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how to write a fat character

by: your local fat writer 

media seems to do such a terrible job at representing people like me and same goes for many fic writers who try to base their characters on these characters shown in media. Here are some basic do’s and and don’t’s to writing fat characters! 


  • make your character in love with food- they’re allowed to eat like everyone else, but not every real fat person has an obsession over food. The rule can get iffy if your fat character is a cook.*
  • make your character the center of jokes- everyone has something “funny” about them, but don’t make your fat character constantly make jokes about their own weight. Fat people get enough bullshit from skinny people about their weight already. 
  • make your character incredibly unfit- there are real fat people who are incredibly athletic! their weight may be from genetics or from proper muscle building (not the muscle building we’re groomed to think is right in society). The choices your character makes is what affects their athleticism, not their weight 
  • make your character the Depressed One- yes, fat people do get upset over their body. Many go through horrible diets to try and get slim. It takes years for real fat people to get over it and realize their body is horrible gross. Their weight can simply be because of genetics, not because of how much they eat. 
  • make your character’s arc about things involving their weight- unless your fat character ABSOLUTELY needs to involve food, don’t make this their entire character arc. There are so many cooler things you can do with your character; sexuality, friends/family, simplifying the heroes journey, etc. make your character exciting! make them relatable! 
  • make your character the token fat character- the real world has many types of people, the fantasy world should not be too different from this fact. Your characters should always show diversity, and sometimes repetition is good when its the right character type. 

*making your fat character a chef can be a risky move. think about why your fat character is a chef. was it because they’re the fat character? or is there something that influenced them to become a chef? choose your answer carefully


  • make your character’s interests diverse- I like food! but i also like many other things! video games, bike riding, painting, singing, give your character varying interests! maybe your character has that one thing they love above all else. the game Fire Emblem: Awakening has always been my go-to favorite thing, what’s your character’s?
  • make your character an individual- develop their personality! how would your character react to seeing the ASPCA commercials? What’s their reaction when a family member dies? When their favorite artist is performing in town? Are there songs that make them emotional? What do they do to de-stress? Do they stim? There’s PLENTY you can say about your character that isn’t just “I love food.”
  • make your character as realistic as possible- just as skinny people are diverse, so are fat people. When you’re describing a fat character, don’t default to “pear shaped.” there are proportionate and disproportionate fat people. maybe they have fatter thighs than they do calves, their stomach pops out but they don’t have “bingo wings,” maybe their chin does that weird thing or maybe it doesn’t (this happens to skinny people, too!). and don’t forget stretch marks. they are real and they are not “taboo.”
  • write your character as if they’re like any other- it all boils down to one thing: the similarities and differences. I’m an XL and my friend is an XS, we both enjoy oversized hoodies! She would wear hoodies in the summer but I would rather walk around shirtless (if society didn’t tell us boobs are bad.) I would never wear short shorts when exercising because they ride up my thighs. Your fat character can act just the same as your skinny one(s).

Please check your binders and binding materials VERY CAREFULLY for tight sides, side seams, and too-small armholes.

There’s a big, important nerve that runs from the side of your upper ribs to the underside of your arm. This is the intercostabrachial nerve. It’s ultra-sensitive and very easy to squish. Thus, it’s easy to damage, and it’s easy to cut off circulation just by pressing on the area.

NERVE DAMAGE IS NOT GOOD, and this nerve freaking HURTS when you damage it.

Seriously. My mom had that nerve clamped (major damage) for breast cancer surgery three weeks ago and it still feels like a cut muscle. I squished it two days ago by binding too tightly (minor damage, luckily) and I still don’t have sensation fully back.

TO AVOID THIS: If the underside of your upper arm (you know, the bingo wing area) starts to hurt or go numb or tingly, you need to get out of the binder immediately. That nerve takes FOREVER to heal once it’s been hurt.

Take care of yourselves. Hydrate and stretch, breathe deeply, give your chest a rest, and check your binding supplies. Nobody talks about this nerve, but it’s one you REALLY don’t want to damage.

Please reblog and spread the word. Nobody deserves to go through this.

Little Bird

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo card spot 2-3; ‘wing fic’.

Everyone is born with wings. This is a simple fact of life, passed down through the generations. Rare are the children born without them, and rarer are the cases of those children living to adulthood, or even past their first birthday. 

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For All The New Gals

First of all, thanks to everyone who read and liked last weeks post; the notes really help to emphasise that I’m not just blurting stuff out into cyberspace.  So, you know, cheers for that…


I had two reasons to start this blog nearly 7 years ago (wow).

  1. I wanted some kind of validation without people around me knowing that I crossdress. (I can tick this one off the list.)
  2. To speak with other crossdressers and help them out.

Over the last week I’ve had a flood of complements about me going out and how I looked amazing’ and how others ‘wished they had my confidence and looks’. Believe me, I like a the admiration as much as the next person (insert smug face here), but it didn’t happen overnight.

Example time; I’m bringing out the big guns for this one.

That hideous monstrosity with the bingo wing arms, hair plucked from an ostriches backside and more shadow on her chin than a dark alley at night in a bad part of town is me. This was before I even knew myself as Jessica, and long before I developed any kind of fashion sense. 

Now, for comparison, let’s take a look at a much more recent picture.

Same person, better crossdresser.

So what happened over the 7 years? Was I sprinkled with pretty pixie dust? Granted a wish from a genie? Trained in the arts of femininity by an ancient guru?


I just realised that some of the things that help to make you look more female are also some of the most boring parts of being a gurl.

