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Here’s my first big character revamp! These are the teachers that were posted quite a while ago and I wanted to show you all their updated designs! Their bios, like the main 6, are still under wraps at the moment but I can say they will play fairly large role in the story.

*The before is on the left and revamp on the right!*


This is the youngest daughter, still living in the family home in Windenburg, Rose!

She is Good, a Genius and a Quick Learner!  She is thinking that she wants to be a scientist, like her great grandmother Fiona.  Her love of learning would push her to the top of this career!  She is going to age up in a while, will she live in the city with her siblings Theo and Roxanne, or should she stay in the quiet countryside?  Perhaps she will move to Oasis Springs to be close to the lab…

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FYI - UCSD doesn't have one of the greatest Biology programs from all the UC's. Congrats though!

They have great research opportunities, and from what I’ve read around, San Diego has a growing biotech industry so local internships are available too. I know its not UCLA, Berkley, or Davis but lol I only applied to LA out of those, so UCSD doesn’t seem too shabby to me. Its seems there you gotta take initiative with the opportunities available and build yourself the program you want, which is my plan. and thanks!!

PROJECT FAUX DRAG: 14 queens done, so many more to go! So far I’ve cosplayed as Bendelacreme, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Manila Luzon, Adore Delano, Tammie Brown, Alyssa Edwards, Bianca Del Rio, Detox Icunt, Courtney Act, Kelly Mantle, Raja Gemini, Sharon Needles, Laganja Estranja and Willam Belli!


This is the (shortened) story of Nellie Noremberg and her family.

Nellie is the child of Brennan Noremberg and Hillary Noremberg, an astronaut and a homemaker.  Her grandfather and grandmother were Jon Von Himmel and Fiona Noremberg.   She was incredibly close with her grandmother and was devastated when she passed.  Unfortunately, her parents are no longer with us.  They passed quietly in the ancestral home of the family.

She has three children with her husband Riley Larson, eldest Roxanne Noremberg, Theo the middle child and Rose the youngest.  Theo and Roxanne have both become young adults and have moved out to the big city, leaving Rose with her parents all alone in their big house on the island in Windenburg.  She is an adult but old age is knocking on her door…

Nellie is a soft woman who loves music, reached the pinnacle of the musician career with her trusty piano by her side and loves to read!  She is an avid bookworm.  The family did live in an incredibly large white colonial home for a while, but the size and “fanciness” of the home was daunting to Nellie.  She moved into her father’s home as he aged and moved into the ancestral house. 

This legacy will likely follow Rose, however, this is up for debate.  The story will progress and you will get to know the kids!  :) I will do a biography on all of the children.

Mirai-hen Character Bios Post Episode 6 -- Pretty Important Edition!

Togami Byakuya
Former SHSL Heir

Vice head of the Future Foundation 14th Branch. Former SHSL Heir of the 78th Class of Kibougamine. Working hard to combat the Remnants of Despair and restore the outside world. He’s as high-handed as ever, though since his time in the killing game, he’s learned to value relationships with people just a bit more.

Fukawa Touko/Genocider Sho
Former SHSL Literary Girl/Murderer

Former SHSL Literary Girl and trainee of the Future Foundation. Currently in the devastated Touwa City with Naegi Komaru, struggling to suppress the riots. She has multiple personalities, and within her resides the killer, Genocider Sho. Though Fukawa and Sho don’t share memories, they do share feelings, and they treasure their first ever friend, Komaru, very much.

Naegi Komaru
Normal Girl

Naegi Makoto’s younger sister and a normal girl. Trying to fix the conflict between the adults and children in the destroyed Touwa City while waiting for Naegi Makoto to come meet her.

Okay, first of all, Fukawa, gay. Secondly, Komaru that fingerless glove/belt look is also pretty damn gay. I love this.

THTBTF Bios #6: Tex

Allison “Tex” Texas – Tex was a rising star, a brilliant surgeon, and one of the most talented doctors anyone had ever seen. She was often absent from the MOI, because of her also working for Blood Gulch General. Tex was a major informant on the lawsuit, one of the experiments on patients occurred on her table, nearly killing her friend York, who she was operating on at the time. Since then, Tex has had a major crisis of faith, and has vanished off the face of the earth, cashing in on all of her vacation time. The only reason they know she’s still alive is because of mysterious text messages that Tucker receives once a month.

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How would you rate your AP classes on a scale of 1-10?

ehhhhh depends? do you mean a rating of how much i enjoy it?

if 1 is lowest and 10 is highest, then ap psych = 9, ap bio = 6.5, ap world = 6.5