binky shapiro


“I was working at a pizzeria and there was a music store that opened across the street. Kimya worked there and we would hang out on our lunch breaks. One day we had a play-date, where I invited her over to my parents place. They were like, ‘Oh you’ve got an older friend.’ We recorded songs on my 4-track and started making what would eventually be the Moldy Peaches album.” Adam Green Talks about living in porn culture and his clothes(Video)

Here I Am

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff

Words: 2,681

Summary: based on a request sent in by iknowyouwuvme! you can find it here. basically the reader is a nurse who has a past with an abusive boyfriend and one day Matt feels a scar he left on her. 

WARNINGS: mention of physical abuse, but nothing explicit. also there is a make out scene. 

special thanks to my beta and friend not-in-a-100-years for all of your help! ♥

(the title is based off the song ‘Here I Am’ by Adam Green and Binki Shapiro)

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