So, after an introduction larger than my forearms from the old picture, here are my 3 best tips for those of you just getting into crossdressing and what to rapidly improve your feminine look.

1. Don’t buy pretty. Buy because it works.

I made this mistake so often. We all (or mostly) get into crossdressing because we like the idea of looking amazing in a pretty dress, so in theory if the dress is pretty then you’ll look pretty in it… right?


I’ve said this plenty of times over the years, but I’m always happy to say it again. You have to know what works with your body. I could wear pleated skirts and baggy tops until the world comes crashing down around me, but throw me into a tight mini-dress and I’d rather blow the world up myself than be seen wearing it. 

If it works, great! If not, then simply take it on board and move on. This might take some trial and error, but eventually you’ll be able to tell at first glance whether a dress will look good on you or not.

2. Stop posing like a bloke.

Quickly go back up and look at the ‘old’ and ‘new’ pictures of me. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You back now? Good.

My pose as Ye Olde Jess makes me look bloke-ish. Not because I’m actually standing like a guy, but because I’m trying to hard to look like a girl.

In the new pic, I don’t have the same pose, but I’m doing more to look female; it’s just not as obvious. 

  • Push your shoulders back and your chest out.
  • Don’t slouch.
  • Suck in at your stomach.
  • Don’t look up.

It’s not about where your hand is on your hip or pulling a face to resemble our feathered ducky friends. Just follow those 4 tips above, and above all else, smile, it makes the world of difference.

3. Pretty makeup ain’t what makes you pretty.

You don’t want to hear it as much as I don’t want to say it, but lipstick and eyeliner isn’t going to make you look feminine.

Concealer, foundation, and powder; those are the holy trinity for crossdressers everywhere. Make sure you invest in the good stuff too, otherwise you’ll end up looking like that blotchy beard-shadowy mess in my old pic.

If you can get your foundation looking flawless and hide away that beard, you’re already miles ahead.

There’s not much else to say on this really. Obviously you can still use lip and eye makeup, but you should always concern yourself more with the canvas that is your face being clean and ready to go.

Pro Tip: Wash your face before putting on any makeup. It makes a huge difference.

Aaaand yet again I’ve managed to make a lengthy post. Hopefully I didn’t bore you and with time and patience you’ll notice a difference in how you look as a woman.

Anyway, I’m gonna end it there before I start blathering on about something else. Here’s a bonus pic to say thanks for reading all the way through.

And of course I’ll have another topic to cover by next Sunday, but please let me know if there’s anything you would like me to write about.

- Jessica Blaise x x

Are you fat? This post is for you.

You are beautiful and wonderful. 

You are loved. 

Your fat is natural and excellent. 

You make the best pillows, you’re the best for cuddling, and you cute as hell. 

So go you! 

pat your cute tum! 

Wiggle those bingo wings! 

run a hand down those meaty thighs! 

Love yourself today because I love you. 

And you are wonderful 

Thank you for existing. 


So I was catching up on Shokugeki no Soma the other day and one of the dishes that was made was a semifreddo. It was made both my Aldini and stalker dude, but I opted to make Aldini’s because it’s a little simpler and this is already a difficult recipe. Here is what it looked like in the show. 

It’s a 4 layer dessert that starts with a pate a genoise on the bottom (a sort of sponge like cake), followed by a thin layer of lemon curd, then the semifreddo itself, an almond praline on top, and then the dish is dressed with a limoncello syrup. 

This is one of the harder dishes I’ve attempted from the show. Overall I think mine turned out well, but there were areas that needed improvement. It would be a gigantic wall of text to write out a lot about each layer, so I’ll just go through what caught my attention with each layer. 

The pate a genoise requires you to beat the eggs and sugar together over a double boiler and then whip that to double the original volume while it’s cooling and then very gently fold in the flour. This gives it a really luxurious fluffy texture. Unfortunately I mostly collapsed the mixture when I folded in the flour. So mine was pretty squat and dense. It tasted alright, but the texture was not great. 

The lemon curd is the next layer, and one of the simpler parts of the recipe. You just take all the ingredients and throw them in a saucepan and whisk it together as you heat it up. The tricky part about it is that the curd goes from really thing to oh no the eggs are about to scramble really fast. I had to very quickly put mine into an emergency ice bath to stop it from cooking further. I’d recommend making a lemon curd at some point. It’s fairly straightforward and is a great spread to put on anything. I’ve been enjoying the leftover curd on waffles. 

The next layer is the Semifreddo. Much like the pate a genoise it requires you to heat a mixture over a double boiler and then whip it to double the volume. If you’re not familiar with cooking over a double boiler it would be real easy to scramble the 7 egg yolks in the mixture. The recipe I used called for bringing it up to 170′F and then taking it off and whipping it as it cooled down. The MVPs here were the instant read thermometer and the stand mixer with the whisk attachment. But a bit more about the eggs. So egg yolks start to set around 160′F and you have to bring the mixture up to 170′F. This means that if you stop whisking it and let it sit for a bit it will start to basically scramble. This is bad. You can’t make a frozen custard out of scrambled eggs. But if you’re diligent with whisking and taking the temperature pretty regularly it’s not a huge problem. Once you’ve cooled it down and beat it, you fold in whipped cream and then pour it into a mold and let it freeze. It was topped with chopped roasted almonds.

