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A little late, but I have to make it.

I couldn’t help thinking all that was in Piers head while he was crawling to C-Virus strain is ‘Chris! Chris! Chris!’

Days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and the first thing that came to my mind is “Why can’t Capcom let Piers live and make him a permanent RE’s character like Chris and Leon?” it was just a silly thought, nonetheless I couldn’t go back to sleep for a while that night with more incoming thought of Piers. It got me good ;v;. Piers isn’t even the character I would like (for his look and attitude) on normal basis but he was (is? was? TTvTT) really something and I just came to like him so damn much.




搞笑新刊 吧 嘿!

【書名】I’m sorry He’s mine
【CP】ALL Delirious中心(含VD、OD、泰迪D)






Jun Suemi / 末弥 純 - Part 7: other video game related works

Part 1 + bio + sources:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

pictured above
1) Arcadia magazine #35 (magazine - April 2002) Soul Calibur II poster
2) Dragon’s Dogma-The Beginning / ドラゴンズドグマ-ザ・ビギニング- (Novel - 2012) cover art
3) Fate/Hollow Ataraxia () card illustration
4) Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Phantasm (artbook - 2012) Fate/Stay Night illustration
5) Ultima IV: Avatar e no michi Notebook / ウルティマIV アバタールへの道ノートブック (guide book - 1987) cover art
6) Shin Wizardry RPG Kihon System / 真・ウィザードリィRPG―基本システム (tabletop RPG - 1991) cover art
7) Werdna no Gyakushū / ワードナの逆襲 (novel - 1990) cover art
8) Wizardry Comics (Comics - 1993) cover art
9) Wizardry RPG / ウィザードリィRPG (tabletop RPG - 1988) cover art
10) Wizardry no Subete Famicom-ban tankō / ウィザードリィのすべて―ファミコン版 (Guide book - 1989) cover art

Note: Pics 6 to 9 are featured in the game Wizardry: Llylgamyn Saga.

did you guys notice that Jack hasn’t uploaded a Bio Inc. Redemption for 6 days already?

his first episode of it was posted on June 15th
the second episode was posted on June 18th, which is 3 days after the first episode
the third episode was posted on June 21st, which is 3 days after the second episode
the fourth episode was posted on June 24th, which is also 3 days after the third episode

It’s always been uploaded every 3 days and his fifth episode should be uploaded on June 27th.

so, if it takes that long to upload the next episode of Bio Inc. Redemption, does this mean Jack really is planning something for it? 

Maybe? Think about it.

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So a friend and I were talking about how they’re wearing matching clothes (which is so damn cute wtf) and I got to thinking about Even taking Isak shopping….and came up with this. Part 2 here

Evak Shopping Adventures would include:

  • Randomly stopping each other for kisses (eskimo ones too…before remembering they’re in public and its not cool to be all over each other constantly. And forgetting again.)
  • Even picking things for Isak, except bc Isak likes to act like a lil bit of a brat, he puts up a fuss, even though he’s going to try anything Even suggests.
  • “Don’t you already own something like that?” “Yeah, so?” “I can just wear yours”
  • Taking mirror selfies in every store. #doitforthegram
  • Singing along with the awful top 40′s tracks (and Even does the damn eyebrow thing every time)
  • Isak complaining about spending too long looking at clothes and not enough time eating (food and each other’s faces. They really like to make out.)
  • Finally stopping at a cafe, only to find its that bougie hipster shit that Isak can’t get behind. Like, the fuck is an extra dry latte? How is a beverage (A LIQUID, bc Im science af with my 6 in Bio) dry? (He gets tea, because Even is really loving it there. And the muffins are hella good)
  • Buying the softest sweater because it looks nice and does NOT make Isak even cuter. Its definitely not because it makes Even rub his face in the hood while he’s wearing it. Nope.
  • Even wandering over to the nail polish bc aesthetic purposes. Isak paints one hand and nopes the fuck out because he didn’t wait long enough for it to dry and now theres black all over his fingers on his jacket (NO ONE TOLD ME IT WOULD TAKE SO LONG)
  • Running into the girls, and trying not to talk to them for too long. They have boyfriend shit to do.
  • Alley kisses
  • Mom texts that aren’t too bad today.
  • Leaning against each other on the bus ride home. They have so many bags at their feet, the other passengers are giving them dirty looks. But they’re too tired and wrapped up in each other.

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