bingu tabi t.o.p

anonymous asked:

Tabi,T.O.P, daddy choi, Bingu and Seunghyun ;)

Oooooooo! How creative. :)

Marry - Seunghyun
Fuck - daddy choi
Kiss - T.O.P
Cuddle - Tabi
Get Drunk With - Bingu

That was fun!

hackaqueen  asked:

Can I just say that I am so very lucky to have found your blog! Continue with this amazing blog involving displays of this beautiful, wonderful, strong, and handsome human being that we as VIPs know as tabi or bingu or T.O.P Hwaiting~ 💕💕😃

OMG such a sweet message ㅠㅅㅠ
Thank you for enjoying my sinful messy blog!! I know it’s not the best blog you can find but I’m just trying show all the lust love for that handsome baby…in my own way obviously ~
Love youu @hackaqueen ❤❤