The praline is very straightforward. I have a really hard time with candy, so I was a bit nervous about this part of the dessert. The recipe I followed called for gently melting a cup of sugar in a saucepan until it turned a pale golden, and then letting it sit and darken to a deep golden and then you stir in the nuts and then pour it out on a tray. I’m pretty sure the deep golden that was referenced is hard crack (~300′F) but I’m not sure exactly. Overall it turned out more like a brittle than a praline, but that’s ok. It was better than I expected. The texture was pretty hard though, and blitzing it in the food processor would have made plating and eating the dessert a lot easier. (yes the wooded fork became one with the candy)

The last part of the dish is the limoncello syrup. I didn’t take any pictures of this step so I’ll talk a bit about limoncello. It is a liquor that is typically produced in southern italy and has a very strong lemon flavor as you might have expected. It varies greatly in sweetness but typically has some amount of sugar in it. I looked up how to make it by scratch and it’s pretty simple. You take a denatured spirit (everclear is a good example) and steep lemon peels in it (with the white part removed from the inside. That’s really bitter and would not give you the desired taste) for 100-140 days. It’s very simple to do, but it’s a long time to wait. I think I’ll make some sometime, but that’s not on the radar just yet. So to make the syrup I just reduced some limoncello with a little bit of lemon juice and sugar to make a simple syrup. 

So it’s time to put the creation together! The semifreddo melted much faster than I was expecting which made this kind of hard to plate. But here you go!

It was starting to fall over and melt pretty quickly so this is the best picture I managed to get. Overall I was really happy with the dish. The lemon curd turned out excellent, the semifreddo had a wonderful lemon flavor and really light fluffy texture (due to it being made of things that got whipped a bunch, lots of air in the mixture). The praline was too hard and when you tried to put a spoon through it, it squashed the whole cake down. Had I blitzed it in the food processor and just poured crumbles over the top it would have been a lot easier to eat. It still tasted good. As I mentioned before the cake was a little too dense and sort of overpowered the rest of the dish. But If you got a small bite of cake with a larger bite of the other things it was super tasty. 

It was a lot of work to make this dish and I wouldn’t recommend it for people not confident in their cooking abilities. Each part of the dish can go catastrophically wrong really fast, from double boiler disasters, to your candy turning into glass. But if you’re confident in your abilities then it’s a fun dessert to make for a special occasion. If you happen to have liquid nitrogen, dunking the semifreddo in it before plating would help solve the melting problem, but I’m going to assume very few people have access to liquid nitrogen for home cooking. I aspire to get some, but I don’t have it yet. 



tsuna: king penguin, perpetually ridiculous hair
reborn: anhinga, hair is only ridiculous post-swim

for my khr / fandom bingo ‘wingfic’ slot, except i’m starting out with pictures and concept stuff. no one ever does penguins!! i’m gonna pick the weirdest / uncommon birbs for my wingfic.. because i can…

also PLS anhinga basically means ‘snake bird’ or ‘devil bird’ how could i not

evilback-wards  asked:

Post Strobelite. Murdoc gives 2D the weirdass pill in his ring Murdoc and Noodle have a cool Kill Bill fight scene. Cut to Russell. Still fucking sleeping.

hoo boy buckle your seat belts

So the pill basically puts 2D in some weird zombie-like trance (hence his weird walk towards her when he was lassoed), with flashing lights triggering his dance reflexes. He begins his jazzy synchronised dance with Noodle who Murdoc needs distracted so that he can go to the Sex Murder Party with Mr Moustachio from the bar. Why must he do this in secret?

Because Murdoc plans on murdering G-d and making himself the one true Lord, just as he’d planned years ago in ‘Murdoc is G-d’. (Also he wants a quickie out the back, but that’s neither here nor there #MurdocIsBisexual)

But Noodle realises quickly that to snap 2D out of his zombie trance, he needs a shot, so she gets some vodka down him and he wakes up, just in time for Noodle to see Murdoc and Mr Moustachio. Noodle recognises the latter from her demon-hunting days in Japan; he’s really Mephostophilis.

She goes over and begins to beat the shit out of him, Murdoc occasionally trying to pull her off of Meph, but lacking the strength to do so because he skipped Bingo Wings day at the gym. 2D is too caught up in his vodka shots to realise what’s going on. Noodle rips off Mephostophilis’ moustache and he explodes into smoke.

Russel wakes up and finds himself in his bed in the Spirit House. He’s unsure if this was a dream or reality. He yawns, goes down to get a cup of coffee, and sees Noodle wearing a fez like a trophy. Russel shakes his head and goes back to bed. He hates clubbing.

gorsemonster  asked:

story time about fat fetishists: years ago i had a friend who was a "chubby chaser" and would tune in to watch me draw. whenever i drew my personal character with fat upper arms ('bingo wings') he would get upset because he didn't understand that it was how fat would collect on people. he had no idea what it was he was fetishising beyond making legs, bellies and breasts look like they were padded with party balloons. Arms were to remain bizarrely 'standard-sized'


I hope he learned his lesson. or at least, you’re not friends with them anymore. 

- Mod Dom


fishing brooosss

landlocked au where everyone is odd birds. yamamoto is a cape petrel. he and his dad (snow petrel) live on a boat at sea with a bunch of other seabird people. they come by namimori every now and then to make sushi. yamamoto probably does fencing. with his fishing pole.

tsuna lives in a quasi-diving wetsuit. he swims too much to take it off (look, his wings are heavy, okay?? water buoyancy makes them bearable??). idk about birb assassins in this au because varia gets some fancy wings. not to mention xanxus’ ostrichness is a dead giveaway.

If It Were Me Chapter 3: Towards the Western Land

Y'all. This is purely shit. Like a pink troll just came up to you, bent over and shit glitter EVERYWHERE. Yeah. That’s what happened to this chapter.

