2 / 20 / 2017

my emotions are in such a shitty whirlwind, and have been for a while, and so far today i’ve been having the toughest time trying to concentrate on my homework.. i’m doing the best given my circumstances, but it’s hard.


Feeling motivated and pretty good today, I want to pass that exam on Wednesday as good as possible ✨ I do love mildliners, they are gorgeous (even though they last for 2 months 😞) but I’m so motivated just by using them ☀️ I hope you’re motivated and happy and y'all going to rock your exams 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

9.7 it’s ya girl fresh from her first ever college class!! it’s probably a good sign that I fell in love with it immediately, as it’s the first requirement in my bio/neuro major :)) I also decided to go with a normal planner this year sadly, a bujo just took too much time to keep up with and I’m going for efficiency!!


i’m quite hurt by what some kids said about my little brother today. children and people in general can be so judgemental sometimes… sigh. but it’s alright, i know he’s a genuinely kind and intelligent human bean. i hope he knows that.

anyway!!! on the bright side of things, i made myself a chai latte, reviewed old bio notes, and am listening to uplifting 80s rock. hope everyone’s having a good weekend!