Now I really want a poc version of Pride and Prejudice. I saw @lasocialista dream cast edit of p&p and got so inspired that I had to draw this

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[The wonderful @bloomsbury made this fantastic art of Dany x Jon in Pride and Prejudice annnnnnd I just couldn’t help myself!!! (I have permission to post fyi!) I’ve NEVER written this kind of AU before, but I’m a big Jane Austen fan, so this was a must for me. ANYWAY. It’s pretty traditional as far as Austen goes ESPECIALLY when Liz and Darcy meet, so I hope you like it!] 

Read on Ao3 here! Annnnnd due to many a positive feedback I’m going to be turning this into a story I guess! Thanks for reading and for the encouragement guys. 

“Father says you are to meet Mr. Drogo at the ball tonight. If you’re lucky he will pick you over that insufferable Stark or Lannister girl… ” Viserys snarled with lips pursed and eyes narrowed as he look down on her, scanning her face and light purple dress carefully. Reminding her that he had been left in charge with a single gaze.

Dany knew there would be many men looking for wives at this ball. She also knew that for every eligible husband there would be two times as many sneaky rat like men with a daughters or sisters they wanted to trade for lands and wealth. This was just the way of the world, and she knew it. Marrying for love didn’t happen… it was gold and copper that mattered and Khal Drogo had a mountain of it. 

Viserys and her father were ambitious, she’d give them that. They didn’t want just any man to wed her, they wanted one of the richest and most successful men in England. Mr. Drogo was wealthy in ships, horses and men. He was perfect in her fathers eyes and as much as she didn’t want to marry him, or any other man… She didn’t have a choice. She never had a choice.

“We need this. It is your duty, dear sister… Don’t forget it.”

Daenerys never liked when her brother ended with those words. Especially when it came to topics such as this… Topics about her life that she wasn’t allowed any say in. It drove her mad. Just as mad as the rumors about her father had been… She dreamed of a life where she would be free to make her own choices and do as she please, but she also knew that life would never exist. So instead she listened to his words of duty, and orders of obedience.

Today her duty was to impress, so impress she would. 

Before she knew where the time had gone they were already entering Meryton. She walked through the doors of that beautiful estate in awe, as her lilac eyes slid to each bright color and the bustle of movement around her. In the moments she walked slowly up the stairs towards the shuffle of music filled feet and booze filled laugher she felt her heart growing anxious.

Dany had never been to a ball before. Not one of this size, with this type of crowd, or these kinds of expectations… She didn’t even really know where to start, so she made her way towards the servers circling the room with elevated trays of crystal. When one came close enough she snatch one from the pedestal with a small smile as she bring the cool glass to her lips. Drinking slowly as she try and spot the man her family expect her to enchant…

But before she could get too deep into her search she felt two slender fingers poking her in either side of the stomach softly. Daenerys turned in a panicked jump to see Sansa Stark wearing the widest smile she’d seen her wear. Sansa looked beautiful; she was wearing the most gorgeous green gown that complimented her hair and eyes perfectly. 

Daenerys smiled wide passing a tight hug around her, for a moment forgetting what was expected of her. “It’s so wonderful to see you. I’ve missed you so much.” 

“And I’ve missed you.” Sansa released her, sliding her hands down both of Dany’s bare arms until she reached her hands, holding them within hers affectionately. “How long have you been here? You didn’t come find me sooner?” She smiled again leaning forward playfully. Her voice was soft and lined with excitement. 

“I only just arrived. My brother always was one to be late…” She said with a sigh. “You know how he can be.”

“Do I ever.” Sansa replied with a softer more sympathetic smile. “Shall we? It would please me to introduce you to Mr. Bingly…” Her lips curled mischievously as her eyebrow raised. 

Daenerys knew just what that look was and she couldn’t deny her friend her moment to brag. After she roll her eyes playfully she smiled back allowing herself to be pulled forward through the crowds of dancing and drinking people.

“My father tells me that you’ve been spending quite a lot of time with Mr. Bingley…” Dany’s voice was singsongy as she teased innocently. She’d heard many great things about him, but this was her best friend and she didn’t trust that any man could be good enough for her.

Sansa turned back lowering her posture as she grabbed Dany by the arms again lightly. “He’s a good man, Dany. I swear it. Father would never make me wed him if he wasn’t – I didn’t me…” 

The both of them realized what had been alluded, and Daenerys could see the remorse spread over Sansa’s pale face. She knew they all had duties in this life, but it made her hopeful that at least Eddard Stark wasn’t the same kind of man her father was… 

After a moments pause Dany softened her gaze and continued. “Oh I know, Sansa. If you’re fond of him, then I like him… honest.”

“Wonderful. There’s something else… I think you might be interested in Bingley’s friend, Jon. I’ve only known him a short while, but- Oh, don’t look at me like that.”

And just like that Dany stopped to look to her with lilac eyes spread wide in confusion. “I’m fairly certain there isn’t a man here that I’d be interested in.” She was confident as she eye the space around them. Playing for just a moment with the idea that she was in charge of such decisions…

Sansa scoffed shaking her head as she pull her forward once more, playing along just the same. Her voice only a little insinuating. “One of these days, Dany. Someone will catch those eyes of yours.”