Tagging my girls because they are my rocks and my muses. @inunanna @lacyjaybird @keichanz @adorableears7 @kags09 @inukag-4ever

Also, @gypsin @shardetector @grapefruitwannabe @artistefish @mmhinman @mustardyellowsunshine @kagomeforever and all the others that showed any interest in this syory.

I hope y'all enjoy. My cell does not allow italics or bolding on this one. 😡 so it may be slightly confusing. I’m posting this via my cell, while I wait on help to arrive and jump start my car…. 😂 I’m a moron most days.

Anyway, on with the chapter.


Previously on If It Were Me:

Kagome shook her head. “I know a mountain that holds the castle of the Lord Inu no Tashio. The people of the castle concealed it after his death, and rumor has it, it’s now abandoned.”

Inuyasha’s ears perked up as he stood. “Take me to it.”

She shook her head. “It’s too dangerous.”

“So. I have some weird blood flinging power and you have your sacred arrows. We’ll be fine.”

Kagome sighed. “Do you really think this is wise?”

“I’m the son of the Lord of the West. You’re the Guardian of the Sacred Jewel. I think we got this.” He extended a clawed hand to her and she gratefully took it.

“Fine. Let’s go. It’s a three day travel. I warn you, the terrain is tough for someone who is not used to this climate.” She stepped towards the West, Inuyasha following close behind her, hands shoved in his pockets.

“Will you be okay, yer shoulder and all?” Kagome cocked her head to the side and smiled with a nod.

“It keeps getting better each moment. Crazy how fast that medicine is working.”

“Good. Then let’s do this.” He wanted to see the castle his father inhabited, and maybe learn a few things about his family and his demonic side that his father never told him. Plus, a few more days with Kagome wouldn’t be so bad, though hell would have to freeze over before he would admit to such a thing.

The priestess in mind kept a steady pace ahead of him with a smile on her face. Kagome was happy he was staying a bit longer too, but he didn’t need to know that either, thus his ego would get to big. Giggling, she peered over her shoulder to see him looking at her. When their gazes locked, they both blushed and averted their eyes.

It was going to be an interesting few days.

Thus, their journey has just begun.  


Towards the Western Lands

Two days on the road with Kagome were a little more difficult than Inuyasha had imagined. Being a male, and only having an older brother, he had forgotten that women had very specific needs. Even though his mother was very much a woman, he didn’t exactly take notice of her feminine hygiene. The duo had camped out near hot springs both of the previous days because Kagome was determined to smell her best while in the company of a man. Kagome had pinched his right, upper arm flab- or Bingo Wings, as some people liked to call it- when he huffed for the fourth time that morning. His arm still hurt so Inuyasha decided it was best not to argue with her.

The half-demon honestly had no idea why she was so worried. He actually thought the pure priestess smelled great, like the forest and sunshine. How does sunshine have a smell, idiot? Inuyasha shook his head. If he had said that aloud, Kagome would either have accused him of being mental or a pervert. Clearing his throat with a cough into a closed fist, he settled on not saying a word as Kagome scouted for the perfect campsite.

Kagome stopped mid-stride and pointed to a large tree off to the far side of the dirt road. “That looks like a nice spot, what do you think Inuyasha?”

Sighing, the half-demon stretched his arms and laced his fingers behind his head. “We’re stopping again, wench?” Kagome shot him a glare over her shoulder causing him to shrink back slightly -a habit he developed dealing with his mother’s temper- and throw his hands up in mock defense as he nodded.  “Fine. It’s fine.” Inuyasha had learned that Kagome had a temper that rivaled with his mother’s.

He walked to a nearby tree and sat down cross legged. Inuyasha noticed his uniform was beyond dirty and his hair had collect enough twigs and leaves to construct a fire pit. Kagome made her way towards him and set down her bow and quiver. Settling beside Inuyasha, she reached out and undid his hair tie. As a reflex, Inuyasha jumped away from her. “Oi, what are you doing?”

“I am removing the various items that have collected in your hair for the past two days. The sun will be setting in about an hour. So you can go wash up first and I will clean your clothes. Maybe your father’s castle will have something for you to wear.”

Giving her a look that screamed, should I trust you, Inuyasha saw her blue eyes light up as she smiled which caused his accusations to dissipate. Leaning back into her touch, he cast a golden glance over his shoulder.“Hey, are ya feeling any better?”

Kagome’s smile widened. “I am.” Inuyasha arched a brow over the same narrowed eye he was assessing her with. Kagome sighed. “It’s sore, but there is no pain. The herbs are working wonders and it’s healing just fine. Now, just relax.”

Still uncertain, he stared at her for a moment, before he shrugged and turned back to face the west. Kagome concentrated her power to see past his glamour where the target of her desire hid from normal human eyes. The miko was so careful with his ears and it amazed Inuyasha at her tenderness. He only had to growl once when she accidently ran her fingers over the soft fur.

Giggling like a school-girl, Kagome regained her posture and continued removing the debris. She took the time to take in Inuyasha’s form. He had to be the most handsome man she’d ever met and since she spent fifty of her supposedly sixty-eight years of life pinned to a tree, that was the best she could ask for. At the moment the half demon was laid back and calm, however she knew that wasn’t exactly his personality.

He had a foul mouth ninety percent of the time and honestly he had no idea how to talk to women, but he sure knew how to treat one. His mother must be an angel. Her thoughts cut short when Inuyasha leaned his head back to look at her. The glamour flickered, but when it was clear again, Kagome sighed. Those golden eyes.

“Done wench? The bath sounded like an okay idea.” He muttered.

