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‘OK but hear me out: ndrv3 cast with a s/o that keeps kicking their ass at uno’

As a person who has only played a single game of uno, this feeling is unknown to me.

long post btw heh

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[fancafe update 170520]

Mini Album “Addiction” introduction 

24K, ‘The one who is searching for love’

Korean 7 members idol group, who is getting a lot of attention overseas with their strong electric dance music (EMD) are starting their promotion.

24K finished their previous promotion with full album and main song Bingo not that long time ago. But only in 6 month they are coming back with the sexy concept of ‘The one who is searching for love’. Until now they where showing powerful performances with strong EMD beats but this time they prepared ‘soft’ but sexy image.

The title of this mini album (ADDICTION) means to be overdosed by another person and not to have any possibility to split up with each other. The title song of the album, the EMD with future trending bass sound, is 'Only you’. The song made by Leader Cory and JeongUk is about falling in fatal love man with simplehearted feelings. This song is so overwhelming and implicative.

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☂ distant love | jihope | g | 2,316w
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jihope bingo square: song inspired

The night is yawning and Hoseok can see its belly full of stars through their window when Jimin shakes him until he rolls over. Hoseok doesn’t pretend to rub the sleep from his eyes, and he doesn’t fake a yawn as he sits up and holds his arms open.

“Jiminnie.” Hoseok’s eyes burn as he looks Jimin over. Which is worse: being unable to sleep or being pulled from sleep by terror? Jimin’s eyes are wild, his white jersey hangs off him and turns him into a ghost, and he’s shaking. It’s easy to see. Jimin is trying to make himself small, tuck himself behind his pillow, but Hoseok’s eyes adjusted to the dark hours ago and Jimin hasn’t been awake long enough to hide everything. “What’s wrong?”

Jimin drops himself onto the bed and drops his pillow to slide his arms around Hoseok’s waist, pushing his cold nose against Hoseok’s neck as he sighs out a yawn. “Nightmare.”

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Lúthien Tinúviel

In the time when Sauron cast Beren into the pit a weight of horror came upon Lúthien’s heart; and going to Melian for counsel she learned that Beren lay in the dungeons of Tol-in-Gaurhoth without hope of rescue. Then Lúthien, perceiving that no help would come from any other on earth, resolved to fly from Doriath and come herself to him.

lotr read-along bingo (other works: the silmarillion/the lay of leithian)

Bts as things my mom says

Jin: it’s easier to pull the black bits off burnt meat than it is to pull salmonella out of your dead body

Suga: it’s not ‘napping’ it’s restorative beauty rest

Hope: *sees mosquito* *squints at mosquito to make sure that it is, in fact, a mosquito* *takes deep breah* AAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH ASDFGKSKHKLLLL

Mon: *philosophical, longing glance out the window* nothing comes without hard work and patience… *takes a sip of coffee* and lying through your teeth….

jimin: *throws shade* oh oh my god i’m so sorry i’ll pick that up right now sorry i’ll be on my way now sorry

v: *in the middle of dinner* wouldn’t it be great to name a dog Ringo???? Like Bingo! In the song! Remember?*starts humming loudly* Like in that song!! But with a twist. … Ringo. It’s perfect

Kook: back in my day i was the best soccer player in my entire school and i always made the losers walk me home while carrying my backpack and i was a star at taekwondo and i protected my little brother from bullies using ancient sword techniques and


Funimation Vs. Japanese Vs. TFS: Vegeta’s Bingo Song

May I remind you this is canon


I made Beatles songs Bingo! Or “Ringo” as I like to call it. Heh. 


  • Put your iPod or iTunes on Beatles, and hit shuffle.
  • For every song, you can only pick one category, even if it applies for two. 
  • First person to get five in a row, diagonal or across, wins.
  • You don’t have to listen to every song, but.. feel free to jam out
  • You can use these but please give me, stupidclassicrockshit or spookysprinkles credit!

jiminie huh? i’m min yoongi

this is so messy and gross im sorry omg

my prompt this week was college au but i doNT really think i did it justice bc the original plan was “its the exam for college and oh shit sorry for bumping into yo- do you even go here” but alas that did not happen

Everyone’s saying that this scene destroyed Vegeta’s badass Reputation

I disagree

Vegeta was faced with an opponent he knew he had no chance of beating. So, rather than fight and risk getting his family hurt or the planet destroyed, he puts his pride aside and appeases Bills, referring to him as Bills-Sama (An honorific used to refer to someone above oneself, or that one has great respect for.)

Later, when Bills decides, due to the Itch of being shot, to destroy the planet, Vegeta fucking Throws his pride away completely. Not even setting it aside. He  just completely forgets it for one moment to calm Bills Down.

He sacrifices the one thing he’s held above all else to protect his friends, his family, and the planet he’s come to call home

And that, my friends, is Badass.