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tsuna: king penguin, perpetually ridiculous hair
reborn: anhinga, hair is only ridiculous post-swim

for my khr / fandom bingo ‘wingfic’ slot, except i’m starting out with pictures and concept stuff. no one ever does penguins!! i’m gonna pick the weirdest / uncommon birbs for my wingfic.. because i can…

also PLS anhinga basically means ‘snake bird’ or ‘devil bird’ how could i not

Are you fat? This post is for you.

You are beautiful and wonderful. 

You are loved. 

Your fat is natural and excellent. 

You make the best pillows, you’re the best for cuddling, and you cute as hell. 

So go you! 

pat your cute tum! 

Wiggle those bingo wings! 

run a hand down those meaty thighs! 

Love yourself today because I love you. 

And you are wonderful 

Thank you for existing. 

Little Bird

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo card spot 2-3; ‘wing fic’.

Everyone is born with wings. This is a simple fact of life, passed down through the generations. Rare are the children born without them, and rarer are the cases of those children living to adulthood, or even past their first birthday. 

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So I was catching up on Shokugeki no Soma the other day and one of the dishes that was made was a semifreddo. It was made both my Aldini and stalker dude, but I opted to make Aldini’s because it’s a little simpler and this is already a difficult recipe. Here is what it looked like in the show. 

It’s a 4 layer dessert that starts with a pate a genoise on the bottom (a sort of sponge like cake), followed by a thin layer of lemon curd, then the semifreddo itself, an almond praline on top, and then the dish is dressed with a limoncello syrup. 

This is one of the harder dishes I’ve attempted from the show. Overall I think mine turned out well, but there were areas that needed improvement. It would be a gigantic wall of text to write out a lot about each layer, so I’ll just go through what caught my attention with each layer. 

The pate a genoise requires you to beat the eggs and sugar together over a double boiler and then whip that to double the original volume while it’s cooling and then very gently fold in the flour. This gives it a really luxurious fluffy texture. Unfortunately I mostly collapsed the mixture when I folded in the flour. So mine was pretty squat and dense. It tasted alright, but the texture was not great. 

The lemon curd is the next layer, and one of the simpler parts of the recipe. You just take all the ingredients and throw them in a saucepan and whisk it together as you heat it up. The tricky part about it is that the curd goes from really thing to oh no the eggs are about to scramble really fast. I had to very quickly put mine into an emergency ice bath to stop it from cooking further. I’d recommend making a lemon curd at some point. It’s fairly straightforward and is a great spread to put on anything. I’ve been enjoying the leftover curd on waffles. 

The next layer is the Semifreddo. Much like the pate a genoise it requires you to heat a mixture over a double boiler and then whip it to double the volume. If you’re not familiar with cooking over a double boiler it would be real easy to scramble the 7 egg yolks in the mixture. The recipe I used called for bringing it up to 170′F and then taking it off and whipping it as it cooled down. The MVPs here were the instant read thermometer and the stand mixer with the whisk attachment. But a bit more about the eggs. So egg yolks start to set around 160′F and you have to bring the mixture up to 170′F. This means that if you stop whisking it and let it sit for a bit it will start to basically scramble. This is bad. You can’t make a frozen custard out of scrambled eggs. But if you’re diligent with whisking and taking the temperature pretty regularly it’s not a huge problem. Once you’ve cooled it down and beat it, you fold in whipped cream and then pour it into a mold and let it freeze. It was topped with chopped roasted almonds.

The praline is very straightforward. I have a really hard time with candy, so I was a bit nervous about this part of the dessert. The recipe I followed called for gently melting a cup of sugar in a saucepan until it turned a pale golden, and then letting it sit and darken to a deep golden and then you stir in the nuts and then pour it out on a tray. I’m pretty sure the deep golden that was referenced is hard crack (~300′F) but I’m not sure exactly. Overall it turned out more like a brittle than a praline, but that’s ok. It was better than I expected. The texture was pretty hard though, and blitzing it in the food processor would have made plating and eating the dessert a lot easier. (yes the wooded fork became one with the candy)