“Oh!” Shaking off the mesmerizing trance his eyes put her in, Kagome pointed right. “Of course. Just go to the hot spring down the hill, and I will take your clothes to the river on our left.”

“You want me to get naked and walk to the hot spring from here?”

Kagome laughed. “Yes, or would you rather me walk with you, watch you strip, and then take your clothes?”

Inuyasha grinned. “If ya wanted to see me naked, all ya had to do was ask.” Once his brain registered the words he had spoken, he immediately regretted them. Scare her off why don’t cha? Spending way too much damn time with Ryou.

She didn’t know her face could get so hot. “I—well you see—wait—what?”

Trying to play cool and save face, Inuyasha laughed, “I was kidding.” He stood and walked behind the tree. Quickly stripping, he wondered if he should give up his underwear. It dawned on Inuyasha that he probably should incase there wasn’t anything else at the castle. Did men even wear underwear in this era? “Here.” He flung the clothes around the tree. Before she could utter a single word, Inuyasha was already halfway to the hot spring.

Laughing, Kagome gathered his clothes and headed to the river. Once she got there, she started separating his clothes out of the bundled up wad Inuyasha had rolled them in. A small thud sounded against the rocky shore and she spotted Inuyasha’s rosary. He had been wearing it from the time they left the village, since he wasn’t one hundred percent sure about his surroundings in her era, but he had just taken it off for whatever reason, and for that she was more than grateful. He was beautiful in any form, but who could pass up on those ears and molten orbs? Not sure what to do with the rosary, Kagome simply placed it around her slender neck.

The cool beads felt nice against her skin. “Dog-boy sure has nice taste.” Kagome giggled when she recalled the moment she had demanded he sit next to her by the well. The look that crossed his face was priceless, no doubt he thought she was using the term because he was in fact half dog-demon. “Sit . I can’t believe how cliché that is.” Releasing the fang she was holding, Kagome began to wash his clothes, unaware of the red tint the rosary was suddenly surrounded in.


The water was fucking hot. Inuyasha stood there for a moment; the temperature of the isolated spring even moreso hotter than that of a hot tub. He slowly waded in, letting his balls get acquainted with the temperature, before settling down. Finally all the aching muscles in his legs and feet gave into the relaxation and he sighed. “Oh yeah.” He dunked his head back and ran his fingers through his hair. Standing, he shook his head like a mad dog before tying it back so he could rest comfortably against a rock.

Inuyasha figured Kagome would come for him before too long so he leaned against the boulder and let the calming steam surround him. It wasn’t so bad until thoughts of a certain raven haired beauty came to his vision in nothing but her birthday suit. His eyes snapped opened before he shook his head. “Oh no, not her.” He grumbled. He couldn’t be attracted to her. He would be gone in a few days, hopefully, so he could not, should not, would not get attached to her.

Stop picturing her naked.

“Inuyasha. I have your clothes laying out to dry.” Kagome’s voice drifted out from behind a tree and he could see her hand waving to him.

“Uh, thanks. Can you throw me my underwear?”

“Um, but you don’t have a fundoshi.”

Inuyasha ran his palm down his face. “No, but I have underwear. The blue briefs are what my era calls a fundoshi.” How could I forget about fucking fundoshi?

Kagome laughed. “Oh. These? Incoming!” The boxers made a flop on the rocks beside the hot spring. “I’ll be at the camp site. I took the liberty of gathering wood for a fire.” Before he could answer she shouted out. “And hurry up. It’s my turn.”

He grinned. In a teasing voice he shouted back. “You could just join me.”

Kagome was silent for a moment, but soon she appeared from behind the tree. “You don’t mind?” He gaped at her before burying himself deeper into the water. Hold up. I was only kidding. He thought, only no words would come out of his mouth. Moving closer, she motioned towards his briefs. “I’ll leave mine on too. The bandages are not in the way of my cleansing.”

Inuyasha gulped, but nodded anyway and slipped on his briefs as she turned away to strip behind a rock. Kagome returned wearing the bandages that tightly supported her breasts and a koshimaki that she lifted and tied between her thighs. Inuyasha thought the thin material looked like a diaper the way she had wrapped herself up, but it was a little hard not to notice how the thin white material became see through once she waded into the water across from him. She sat down and gently began washing. Not once making eye contact with the handsome half-demon in front of her.

Inuyasha had to tear his gaze away- it was like ripping a bandaid off of a hairy arm-, but once she began to clean her face and neck, he noticed his rosary against her porcelain skin. “Kagome, is that my charm?”

Delicate hands stopped mid rinse as her eyes snapped open and she gasped. “Oh! I’m sorry! I forgot about it. I was- um washing your clothes and it had fallen out. I didn’t have anywhere to put it so I put it on so I wouldn’t lose it. I know how important it is to you.” She hastily shot out her excuse as she reached to take it off.

Inuyasha was baffled for a moment before he let out a laugh. “Calm down. I was only curious. You can wear it. It’s not like I have to have it right now. I’ll let ya know when I need it.” He didn’t know what possessed him to let her keep it on for the time being, but the words flew out of his mouth as if he was destined to say them.

Kagome nodded and continued cleaning herself. A blush appeared on her cheeks and she kept her eyes cast downward. She was tempting, even for his age he knew how bad he had it for the beautiful woman. Maybe it was just lust, he was just lusting after her body. She was fit with her tight belly, decent size breasts, full hips and a round butt to top it off. Now that she was wearing something that was his, something very important to him- well, it didn’t help his case of blue balls. Lust. That was it. He was a man after all, but that didn’t stop the thoughts running through his head. Think of Sesshomaru naked. That worked, yeah- he was good.

