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Why don’t i like using plastic containers for caged birds?
I hope the picture comparison is an obvious reason why.

As you can tell from the picture on the left, there is a clear, clean surface on the plastic. This is a new container.

The picture on the right shows a lining that makes the plastic container look cloudy, and have a whitish tinge called bio film.
This container is roughly 4 months old.
That lining is a major health hazard for your bird as it is full of bacterial growth.
Even after scrubbing and cleaning once daily, the bacteria still grows over time and can cause upsets with digestion as the bacteria enters from the water/food into the body causing a bacteria infection and most likely a trip to the vet.

Plastic surfaces are porous, a breeding ground trapping bacteria.
To keep a plastic container clean, soaking and through scrubbing in soapy hot water is the only way. Keeping them clean is certainly a challenge and don’t forget about getting those tight corners with a toothbrush.

This reason is why stainless steel and ceramic bowls are a better option for use as food containers - they are non porous.

Lou with his ceramic bowl

Louie has a cermaic bowl designed to hang in bird cages.
Providing the cage is spotless and clean enough to eat from the floor, you can use weighted ceramic bowls via placing them on ground level in a ‘no poop’ zone.
Placing a ‘dipping’ dish with water next to food will save your bird from climbing up and down to a from the water bowl.

Stainless steel bowls

Stainless steel bowls can come in hanging, screw on, or screw on coup holders.

*Important to note with metal bowls*
Do not use galvanised metal bowls as they are coated with zinc to provide a damage proof layer.
Zinc and Copper are heavy metal.
Heavy metals are toxic to birds

If they chew parts of metal cage wires, toys, bowls (even coins) made out of these materials, and the metal doesn’t pass throught the digestive tracts, the chewed pieces sit in their stomach toxins will leech in to the body.

Whatever you decide about which dishes you will use, before you give food or water to your birds, ask yourself, “Would I eat from this dish?”


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #368

(“H̹̱̬̱̖̻̺è̯̹y ̹̭̠̙̞̖m̴̹̹̺̩a̡̠n͕͙͔̦̹,͖͔͢ ͏n͏͇o̖̰̝t͖͙̗̞̣͠h͞i̛͙̼̮̭n̩̗̫̙ͅg̶ t͇̭͇͡o̼͉̻͓̻ ̸͈̳̝̭b̤̜̮̲͓e̫͍͍͔̥ͅ ̙͇̼a̸͔̹͚͖͉͕s͎̤h̩̹̗̲̦̱a̘̪̯̮ͅm̰̫ȩd̪͙͕̯̤̞͙ ͚̻͈̟͟ͅo̠̫f̛̩̮̩.̟̮͕̺̰̞́ͅ..”) (Dialogue from Tremors II: Aftershocks; suggested by anonymous.)


On this day in music history: July 24, 1987 - “La Bamba”, the biopic of Mexican-American Rock & Roll pioneer Ritchie Valens is released in US theaters. Directed by Luis Valdez (“Zoot Suit”) and produced by Taylor Hackford (“An Officer And A Gentleman”, “Against All Odds”, “Ray”) and Bill Borden, the film stars Lou Diamond Phillips (as Valens), Esai Morales, Rosana DeSoto, Joe Pantoliano, and Elizabeth Peña. The soundtrack is performed by Los Lobos (scored by Carlos Santana and Miles Goodman) who hit number one with both the title song and album.  Released through Columbia Pictures and made for only $5.6 million, the modestly budgeted film is a huge success grossing over $52 million in domestic box office.

A bunch of people are asking about how my medical school interview went down considering I unusually got accepted the same day in lieu of having to wait a few weeks to find out. It’s a pretty interesting story, so here goes!

I went into SUNY at around 8:00 am for the interview. There were 3 other applicants, two girls and a guy, and we were low-key nervous. We talked about the other optometry schools we interviewed at, but I think deep down we all knew this was our first choice school. It’s the #2 ranked optometry school in the entire country, smack dab in the heart of NYC next to the New York public library and the beautiful Bryant Park. But since SUNY is very competitive and only accepts around 100 students each year, we were all on edge.

We were told online that the interview was more of a 3 person panelist interrogation. We were briefed by the admissions director, who seemed a bit more bubbly than usual, and then took the elevator up to the admissions office. There we found out that there was actually only 2 people on the panel, since one had to go to a big optometry conference in Chicago. I was the 3rd to be interviewed, so I talked to the others to pass the time and prepare myself. The first interview was supposed to last 30 minutes but was an hour long. The second applicant was also an hour long. Then it was my turn.

