bink hair

NLTS Thoughts: ep 25

Another pure sweet episode what a gift (all these thoughts are written down upon re-watch of the eps)

  • Ok but why and how do they always look so good???
  • Love that they didn’t film the whole date, that’s how it should be really
  • The spy story is amazing
  • Why are they so cute?
  • Annie’s little ‘Do you know how my life has been like‘ while braiding Bink’s hair was precious

Adella could feel her blood boiling as the woman next to her at the day care went on with her uncensored judgement on her life. Her comments on how young she was , not married , had a child. Though she couldn’t handle it when she went on about how Blake was probably getting the worst care ever under two children. A switch in her flipped - being sure to drag her out of everyone sight she let her knuckles meet her face a few times before making her way back in hiding behind her hair. “Binks… Home , now” she shot out as she moved to pick up Blake in a hurry.