Kagome smiled. “Inuyasha?”

He snapped his attention back to her. “Yeah?”

She was making her way over to him and his breathing hitched. “Would you mind washing my back? I know we changed the dressing this morning, but I can still feel the hardened paste from the herbs Kaede sent with us.”

He nodded and wet his hands. Careful of his claws, he slowly massaged the green paste from below the bandages on her arm and back. It was a little hard to get off, but he finally chipped the last of it away. She sunk below the surface as he moved his hands tenderly across her back. Kagome wasn’t sure how relationships acted in his time, but she thought he must be with someone at his age.

“Are you married, Inuyasha?”

That question stumped him and he retracted his hands quickly. “Say what now?”

She turned to see a very confused look on his face. “Married. Do the wedding customs differ in your time? Many of the young adult villagers are married. Eighteen is considered an adult. We have villagers as young as eleven marry.”

Inuyasha laughed. “No. They are very different. In my time, many people are still not married and some are a lot older than eighteen.”

Her face twisted. “Seriously?” He nodded. “So you are not?”

“No and I am not seeing anyone either.” That was a lie. He wasn’t sure what possessed him to say that. He had been seeing Haruka on and off for the past six months, but he honestly didn’t consider it a steady relationship.

“Oh.” Was all she seemed to have left to say.

“Demons don’t marry in the way humans do. Half demons don’t either. Demons mate for life. My father mated my human mother and in doing so he was able to share his life span with her. Demons can live for centuries so now she can live as long as my father does. I’m half-demon so if I were to marry a human, I would share my life span with her, except we wouldn’t live as long as full blooded demons do. When two full blooded demons mate, nothing changes except their bond. Neither would have to share their life span to keep their mate alive. My half-brother mated a full blooded, wind demon-”



“Sesshomaru is your brother?” Kagome seemed almost appauld.

“Half-brother and I forgot he lived this era too. Have you ever met him?”

“Only once, cold hearted bastard.” Kagome crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. “He killed without mercy and left with no remorse.”

Inuyasha halted all movement. “I didn’t do anything so put those veins back in yo7r forehead.” When she presented him with a small smile, he reached over to poke her in the cheek. “You can do better than that. Come on.” Kagome giggled and Inuyasha grinned as he continued to remove the remaining dried paste. “He ain’t that way anymore. I mean he’s still a bastard, but he doesn’t kill now. Like I mentioned before he’s mated to a wind demoness named Kagura.”

“That’s someone I’ve never met.” She placed her finger to her chin, as she thought to recall the name. “Nope, no wind demoness’ in my lifetime, but I have been passed out for fifty years.” Kagome laughed at her own joke.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes with a snort as he rinsed off her back. “Done.”

Kagome turned to him and smiled. “Thank you.”

The half demon locked eyes with the priestess. She was missing fifty years of her life, but in his eyes it was like a blessing. He was glad he was able to meet her now and while she was still young. Does that make me a bad person for being happy she was pinned to the tree for fifty years so I could meet her by chance? Inuyasha shook his head when her voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Let’s get back to camp. I am starving.”

Nodding, they stood and walked back to camp after they gathered their clothes. Once they got settled around the fire, he noticed a dead rabbit lying by the rigged skewers she had set up next to the fire. “You killed it?” Kagome nodded once as she smiled wide. She looked so proud of herself. He watched her walk over to the fallen animal and pick it up. Pulling a knife from her quiver, she looked at him and crouched down before turning her back.

“Oi, woman, what cha doin’?”

Kagome glanced over her shoulder. “I have to skin it and gut it so I can cook it.” He walked over to her and looked at the animal. The priestess brought the knife down to skin it. “How do you cook food in your time?”

“A stove mostly.” Her confused expression caused him to elaborate. “It’s a device used for cooking. You can cook on the top of it or inside of it. Really, it’s not as complicated as I make it sound.” Either she didn’t care, or she was too confused to care, and she turned away and finished her task. Soon she had the rabbit skewed and roasting over the heat of the fire. “Damn. It actually smells good

I don’t think I’ve ever had rabbit like this before.”

“I’m glad you approve so far. Wait until you taste it. I use to cook quite often. Rabbit stew was my specialty. However, I had the tendency to cook enough for the whole village.” She rotated the rabbit. “I’m not used to cooking small proportions. So the village started to contribute once a week for me to cook the stew. Other nights we would eat rice balls and fish.”

“That river that runs in front of the village must be a nice accommodation for you.” He tried to continue the small talk.

“It is.” She pulled the rabbit up and took a small taste. “Perfect. Here taste.” Kagome pulled a small piece off the side and extended the offer to him. Inuyasha didn’t  move at first, but then Kagome huffed and moved closer until she was directly beside him. A faint blush crossed their features as she offered him the bite once more, this time he accepted it as he opened wide. Kagome placed the piece in his mouth. When his tongue accidentally touched her thumb and pointer finger, Kagome jumped at the sensation. Inuyasha tried not to let her see him grin.

The two ate in utter silence. So much for the small talk. Inuyasha thought. He finished his portion of the meal and stood to grab his clothes hanging from a nearby branch. The damp underwear was a little uncomfortable in his uniform, but he would have to make do. He did not want to know what a fundoshi was that men wore in this time.

Soon, Kagome yawned and settled back against the trunk of a large tree. Inuyasha had decided in order to watch over the miko better, he would perch himself in the same tree so he could see farther distances and hear better from each direction. Kagome set her weapons in her lap and wrapped her arms around them loosely. “Goodnight, Inuyasha.”