The last part of the dish is the limoncello syrup. I didn’t take any pictures of this step so I’ll talk a bit about limoncello. It is a liquor that is typically produced in southern italy and has a very strong lemon flavor as you might have expected. It varies greatly in sweetness but typically has some amount of sugar in it. I looked up how to make it by scratch and it’s pretty simple. You take a denatured spirit (everclear is a good example) and steep lemon peels in it (with the white part removed from the inside. That’s really bitter and would not give you the desired taste) for 100-140 days. It’s very simple to do, but it’s a long time to wait. I think I’ll make some sometime, but that’s not on the radar just yet. So to make the syrup I just reduced some limoncello with a little bit of lemon juice and sugar to make a simple syrup. 

So it’s time to put the creation together! The semifreddo melted much faster than I was expecting which made this kind of hard to plate. But here you go!

It was starting to fall over and melt pretty quickly so this is the best picture I managed to get. Overall I was really happy with the dish. The lemon curd turned out excellent, the semifreddo had a wonderful lemon flavor and really light fluffy texture (due to it being made of things that got whipped a bunch, lots of air in the mixture). The praline was too hard and when you tried to put a spoon through it, it squashed the whole cake down. Had I blitzed it in the food processor and just poured crumbles over the top it would have been a lot easier to eat. It still tasted good. As I mentioned before the cake was a little too dense and sort of overpowered the rest of the dish. But If you got a small bite of cake with a larger bite of the other things it was super tasty. 

It was a lot of work to make this dish and I wouldn’t recommend it for people not confident in their cooking abilities. Each part of the dish can go catastrophically wrong really fast, from double boiler disasters, to your candy turning into glass. But if you’re confident in your abilities then it’s a fun dessert to make for a special occasion. If you happen to have liquid nitrogen, dunking the semifreddo in it before plating would help solve the melting problem, but I’m going to assume very few people have access to liquid nitrogen for home cooking. I aspire to get some, but I don’t have it yet. 

bird bones

Word count: 2400+
Rating: G
for the fandom bingo spot wing fic. i had to reel this in before it got too long so the ending might seem a little rushed. i really enjoyed writing this though. 

He’s got sparrow wings now, brown and black and white and small compared to many others, compared to his grandmother and father. His wings are small, but Tsuna is small too, with his hollowed out bird bones and thin, thin frame.

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anonymous asked:

The jar? Cursing jar or Lance shared earth culture out of context jar?

The swear jar, the penalty jar for when naughty naughty words are said.

It’s a universal thing, used by almost all in the galaxy, esp a lot by Coran

oh gosh, I got this hc that Coran swears like there was no tomorrow in his younger days. He knew how to swear in every language, even those the galactic translator hasn’t gotten to deciphering yet.

Had to completely tone it down when he started working at the royal palace and a lot more when Allura was born, but there are slip ups, hence the swear jar.

Allura first words may have or not been ‘quiznak’

My family wonders why I think so negatively about my body, but somehow they fail to recognize the sexist pig I have for a father.

We cannot watch the news without him commenting on the reporter’s “bingo wings” when literally she is of average and healthy size. We cannot watch a commercial without him asking my mother if she thinks a spokeswoman is pretty. We cannot watch a sitcom without him complaining that the one female on the show has gained weight and wondering aloud if she’s pregnant then proceeding to announce that he hopes she looses the baby fluff. He points out attractive women to his wife and daughters while we are public. He points out heavier women and says that they are all lazy. He jokes to women about stroking their legs. He demeans them when they are his idea of attractive and criticizes them when they are not and then my family wonders why I hate my body. 

He tells me that if I wear tank tops I will be sexualized. He whistles at me when I walk to my room in a towel. Once while I was going through the height of awkwardness during puberty I got up the confidence to wear shorts and he commented that I needed to eat less. And my family wonders why I hate my body. 

This barely touches the surface of the awful things I have heard him say and my family wonders why I hate my body.

And my father wonders why I hate him.


When people talk about it as if it was “another excuse” to justify obesity, they sound plain stupid.

