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hello friends it’s your local rocky stan back with mutual appreciation post!! it’s valentine’s day so.. it’s the perfect opportunity to express my love for you!! i really appreciate all of you :( thank you for always supporting me, talking to me and being awesome, i hope you’ll have an amazing day filled with love because that’s what you deserve!!! also sorry if you don’t know who i am asdfghjgd the extension i used for tracking mutuals sucks soo if we’re not mutuals.. that’s awkward lmao some of you may follow my sideblogs ( @seokjinsouls and @kinjungwoo) and some of you only follow me for my personal updates because we used to be bts mutuals but anyway ily all 💟💛💝💚💗❤💓💞💜💕❤💙

special shout out to my “rocky is the best boy” gc ily guys, you’re the best!!!!! 

(for more special mentions see at the end of the post)

⭐ - the brightest stars! i love seeing you on my dash and you’re my treasured mutual/one of my favorite blogs

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I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, BUT IT HAPPENED: I hit 1,000 followers today!! 💖 It feels even more special that I’ve hit 1k on the last day of the year, so I just wanted to give a little shout out to some of my amazing mutuals and friends I’ve made over this year. I also wanted to thank EVERY SINGLE FOLLOWER I’VE EVER GOTTEN! From my first ever follower to the ones who followed me this week, I love and appreciate you so much. (’: I hope each and every one of you know how much I genuinely care and enjoy seeing you on my dash, messages, and ask box. Thank you for making me feel at home here! 

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heyo everyone!!!! i was meant to do this last year :’)))))) but ya know!! i was asleep lol but what a great way to start 2018 than to show some loving to my favourite blogs!!!! i’ve also hit a milestone for myself :o so thank you so much!!! i hope 2018 treats you all nicely and i hope you guys are always healthy!!! love you all sososo much! 💗💗💗 (also my first time doing this so if i butcher it rip)

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I reached 1000 followers, so I decided to celebrate with a follow forever! Thanks everyone for following me :) I joined this fandom in May and I’m really happy to be fangirling over these dorks together ♡

bold = mutuals

@aloharoha // @aseutro // @asterocky // @astrobinjin // @astrobinn // @astrofireworks // @aztro // @baenie // @binnieheart // @binsblush // @dream-astro // @euwoo // @heybinnie // @honeymoonbin

@jinjins-freckles // @jinjinwooz // @jinwooh // @jinwoosmile // @moonbeams-and-sanshine // @moonbinniez // @mxnbin // @mybinnie // @parkjinchu // @parkminhyvks

@ricefarmers // @rockekeke // @sanhasbinu // @sanhatation // @starrycranes // @stopbin

hello friends, it’s your local rocky stan kinga ♡ it’s been more than a month since i remade this blog into astro one and i’m so happy i did it!! this fandom is so lovely, you make me feel at home ♡ i love you almost as much as astro love you!! thank you for all your kind words, for supporting me and talking to me, you’re wonderful. i hope 2018 will be a good year for all of you!!

i’m including all astro (and multifandom aroha) blogs i follow because no matter if we’re mutuals or not, you make me happy ♡  it’s totally not because you all hate main blogs and i never know who follows me back

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