The half-demon grunted in response. Sleep was looming over him and he gave in to the temptations before he even realized Kagome had fallen asleep minutes before. His last thoughts were what a catch the pure priestess actually was.


Kikyou was dreading looking for Kagome. She honestly did not want to kill her cousin, but now that she was awake, Naraku would do anything to get rid of her and whatever demon had come to grab her attention. She wasn’t even sure if Kagome was still alive, if the aura of the demon she had sensed was actually as powerful as she thought. In all honesty, Kagome could be dead already.

Which would save me the trouble.

Kikyou wasn’t sure what possessed her to hate her cousin so much. The pure priestess was a gentle soul, so full of life and love. Maybe Kikyou was jealous, as Kaede had always put it.

“Ye really crossed the line Kikyou. Going after Onigumo the way you did.” The young girl had told her sister after Kagome had caught them kissing one afternoon. Of course Onigumo had denied the act, but he knew Kagome was no fool. “Ye are just jealous that Kagome finally found love and it had nothing to do with the sacred jewel.”

Oh but it did, dear sister. The jewel was Onigumo’s target all along. When Kagome had found him that fateful day, he had no idea who she actually was, but after a few weeks with her, realization struck him. Kagome was the guardian of the Shikon no Tama and he wanted it, no he desired it.

The whole falling in love and spending the rest of his life with Kagome was a lie. He never wanted the guardian, never wanted a life with her, he only wanted the jewel she protected. Or so he had told Kikyou.

When Onigumo and Kikyou met, all he could do was fawn over her. Onigumo used Kagome, used her for his own selfish reasons and love had nothing to do with it. He had promised Kagome that he would love her forever, but only when she became a free woman. However, he swore to Kikyou that each day he was with her he loved her more than he could express. She believed him and that was her downfall. They advised a plan to get rid of Kagome so Kikyou could have everything she wanted; Onigumo, and the true love of a man. She didn’t need to possess the jewel anymore, but he did. Onigumo wanted to possess the power it held so he could reign supreme in all the lands. The only thing in their way was Kagome.

He told Kikyou to kill her, to get the pink marble and they could finally be free and live together like man and wife. The older priestess had agreed to the whole thing and went to her cousin begging for forgiveness for the actions she had displayed with Onigumo. Kikyou’s apology was nothing but a ploy to get close to Kagome, but being the woman Kagome was, her heart far bigger than most, she forgave the older priestess. Kikyou took her chance to take the sacred pearl, but failed in the end. When Kikyou escaped empty handed, a thought struck her like a lightning bolt; she could give Onigumo the powers he wanted without the jewel.

The priestess dabbled in black magic, mixing herbs and other various items until a large cloud of purple smoke rose from her mixing bowl. Kikyou poured the contents into a small tin, and went off to find Onigumo. He was resting under a tree when she approached him. Standing he reached a hand out to her. “Where is the jewel?”

“I was unable to get it.”

He had a scowl on his face. “You told me you would get the jewel, Kikyou. Do you not love me? Am I not worth this small task?”

She nodded eagerly. “Of course, which is why I brought this.” She shifted her haori and brought forth the covered tin. “Drink this and I can give you the power of 1000 demons.”

Onigumo snatched the silver tin up and downed the contents. Kikyou pulled a small blade from her haori and swiftly plunged it deep into his chest, directly into his heart. He let out a vigorous scream as she had begun to chant, a white ring surrounded them. Onigumo was on his knees, the deep, red blood dripping from his wound and her hands. The light disappeared and a swarm of demons came rushing forth from the sky. Kikyou fell back out of the way as Onigumo absorbed them into his body.

“Onigumo, your body is restored.” Kikyou announced. She stood and walked to him. Placing her hand in the center of his back, she ran her fingers over a large spider-shaped scar.

He stood there, adjusting to his new flesh. His eyes blood red, his hair grew far too long and the color of midnight, and his voice became ever so empty. “You know what I need?” The voice was deeper, colder, evil.

“Yes, Onigumo.”

“Call me Naraku.” He laughed and pulled her to him. Quickly she fell into his arms as he kissed her passionately.

Naraku had pulled her to him, turning to press her against the tree. He gently pulled her hakamas down running his hands up her now bare thighs. Bracing Kikyou against the tree trunk, he brought her leg up to wrap around his narrowed waist. Once situated, he entered her, quickly thrusting into Kikyou’s warm body as she used his shoulders to steady her balance. Soon he had both her legs around him, pounding vigorously inside of her lithe body. Both gave a cry of pleasure as Naraku dropped her slowly to her feet and pulled free. It ended as quickly as it happened.

That was also the night he had taken Kaede’s eye. The once young child had tried to protect Kagome from Naraku who had shaped himself into Kikyou’s form. Kaede knew something was wrong with the person before them and she attempted to shoot an arrow towards him. Naraku laughed at her attempt and shot forth a cluster of tentacles from his arm which Kaede desperately tried to dodge. Kaede cried out as they impaled her, tearing a gash into her shoulder and eye. Kikyou had been oblivious to his plan and her young sister had paid the price.

“And all of it was for the stupid Shikon no Tama.” She muttered.

Shaking her head the dead priestess kept walking to Kaede’s village. Kikyou needed to pay her sister a visit, and if Kagome was there, so be it.


“Inuyasha? You awake?” Kagome’s voice came out a little louder than she meant for it to.

Inuyasha woke with a start, falling from the tree branch he was resting on. “What the hell, wench?!”

Kagome suppressed a laugh as he stood rubbing his sore backside. “It’s time to get going.” She nodded towards the mountains in the distance. “We should be there before dark.”