Here are some facts:

- Lipedema is a chronic, hereditary, genetic condition which affects at least 11% women. It doesn’t affect males.
- Lipedema usually appears during puberty when women get our “curves”.
- Lipedema affects this kind of fat cells that only women develop, therefore it is barely studied because women-exclusive conditions are often overlooked.
- Lipedema consists of these fat cells who are hypertrophic and sick, and don’t shrink via exercise or diet unlike normal fat cells would. The cause and definite treatment remain unknown.
- Lipedema affects always at least the legs. Both legs present a bilateral inflammation that don’t affect the feet, leaving a kind of “step” right before the feet begin. Often it also affect the arms, leaving the person with “bingo wings”. It may also be present in other parts such as the belly but it’s less usual.
- Lipedema has only two possible treatments. The usual one consists of manual (or machine assisted, or both) lymph draining massage therapy, together with compression bandages to reduce volume and compression garments to keep the lost volume. The non so usual one is a kind of liposuction called lymph sparing liposuction that is a technique only developed in Germany and it’s very expensive.
- If left untreated, lipedema can develop into lipo-lymphedema, which can be very dangerous.
- Lipedema is also called “painful fat syndrome”. Affected limbs will sport spots and marks from bad blood flow as well as bruises that appear for no reason. Also when squeezed, the person experiences excruciating pain, since the lipedema fat is extremely sensible and tender.
- Lipedema makes you fat, and not the other way around. You don’t get lipedema from obesity, since it’s a genetic condition.
- Lipedema needs more research. Doctors often fail to diagnose a lipedema affected patient due to their complete ignorance of the condition. There isn’t a medical specialization that studies lipedema and it’s often mistaken by obesity.
- Lipedema is the ugly cousin of lymphedema. Because it’s such an overlooked condition, its treatments involve methods which are effective against lymphedema but may or not be effective against lipedema. It is known they’re somehow related but again, since it’s so overlooked, there isn’t a specific treatment for it so it borrows from lymphedema. Have in mind that lipedema fat cells squish lymph flow, and this is why treatments aimed to improve lymph flow work for it. However they do not fix the overgrown, sick fat cells, which is ultimately the problem of the condition.
- Lipedema can be often diagnosed efficiently by a physiotherapist who is used to treat lymphedema patients. They often study lipedema too, so they’re the people you go ask your questions to.

Please if you got any questions regarding this, let me know. I’ve been under treatment for over a year now so I know quite a bit.

Let’s spread the word. Don’t let lipedema remain an unknown condition.


Since I’ve been feeling really fucking down in myself, lacking self confidence and self esteem lately, I have actually lost over a stone and my cloths are starting to fit a lot better on me. 

Since i’m heading back to the USA for another summer, I bought some new things and you know what? Yeah, i’m still fat, I have ugly ‘bingo wings’ and just awful fat stumpy legs, BUT I feel okay, I would go as far to say I feel good in these cloths right now. I feel confident in them for summer. More so than I was feeling the past few weeks. I’m okay with these pictures and how I look right now. I know i’m fat and I know that all of this is awful and ugly in some peoples eyes, but please remember i’m working on weight and I think it’s okay to start to accept myself as I am or else I will never be happy regardless of how fat or thin I am, I need to learn to love myself. And for me, right now, it’s fucking hard. But I’m starting to have good days about it. This is one of them. 

Black shorts, lace body & blue pattern shorts - ASOS Curve 

Dress - Simplybe

Plaid shirt - Torrid (USA)

21834) It feels like I can’t win. I’m either “stuffing my face” and have “bingo wings” and “child bearing hips,” or am “not eating enough” and am “looking too skinny.” Thank you, family, for completely destroying any sense of normality over how I perceive my body.


Today I did something that I’d been too afraid to do before. For the first time, I went to the crowded gym and did my workout with a sleeveless shirt. Normally I wear a short sleeve shirt to hide my flapping loose arm skin, but today I decided it was time to just embrace my bingo wings and let them fly. 💪🏼 it’s time to stop hiding and be proud of my body in public! I’ve worked hard for it!

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