men like him.  And so he decided to build one, under the sea, away from the PARASITES on the surface.

Rapture was completed, and the city began to thrive.  And in every thriving city, there’s a need for entertainment.  Eve’s Garden fills that need.  The Great Man of Rapture himself finds himself frequenting the garden, where he’s treated with the deference a man of his stature deserves.


NAME: Molly
AGE: 27
TIME ZONE: Pacific Standard Time
DISCORD: Available upon request


(group verse: Eve’s Garden)

Name: Archer White
Aliases: none
Age: 30
Face Claim: David Duchovny
Position at the club: Patron

Recently divorced, I’m talking like-YESTERDAY- Archer is a mess and doesn’t know what to do with himself. After joining Sinclair Solutions program he got a very nice apartment in exchange for testing. Now with spending money and an empty house, he has developed a drinking habit, as well as a few concerning grey hairs. 

Seeing as Bars are so depressing, he found he liked spending time at the club instead. He is literally there all day, drinking, having lunch/dinner, and talking with anyone that is willing to listen. He doesn’t mind shelling out lots of coin for it either.

Archer has JUST been promoted to being Mr. Ryan’s assistant after his previous assistant mysteriously…. died. Archer is struggling to do his job well and needs to unwind. 

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Gryffindor Bio Major: the former pre med that realizes at the end of sophomore year that there is more to bio than getting into med school. Decides to stick with the major even after dropping their ambitions of becoming a medical doctor. Excels at most fields of biology but is really gifted with marine biology and animal behavior. Profs see them as hardheaded, but hardworking. Throws all the post-exam parties and has a soft spot for mentoring underclass bio majors.

Hufflepuff Bio Major: The kid who always comes into class looking like they’re either coming back from the field or headed to it. Takes all the environmental science and ecology/evolution classes but is a brainiac in all bio subjects. Dreams of working for an NGO but would also be content growing their own vegetables, keeping bees, and teaching science to young children for the rest of their lives. Encourages all of their classmates to take on sustainable and eco-conscious habits. Interns in the campus garden.

Slytherin Bio Major: The pre med that you’d actually want as a doctor. A little cutthroat in the first two years of university, but quickly matures and makes a name for themselves as a formidable lab scientist. Dabbles in biochemistry and biophysics but also in evolutionary theory. Aspires to be a clinical scientist and earn their Md-PhD and would probably look good doing it. Has no interest in non-applied science but still respects all other fields of bio (for the most part). Profs are a little unnerved by their intensity.

Ravenclaw Bio Major: Can be found in both the lab and the field, but has no idea what they want to do with their lives. Might become a health professional, might go into industry, might do pure research. Has had emotional breakdowns in the office of their advisor. Loves the idea of being an academic for the rest of their lives. Can be found in the library every weekend but is also very involved in department culture and volunteers for everything. Gets emotional about science when they’re drunk.


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Entry 5 from the Personal Journal of Youko Rayah

All the first harvest of fruits, spices, herbs, beans, vegetables, and nuts were in.  I took a great deal of delight in making sure all the pantries were stocked with dried goods and canned/jarred goods.  We would have plenty to eat come hell or high water, no one was going hungry on my watch.

And even better, the local spirits had shown a great deal of fondness to the apples and cloves.  I earmarked both inventory listings for future offerings, as well as sachets of the plum and raspberry tea blends that had gone over well with the lake spirit to the south.  It wouldn’t hurt our reserves at all to set aside a kilo or two of fruit and a basket or two of tea every month or so.  

The first harvest of Bacta, all processed and stocked in medical promises to be Very potent.  Thank all the Kami it had worked.  And the other medical plants proved to be doing well also.  Now that everything was set up on the large scale farming patches, it would be self sustaining.  No need to worry about any of it.  The small scale plantings though…  Midori has mentioned being skilled at poisons, and any plants she’ll need will also need a place to grow… We have the room, but the last thing we want is to cross contaminate any of our food stuffs.  

With a frown, I shifted into my smaller, but much faster fox form and darted across the garden cavern.  something like 30% was in use already, but unless we grew in numbers to a stupidly large number we wouldn’t need all of this for food supply and air scrubbing.  And if we Did get that large, then I was most definitely recommending splitting our forces between 2 possibly 3 planets.  No need to make us easy to wipe out after all.

I stopped in a corner of the cavern and shifted back, taking a moment to look around.  Haleforce is officially my hero.  there is a Lift back here.  it’s locked down, but all it needs is access codes and it’s good to go.  

My gaze flickered around the planting beds here, and i grinned.  All it would take is a little work, and not even from our residential Earth Bender.  Just some duracrete to put up walls or something similar to the temporary housing structures used at bases across the galaxy and members of the team could have growing plots for any side projects they want.  that would help Midori and cut down on any problems we could run into as far as poisonous plants.

May even see about putting one in for growing mushrooms of different types.  Always good for cooking.  That thought in mind, I shifted again and made my way back across the vast space.  It was only as i was under the bows of a Lovely hazelnut trees that i froze, a thought hitting me.  

I am a damned IDIOT!  sitting back on my haunches, i looked around.  Nope.  Not a single one growing anywhere.  I slapped a paw over my snout.  Oh I hope I have some in storage.  If there was, and i got on it now, I could have the plant blooming bye tonight.

Really, how damn forgetful am i?  Vanilla orchids.  I forgot to plant the Vanilla orchids!  As i pad off, i make a note to myself to check the replies to my general post to see if there were any requests for new plants, so i can add those to the next round of planting as well.  Really, how is one to do any baking without vanilla?