Ahmad, a young boy from Kafr Awayid of Idlib, lost 9 of his family members by way of a TNT barrel.

Here’s a rough translation of what he is saying:

Before entering the tent: Our lives here are not good. We drink dirty water, we tread in mud, look at our tents, there is no bathrooms.

In the tent: When I remember my mom how she use to bathe us, and comb our hair, and we’d go to the graveyard. I remember when the mosques would make athans (call to prayer), and we’d go there to pray. There is nothing left. We’re stranded, homeless. We used to wake up early, shower, and wear new clothes. And now I wake up and remember my mom, I remember my mom when she used to wake me up on Eid morning and comb my hair to let me go out and play with my friends. There is no one here to comb my hair and send me off to play with my friends. He [Assad] made us homeless. May God make him homeless and kill his children like he killed ours. And the countries…the countries that send him [Assad] weapons and the other countries that do nothing but remain silent. They don’t send us [opposition] anything. Russia sends Assad warplanes so he can drop TNT barrels****** on us *(KEEP IN MIND THIS IS HOW HIS FAMILY WAS MURDERED). The Arab countries do nothing but remain silent. Our souls are leaving (i.e. we are dying), get up, help us, bury us. When a TNT barrel falls on a home, and the entire family is killed, no one is there to bury that family because there is no one left in the village anymore. 

6 Nov 2012 #Syria : In Binnish Idlib the people are shelled by Assad but steadfast !!  

This image truly speaks volumes of the #Syrian people. It’s unreal… just their resiliency.. I cannot believe, how just yesterday these people were getting shelled liked hell, and now they’re back out on the street, laying there, in a posture, spelling out “SAAMIDOOOOOON”, (meaning unshakable or determined). 

They ain’t lyin.

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Special thanks to the people of Binnish, Syria. And the amazing kids at the refugee camp in Attmeh, Syria.

From across the globe to the beautiful children of Syria!

05/02/12 #Syria UN monitors talking to people in Binnish


05/18/12 #Syria Protest in Binnish, Idlib


05/07/12 #Syria The indépendance flat raised along the roadside in Binnish


Binnish | Idlib, #Syria | Families flee for safety from Assad shelling 23/3/2012

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THE SPIRIT OF #SYRIA: Prayers for the martyr Iyad Sankar returned to Binnish after the bus bombing in Idlib.
The father of the martyr was reading the Holy Quran during his son’s funeral… then a young man steps up and asks the father to pray for everyone… which he does.
The young man says ” we’re going to continue his path, we won’t stop until we overthrow the regime and avenge your son… we wish that all people have the patience you have…. God will reward you… “
The father of the martyr keeps praying and asks God to protect this man and everyone…. ” Allahu Akbar”
One of those recorded moments that makes us cry


(01.07.2012) #Binnish | #Idlib | Night protests in support of besieged cities - #Syria