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 Marie isn’t the only one who gets a dramatic facing-the-back pose.

 2 years later…Malibu still continues her work as Agent Asterial, despite being married to Ryu, who is King of the Octarians. 

Idea that is still up in the air: This more-so involves why Venice travels to the time in Splatoon 2, but not the how. I’m still not quite sure how he’d accomplish time travel. Agent Asterial/Malibu was killed. Ryu blamed it on the Inklings,and the Inkling blame it on the Octarians, despite there being no evidence. One day, a substance that appears black and sticky appears and starts possessing Octarians and Inklings. Venice travels to the past to solve the mystery of who killed his mother, and permanently get rid of Kirai and her minions.  

So. hie again, .u. as the title says this is a soon to be story/comic related oc.

her name is “Jane Virtline”
her age is unknown
her height is: 5 ft 5

personality: she is commonly very quiet and mature, she rarely shows emotions but when she does it’s very noticeable
she has great respect for her family line and intends to do whatever it takes to make sure her Father is “High King” of their race.
however in order for her father to become high king she needs to merry the “blood Prince”.

mh. sooner or later i’ll do some comic stuff,

Charlotte’s character sheet, finally! I’m gonna get myself into gear again after the holidays and Gerhard’s character sheet will be underway soon.

Here’s the character description:

Charlotte is a 32 year old trans woman working as an assistant to the owner of the queer nightclub „Arcadia“, Wilhelmina Vogt. She is very strict and organised when it comes to business and has a strong sense of responsibility not just for her work but also the people around her. Though seeming distant and formal at first she will loosen up quickly when feeling at ease in a friendly and familiar environment. The nightclub allows her to let go of her poised demeanour that she carefully crafted for the outside world, a remnant of her time in cadet school and later as officer during the war.

Unlike a lot of her friends she is still attached to some conservative attitudes that stem from her childhood, like a reverence for the „war hero“ and president of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg. Consequently, she harbours a deep distrust towards communists and  supposed rabble-rousers and highly values order. Charlotte has learned self-defense and even though she tries to stay out of any trouble whatsoever, she’s not afraid to step in if somebody she loves is in danger.


Anyone interested in a Steven Universe crossover?? ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I used their birthstones for their gems!
Did you know that there’s 2 birthstones for June?
The Alexandrite and the PEARL
but I picked the former

There’s also 3 for December! (I picked the Zircon for Kaneki)


I made a little mini comic biography about Moebius for class! One day (hopefully soon) I want to read his entire library of work, but for now I’ll take what I can find.

I consulted the BBC4 documentary “In Search of Moebius,” Moebius 1: Upon a Star, and wikipedia for the purposes of this *super brief* bio. I used his own words in most cases (i.e.: he said he grew up in Fontenay-sous-bois in an on-camera interview, wikipedia states differently). I wish there was a more in-depth biography of him in english!

Moebius using a cintiq! Further proving that the tools don’t make the artist!