got a day off from school because i was having a really bad cough lately. mostly rested but other than that, finished most of the things on my agenda today!

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11/5/16 16:23 PM // revising biology and doing some past papers bc next week I’ve got four theory subjects in a row (chinese second language, biology, economics, and chemistry). I’ve got a physics practical exam tomorrow and I really hope it won’t be as difficult as the chemistry paper I did yesterday. Tomorrow is also my younger sister’s birthday but I haven’t got her anything yet 😁📖


{100/100} wow, it’s finally over!! 100 days of productivity was absolutely great for me, and I really recommend to at least give it a try! For anyone who wishes to do it, here’s the original post explaining it. And here’s my journey with it!

12:54 – Starting biology
13:53 – after my lunch break, I finished studying about photosynthesis
14:28  finished learning about the theories of how life started
14:28 (2)  both notes

I am back after two days of being mentally exhausted. I had a panic attack yesterday and took today off from school but I’m better now. I probably slept for 12 hours today.

finally finished 2 sub chapters of biology for Thursday’s test! took me three hours though…

15/100 days of productivity!

music: guts - all time low

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Six Ways to Attempt a 200-word or Less Bio About Yourself
Click the link to read Six Ways to Write A Better 200-word or Less Bio About Yourself!

I wrote this post about a year ago (nearly 15k notes now…I’m gonna explode) and made some minor tweaks. Comment and let me know what you think here and stay tuned for more posts on this new website

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5/5/16 3:04 PM // studied geography at Starbucks yesterday afternoon for my exam today + bullet journaled during my study breaks. sorry for the terrible angle; I tried to sneak pics w/o other people noticing (it was terribly crowded bc it was a public holiday) 😝 also managed to review some bio after doing geo past papers.


look @ who is back from the semi-dead with a tweak in how she edits her photos and a watermark just to make it look pretty!

anyway we started learning cell division yesterday and we’re more or less finished with the chapter now and I’m so amazed by it I love the chapter so much hehehe.

i hope you guys are having a great productive day + I’ve been getting sleep lately + i finally finished reading Eleanor and Park woohoo!

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A few of the bio review sheets I made for my midterm last week! Each covers one lecture’s content and are based on my rewritten notes (done throughout the quarter).

These /really/ helped me remember the details. I actually got a 92 on the midterm too which is fantastic for the rest of the quarter! Especially since the prof said that anything above an 86% was an A of some sort.

Note: I’m doing this thing where I just try my best and don’t worry about the actual grade outcomes that much (which is really helping me with my anxiety!) but it’s nice to know I’ve got this class ;)