Taking a pause from reblogging (it could take me all weekend... why do I follow so many people??)


Spent all Saturday Kpop spazzing with my fellow Kpop fans (including gyratingcream and bingutabi) at the Thames festival on Saturday. It was really fun at the festival because we got to sing and dance along to our favourite songs, meet new people, meet other fans, get excited over hot asian men… It was a really fun afternoon. I also bought Beast’s Fiction and Fact album, which I’m really enjoying, esp Fact: it’s such a cute song!

Then my sister - which for all intents and purposes shall be known as DAVE - came to visit in between conferences. So yesterday we went shopping (!! YAY !!) and then to Alexandra Palace in North London (cus it’s really close to where I live) and it was great there! It’s on a huge hill which was a fun effort to get up, the view was


and the weather was perfect. We sat drinking Pimms in the sun - probably the last Pimms of the Summer - and fed Acorns to deer in the Deer Enclosure. We then went to the Garden Centre and looked at the pretty plants and the herbs and the trees whilst eating ice creams. Then we got really excited about Autumn picking up lots of conkers and kicking leaves n stuff.

Then we went to the Thames Festival and it started to rain, but we didn’t care because we were so excited by all the food!! We ate Indian starters, Paella, cookies, brownies, Tempura and drank BEER. We had a great time dancing in the street with our pints to the music coming from various places, looking at clothes, ornaments, bags, books, and smelling all the food we couldn’t eat - we were stuffed! I then showed Dave the Korean section, which had pretty much shut up shop, and explained lots of different things about their culture - Dave doesn’t understand the obsession… I also showed her


Who had been serving Jap food all weekend and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. She suggested she took a picture of him so I could keep it forever (eeeeeee ^^) and then she said I should buy some Tempura off him… So I did… and there was a little confusion, maybe my mouth couldn’t form words in his presence… I dunno. Then when he past the tempura our hands touched (!!!!!!!z;skdgkdvfaoyofeg) I think I died then.*

Then we bumped into one of my friends from work and we chatted for a bit. Then Dave and I got coffee and hot chocolate and watched the FIREWORKS - which were absolutely incredible.

It was such a lovely weekend. I have great memories to last me through the week! :D

* I’ll be posting the picture of THE INCREDIBLY HOT JAPANESE GUY as soon as I retrieve it from my sister…

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