Inuyasha grinned. “We can get there faster if you climb on.” He knelt down and waited for her to move.

“Are you sure?” She cocked her head and placed her bow and quiver on her back.

“Yes, now get on, we ain’t got all day.” She could tell he was getting a bit irritated, so she climbed on, minding his long hair and held on tight.

“Alright. Hold on!” With that, he pushed off the ground with a powerful thrust causing the beautiful woman on his back to gasp.

Oh I’m going to enjoy this. He gripped her thighs firmer as she held on to his shoulders a little tighter.

Kagome squealed with delight as Inuyasha bounced off towards the West. She opened her cerulean blue eyes only to narrow them as the wind whipped her in the face. However, she was still able to experience the beauty around her.

It was sight Kagome had never seen. From the height in which he was jumping to, the miko was able to get a whole new outlook on her homeland. The leaves were multiple shades of green and moved fluently with the gentle wind. The sunlight ricocheted off the water producing a sparkling diamond like effect. She was in awe. Kagome’s left hand tightened on his left shoulder as her right arm extended up in the air as if giving the sky a high five.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Kagome gave off an excited whoo-hoo as she threw her head back. Inuyasha almost missed his next landing, but as he glanced over his shoulder and witnessed the pure joy etched across her face, he smiled. The sun was hitting her just right, making her glow like one of her sacred arrows.

When Kagome finally opened her eyes to look directly into his golden orbs- a mega-watt smile plastered across her face- he couldn’t help think—

Kagome was the greatest, fucking woman he had ever met. He just wasn’t sure what exactly how he was supposed to assess the feeling he was starting to get the past few days.

A matching blush spread over the bridge of their noses and they both turned away. However, neither one released the grip they had beneath their fingers as if they truly didn’t want to.

The spark that had ignited between them was starting to grow and no one would be able to extinguish it. Ever.


bird bones

Word count: 2400+
Rating: G
for the fandom bingo spot wing fic. i had to reel this in before it got too long so the ending might seem a little rushed. i really enjoyed writing this though. 

He’s got sparrow wings now, brown and black and white and small compared to many others, compared to his grandmother and father. His wings are small, but Tsuna is small too, with his hollowed out bird bones and thin, thin frame.

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When people talk about it as if it was “another excuse” to justify obesity, they sound plain stupid.

Here are some facts:

- Lipedema is a chronic, hereditary, genetic condition which affects at least 11% women. It doesn’t affect males.
- Lipedema usually appears during puberty when women get our “curves”.
- Lipedema affects this kind of fat cells that only women develop, therefore it is barely studied because women-exclusive conditions are often overlooked.
- Lipedema consists of these fat cells who are hypertrophic and sick, and don’t shrink via exercise or diet unlike normal fat cells would. The cause and definite treatment remain unknown.
- Lipedema affects always at least the legs. Both legs present a bilateral inflammation that don’t affect the feet, leaving a kind of “step” right before the feet begin. Often it also affect the arms, leaving the person with “bingo wings”. It may also be present in other parts such as the belly but it’s less usual.
- Lipedema has only two possible treatments. The usual one consists of manual (or machine assisted, or both) lymph draining massage therapy, together with compression bandages to reduce volume and compression garments to keep the lost volume. The non so usual one is a kind of liposuction called lymph sparing liposuction that is a technique only developed in Germany and it’s very expensive.
- If left untreated, lipedema can develop into lipo-lymphedema, which can be very dangerous.
- Lipedema is also called “painful fat syndrome”. Affected limbs will sport spots and marks from bad blood flow as well as bruises that appear for no reason. Also when squeezed, the person experiences excruciating pain, since the lipedema fat is extremely sensible and tender.
- Lipedema makes you fat, and not the other way around. You don’t get lipedema from obesity, since it’s a genetic condition.
- Lipedema needs more research. Doctors often fail to diagnose a lipedema affected patient due to their complete ignorance of the condition. There isn’t a medical specialization that studies lipedema and it’s often mistaken by obesity.
- Lipedema is the ugly cousin of lymphedema. Because it’s such an overlooked condition, its treatments involve methods which are effective against lymphedema but may or not be effective against lipedema. It is known they’re somehow related but again, since it’s so overlooked, there isn’t a specific treatment for it so it borrows from lymphedema. Have in mind that lipedema fat cells squish lymph flow, and this is why treatments aimed to improve lymph flow work for it. However they do not fix the overgrown, sick fat cells, which is ultimately the problem of the condition.
- Lipedema can be often diagnosed efficiently by a physiotherapist who is used to treat lymphedema patients. They often study lipedema too, so they’re the people you go ask your questions to.

Please if you got any questions regarding this, let me know. I’ve been under treatment for over a year now so I know quite a bit.

Let’s spread the word. Don’t let lipedema remain an unknown condition.

This is the look of betrayal as I feed the others without him. His bingo wings could make up a whole new rat so he is on a diet. Needless to say, the puppy dog eyes are tough to ignore. 

anonymous asked:

The jar? Cursing jar or Lance shared earth culture out of context jar?

The swear jar, the penalty jar for when naughty naughty words are said.

It’s a universal thing, used by almost all in the galaxy, esp a lot by Coran

oh gosh, I got this hc that Coran swears like there was no tomorrow in his younger days. He knew how to swear in every language, even those the galactic translator hasn’t gotten to deciphering yet.

Had to completely tone it down when he started working at the royal palace and a lot more when Allura was born, but there are slip ups, hence the swear jar.

Allura first words may have or not been ‘quiznak’