Donn Zenner, the Eccentric Phasmologist

When he was a child, Donn Zenner didn’t believe in ghosts..that is until the cranky neighbor who lived under his family in the apartment building passed away.  The night after, Donn woke up in the middle of the night to watch the ghost of the neighbor rise up through the floor and watch him sleep.  This went on until his family moved, but not once did his parents believe him.

Zenner held that memory with him, driving him to become interested in the unknown and paranormal.  Earning a degree in Theoretical Physics, Zenner temporarily accepted a research position at Cambridge, only to be kicked out a few years later after they found out he’d been building a compact particle collider in the basement of the science wing without permission.

After this, Zenner made it his job to scientifically prove the existence of ghosts, developing technology to weaken and capture them in order to send them back to the plane of the dead.  However, it was after reports of Talon agents targeting prestigious scientists in the field of quantum and theoretical physics, he packed up and fled to Overwatch, pleading his case

While initially denied a safe haven, Zenner won over Winston with his not only his research, but pointing out that what he was doing was no different than other members of Overwatch: bringing the world of mythology to a world of science.  The final push was when Zenner explained that if Talon were to get their hands on his research, they could reverse engineer it to unleash an army of vengeful spirits on the world.

Now a member of Overwatch, Zenner knows he has to prove himself to his other scientists, but his personal project is proving the existence of Omnic ghosts, thus proving that they do have souls.  Additionally, he’s been spending time to research the Shimada’s dragons to learn more about them.


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Self diagnosing yourself with autism hurts actual autistics

Please stop diagnosing yourself with autism just because you FEEL weird or random or quirky.

Autism is not a quirk or gender you can just assign to yourself. Autism is a very real and serious mental condition that can cause a lot of struggle and pain for people who truly have it.

Just pretending you have it with no real evidence does two things:

1.) It can give lots of people a wrong view of what autism looks like
2.) It can take resources away from people who are actually officially diagnosed with it and need the support for it more than you do.

So stop it because it’s incredibly destructive and incredibly insulting to people who actually have it.

A Survival Guide To Recycling in Germany

One of the most immediate culture shocks of traveling to Germany, especially if you grew up in the United States, is Germany’s seeming obsession with recycling. Whereas in the U.S. you are lucky if you can locate a recycling bin in public areas like parks or street corners, you’ll have the opposite problem in Germany, where you’ll find a sometimes confusing plethora of multi-colored bins. If you have been in this situation, looking around desperately to strangers or waiting to see what items other drop in each bin, we feel you. YOU are not alone. Even Germans sometimes question which bin is appropriate for which items.

Due to this common culture shock and the often harsh punishment one receives for a wrong move, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on German recycling.

Step 1: Prevent creating waste in the first place

Germany has created and continues to develop a culture of minimal waste. This is true for projects big and small: here are a few examples of major reducers of waste.

Bag fee: Germany combats the environmental threat of excessive plastic bag-use by adding a small fee onto bags at stores. Even though it’s small, the fee has further motivated people to bring their own reusable bags or carts to stores. Some stores now don’t offer plastic bags at all–opting instead to offer paper bags for those who need them.

Lack of excess packaging: Say tschüss to those individually wrapped fruit packages or items wrapped individually in plastic, then wrapped collectively in plastic.

Quality over quantity: According to a 2016 report by Germany Trade and Invest, Germans are well researched and particular consumers. They are much more risk averse and likely to return items that don’t meet their expectations. This makes things like quality labels or reviews really important and generally lends towards a population that has fewer, but higher quality possessions that don’t need constant replacement.

Step 2: Pfand

Imagine if, for every bottle–plastic or glass, you bought, you had to pay extra for it. The deal in Germany is that you pay more initially but then receive that surcharge back when you give the bottles back for recycling. So, just like when you weekly take the garbage out in the States, in Germany it is a regular habit to return your bin of recycling to super markets where you will find a machine like this:

This machine scans the bar code of your items, and prints a receipt for you to redeem at the register. Basically, if you don’t recycle your eligible items for Pfand, you are losing money.

As a tourist, you have potentially experienced Pfand in a different way. At Christmas markets, stands will charge you extra for the mug that hot drinks are served in. You can choose to keep the mug as a memento, or to return it for Pfand.

You may have also been asked for your empty bottle in public by someone collecting them to return. This is potentially convenient for you, earns them a little money by returning them AND it is good for the earth. Triple whammy! There are even entire non-profits that fund themselves by collecting Pfand at events or concerts.

Step 3: Choose your bin

This part sounds really uncomplicated from an American perspective. Trash or recycling…right?