The 2 interviewers were very nice, one was a recent PhD and the other had worked there for around 30 years. They asked me about why I switched from Bio to Film and then back to Bio at the University of Miami, and about the research I did at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. I told them I’m very much into both art and science and UM offered great programs in both, so I wanted to explore both of the fields to see how I liked them. I ended up not liking the film industry and missed the challenge of the sciences, so I went back to school after graduating to finish my prerequisites. I said, if you would have asked me if I regretted my decision to switch majors when I graduated, I would have said yes because I spent 3 years taking those prerequisite classes, but now having taken them and acing them because I finally learned how to study, I have no reservations going into the medical field since I feel I can handle it now. It felt more conversational and less like an interrogation. I felt like I nailed all the points I needed to and explained my research involvement in great detail, so I left the interview feeling good…

…until I checked my phone and realized I was only in there with them for 30 minutes? The first two applicants got an hour each with them, why did I get the regular 30 minutes? The last applicant went in and I began stressing, replaying and over-analyzing what I had said to them over and over. What if she’s in there for an hour too and they kicked me out early because I’m not accepted? However, she also was in there for only 30 minutes, saying she wanted to ask them more questions but received a knock on the door to finish up. Maybe our interviews were shorter because we were behind schedule?

Either way, we took a tour with students and had lunch with them. I was a bit worried before the interview, but given this inconstancy I began freaking out internally, trying to rationalize the time discrepancy. Maybe the first two applicants had iffy applications and the panelists needed more time with them to iron out a few things? Maybe me and the other girl had less time because we were in better standing? But what if it’s the inverse and they gave the others more time because they’re definitely accepted and we’re not?

Finally, we all went back up to the interview room and we were briefed on financial loan and housing info, if we were to get accepted. The admissions director came back in and began telling us we would get an answer from SUNY in 2 to 3 weeks and began discussing the next steps we would expect if we were to not get accepted, if we were provisionally on a wait list, or if we were accepted. I tried not to sweat as he stared me right in the eye multiple times talking about not getting accepted, yet also looked me in the eye when talking about acceptance; I had a tough time reading his bubbly disposition.

Before he dismissed us, he asked something I wasn’t expecting, “Okay so, this is an interesting situation where you guys have a choice. When would you like to find out your results? Now or later?” We were all like… wat. We were silent for a bit, tensed up and slowly agreed that we’d want to know now. “Oh good, because all 4 of you are accepted.” I had a palpitation. We were in shock. We had talked before about reading this one student online who said that all 3 of the applicants got accepted that day and how cool that would be, but since there was 4 of us that probably wouldn’t happen. But it totally did. The other applicants and I traded info, realizing that this may not be our final goodbye as we would likely be attending together in 2018.

On the train home, it occurred to me what had probably happened. We were already accepted before we walked in the front door, maybe even as soon as we got the interview invitation. That’s why the admissions director was so bubbly, telling 4 nervous applicants that they got accepted after fooling them into thinking they had to wait weeks to find out must be the absolute highlight of his job. They kept saying we shouldn’t be nervous because we applied very early and they only accept 30% of applications anyway, so being there at all was a really good sign. But the fact that one panelist was missing was a dead giveaway for me in retrospect. I think our interviews didn’t really count, they just wanted to get to know us and show us around campus because they already knew we were going there. They could afford to have already accepted applicants be interviewed by only 2 people, so the real interviews to weed out the less competitive applicants can have that 3rd panelist present.

In the end, it was a nerve wracking experience, but one that I certainly will never forget. I can’t wait to begin optometry school next year! Thanks to everyone who stuck with me and supported me during the past several years. <3


jadebug98: You’re my shot, I kiss it till it’s true…😈
Favorite class from this year so far….I love classes where I can become another character or creature in this case! Link in bio!
Choreo by @alexandernxg 💯💯
Filmed by @timmilgram 🎥
Song by @tsarbmusic “Escalate”


staronstage It’s about that time again! Sharing my latest class with y'all! @taylorswift “..Ready For It?” FULL VID on my YT. Link in the bio!

Filmed by @mytypolife #Reputation #ReadyForIt #taylorswift

Word Count: 2,094

Warnings: Descriptions of wounds/trauma. Into Darkness spoilers.