After giving back bottles for Pfand, Germans sort trash typically by paper, plastic, bio/organic, glass, and other. Though details are dependent on town or region, a general breakdown goes like this:

Paper= blue bins. This bin is for cardboard, newspapers, magazines, waste paper, paper bags, etc, etc.

Plastic = Yellow bins. This is for plastic such as body wash, shampoo, sunscreen, laundry detergent, and juice bottles

Glass= Glass is sorted by color. There are different slots for depositing green, brown and clear glass. In this bin you should be putting any kind of jars (mustard, jam, yogurt, etc), oil bottles, wine bottles or the like.

Bio (organic) = green bins. This is for food waste like egg shells, banana peel, or scraps of food you didn’t eat.

Other = black bins. You choose your size and you’re charged accordingly. They send you a sticker each year to show that you’ve paid for it. Residual waste is garbage that neither includes pollutants nor reusable components. For example ash, dust bag, cigarette ends, rubber, toiletries, and diapers are thrown into the black bin.

Step 4: Enjoy a cleaner earth!

Though the effect of one person caring about the environment is small, the collective effort of a nation makes a dent. Germany leads the European nations in recycling, with around 70 percent of the waste the country generates successfully recovered and reused each year.

Recycling is only one part of Germany’s environmental efforts. Find more about national and local environmental initiatives here:

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Finally started working on the revision for my biology exam! Today I focused on cell transport and respiration, which I’m finally beginning to understand (hopefully!)

If anyone is wondering, the notebook is the Whitelines 4 Subject Notebook. By far my favourite notebook for me, especially because of the fact I can scan my note pages straight onto my phone.

Hope everyone has had a lovely day! I’ll be posting some graphic design work tomorrow xxx

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Ninguém sabe, ninguém viu, então eu nego!👀🚫

Se não for pra somar nem entra na conta. ➕🚫

Tudo que vai, volta. Só segura a lei do retorno🔄🍃

Sorria sempre , principalmente diante aqueles que desejam suas lágrimas. 🌼

Surpreenda quem não espera nada de você. 🎈

Coloque ser feliz no topo da sua lista de prioridades! 🎀

A vida é muito curta para tanta tristeza. ⚓🍃

Se benze, porque a sua felicidade vai ofender muita gente! 🌾

Sorriso fácil, despreocupado.🎈🍃

Transpirava alegria, era dona dos seus passos.🌻

Sorria! É só um mal dia, não uma vida má.🌥

Feliz por nada… Ou por tudo Menina risonha, que ri e que sonha.✨

Vista seu melhor sorriso e se jogue no mundo! 🍃🌎

Sorria mesmo sem motivo. 🎭

Sorria! Isso confunde quem não quer lhe ver bem.❣

Não sou relógio pra ficar dando tempo, passou da hora? Só lamento.💭🕓

Assim como a lua, eu também sou de fazes. E agora estou cheia.🌑

Minha estratégia é sempre dar corda, alguns criam laços, outros se enforcam 🍃

E então, lentamente, pude sentir você me esquecendo.💔

Capítulos ruins não significa que sua história não pode acabar bem.📚

Deus nunca te da uma cruz maior do que você pode carregar ✝

Cada um de nós é uma lua e tem um lado escuro que não mostra a ninguém. 🌗

Amar eu amo muito, prestar que eu presto pouco.💥💛

Estou deixando pra lá. O que quiser ficar, que fique. O que quiser ir, que suma logo.🍃✡

Eu não tiro ninguém da minha vida. Apenas reorganizo as posições e inverto as prioridades.☮

Tudo depende da intensidade que a coisa tem. Da importância que você dá. Do quanto seu coração se entrega…💙

Faça de ultima opção quem te fez de segunda.💭

Sorriso doce que faz apaixonar…🎀❤

Capaz de transformar seu sonho em realidade. 💙💭

E que o tempo leve de mim somente aquilo que me faz mal. ⚓💭

Porque eu sou do tamanho do que vejo…E não do tamanho da minha altura…✨

Siga o seu coração, mas leve seu cérebro com você.🍃🍂

Mantenha a fé e siga em frente. ✝❤

Mente firme, alma limpa e pensamento positivo sempre. 🌷

A vida não é só feita de vitórias, temos que aprender a aguentar a tempestade.⛈

Sempre haverá um novo dia, uma nova chance, um novo amor, uma nova oportunidade… Mas a vida, essa é única! 🌹🍃

Não tenho pressa, não tenho plano, não tenho dono.💭🎈

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