Author’s Note: This fic is Reader x Kirk. This will be a 2 part fic, Part 2 is here! I’ve only written Jim once before starting this blog. I’m finding him such an interesting character to work with; I just recently rewatched Into Darkness and realized how emotional of a character he really is. Enjoy, loves!

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SEVEN to SEVEN - here’s a preview of one of the short films I worked on earlier this year. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a talented cast and crew! I can’t wait to see the final product! 😄@paris.perrault

Visit the LINK IN MY BIO for the full film description, behind the scene photos, and more information on the film!

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The Older Studyblr Crowd: A Masterpost

I’ve had a lot of requests to recommend older/ post-grad studyblrs. Since I follow so many wonderful people, I decided to make a quick lil list for anyone else who is looking for upperclassmen and “older“ crowd! I went through my follower list and made a note of everyone who appeared to be an upperclassmen/graduate student or was above the age of 22. They are as follows:

Graduate/Ph.D students:
darastudies // tulluly (art history) // habitsandlaw (post law) // journeyunderthestars // study-read-study (bilingualism) // chemistrynerd2020 (organic chemistry) // catscaffeineandnotebooks (creative writing/ poetry) // iwasborntostudy (hospitality management) // post–grad (medieval lit) // caffeinebooks (history) // howtophd (history) // ivrileague (biotech engineering) // ratheralotofacademicambition (literature) // psychblrrrr (psych) // mk-studies (social justice) // gilmore-esque (accountancy) // phdadventurerer // claireeatsnotes (illustration) // caffeinatemystudies (middle east studies) // lerudite (history) // back-to-college (eng lit/language) // sammasankappa (textile technology)  // runandstudymore (accounting) // styleinthestacks (library science/public history) // la-studieuse (art history) // @caffeinatedcraziness (chemistry) // curiousgradstudent (art history) 

Med/Law school:
throughtheeyesofamedstudent (4th yr med) // procaffeinator (law) // justanothermedblr (3rd yr med) // ladykaymd (4th yr med) // living-that-library-lifestyle (4th yr law) // survivingmalcolmhell (law) // studiousmedic (3rd yr med) // ofbooksandbookers (law) // stealthoscopes (vet) // qui-plume-a-guerre-a (1st yr law) // echymosis (4th yr med) // lawslayer (law) // study-wisely (3rd yr med) // inthecompanyofbooks (3rd yr med) // slytherinmd (2nd yr med) // soraya-lawblr (law) // @ashpiringtobebetter (2nd yr med) 

me-mine (photography) // griffindor95 (neuroscience) // averagemedgirl (biology) // ceeejstudies (visual arts) // femalebryan (art history) // findthederivative (Biochem/math) // studypops (comm/business) // othertypist (English/German) // yarelichem (Chem) // maddiestudiespsychology (psych) // mqrlene (computer science) // n0ell333 (history) // cumlaudeorbust // studybox (accounting) // juniorincollege (psych) // jazstudies (english) // writtencoffeestudies (psych) // studylikebatman (psych) // longingtolearn (geography/bio) // raindropsonstationery (bio/film) // doctor-muffin (pre-med) // studyingsinger (music performance/classical studies) // studyingqt (foreign languages) // studyhardxx (language/lit/media science) // antropobitch (anthropology) // study-you-fools (history) // thetinyanthropologist (anthropology) // thekidatthebackoftheclass (genetics) // studymountains (neuroscience) // studis (music) // kourtnis-study-spot (psych) // feminist-bibliophile (psych) // seatreading (asian studies) // dissertationstudyblr (multimedia journalism) // kit-kat-studies (bio) // literallystudying (english lit) // hermione-ing (math/philosophy) // meliglossos (classics) // willy-brandt (sociology) // speedofwrite (dietics/nutrition) // tomorrowstriplethreat ( east asian studies/film) // @lena4point0 (accounting) // @cheystudies (poli sci) // @madsurvivorvsfinalyear (psych) 

Other 22+
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This is not a complete list; if anyone wants to be added to this list or would like me to edit their entry, please send me a message! Just let me know what your academic level is (junior, med school, etc.) and major if applicable. Thanks! 

PLZ NOTE: this is in no way made to exclude high school/lower division college studyblrs. This community is awesome for high school/new college students in that they can get together and support each other to be studious and smart. I love it! Sometimes it’s hard for older students and upperclassmen to find each other, so I figured I’d make an accessible list for everyone! xox