Daenerys wondered if it were true. If she’d ever find a man that didn’t disgust her, or one she could love. Granted she didn’t know many men and the men she did know weren’t the best examples. But even if she didn’t find love or happiness, she’d do what she must.

Today her duty was to find a husband, so find a husband she would. 

Sansa turned sharply standing close to Daenerys from almost a foot above; causing Dany to nearly spill what remain in her glass over the both of them. “What?” She asked wide eyed scanning their gowns for any sign of a mess. 

“Over my shoulder… the one to the left is Bingley. The other is Mr. Snow…”

Dany slid her head to the side eyeing both men carefully. Bingley was tall, and had a head of hair nearly as red as Sansa’s had been. The man beside him was just as tall but broader shouldered and had darker more burdened eyes. His hair was black as night and was half pulled back from his eyes.

“Who?” Dany asked mocking confusion as she narrow her eyes on them watching Bingley smile and laugh with those around him and as this Jon Snow stare brooding and bored beside him.

“Jon!” She whispered loudly, as though the answer was obvious. Noticing only a second too late that it was.

“He looks miserable, Sansa. You must’ve known I’d find that the opposite of interesting.” Daenerys still stare at the two as she reply back in a low whisper. The noises of the party almost buried her reply within them. 

Sansa thew her eyes over her shoulder and let her face drop in disappointment at the sight. After another sigh she turned back towards Daenerys with a smile and light eyes offering a weak reply. “Oh, you’re right… But he can’t be worse that that man your brother is talking to, can he?” She signaled behind Daenerys towards her brother and Mr. Drogo. “Plus, he’s at least twice as wealthy and I doubt Viserys or your father would argue with that…”

Daenerys dare not look, for if she did he’d summon her immediately. Instead she nodded briefly before speaking again. “I suppose you’re right… Well go on then.” She finished as Sansa pull her lightly by the hand once more making the final stretch forward. 

“Sansa.” Mr. Bingly spoke with admiration as his eyes light up at the sight of her. It was clear he was enamored, and by the look she returned it was obvious she felt the same. “Are you enjoying the ball?” 

Daenerys stood with hands linked in front of her as she eye this Jon Snow as sneakily as possible. He was rather handsome, she had to admit. But when she lock eyes with him he dart his gaze almost immediately away, leaving her puzzled in both mind and across her face.

“It’s lovely, Bingley.” Sansa stepped closer to him still holding Dany’s hand within her fingertips. They shared a look of devotion before Sansa spoke again, with a lighter voice than before. “This is my dear friend, Dany Bennet. She’s sister to Viserys Targaryen…” Sansa put a hand softly on Dany’s shoulder as she look to Jon.

“It is lovely to meet you, Dany.” Bingley smiled sincerely as he lower his head to a bow. “This is Jon Snow. He’s an old friend of mine.” 

“Mr. Snow.” Dany addressed him as she look to his face once more. This time he’d already been staring at her, and he wasn’t looking away. But he didn’t speak either… He just look at her with lowered brow as if he were severely inconvenienced by the whole thing.

Bingley threw Sansa a bewildering glance before changing his gaze to Jon in full. They all noticed the way he stare at Dany under furrowed eyes with lips set lightly together. 

After a moment of silence Jon took a slight breath in before lowing his head in a low bow finally speaking towards his feet. “If you’ll excuse me.” 

The three of them watched open mouthed and wide eyed as he turn and walk gracefully through the crowds. Dany’s eyes changed further, this time she was upset, and maybe even a little angry. She’d never met this Jon Snow, and yet he was clearly partial to her. Not even Sansa’s soft hand to her shoulder was enough shop her her gaze from lowering to a disappointed glare. 

“That was rather rude…” Sansa spoke as she look to Bingley for any sign of what had happened.

“I’m sorry, Miss Bennet. He-Jon must be very tired, it was quite the ride from Pemberley…” Bingly sent her sympathetic smile, hoping that was consolation enough.

“You needn’t apologize for the actions of others, Mr. Bingley.” Dany sent him a soft smile as she place a hand above Sansa’s elbow, giving it a light squeeze before turning to find any place that was not there. 

Daenerys wished to be outside or alone with Sansa even, but she knew her brother would want to see her by now… The night was progressing and he’d expected her ages ago, yet here she was offending strangers with mere looks and hellos. Rather than wake the dragon she complied to his warnings in her mind, offering her prettiest of smiles as she walk towards Viserys where he sat with Mr. Drogo. 

Today her duty was to charm, so charm she would.

They spent well over an hour talking of less awkward things and before long she’d almost forgotten completely about this Jon Snow and his inability to be polite. That was until she heard him talking to Mr. Bingley just behind her… He must not have seen her there; that or he really was just as cruel as the other men she knew.

‘She is barely tolerable.’ Dany had heard him say… 

More time pass as Daenerys tried to ignore the annoying bubbling she felt stirring low in her stomach. She felt that sickness light a fire within her as she repeated his word over and over in her mind… 

Who did this Jon Snow think he was? Why did he feel like he knew her well enough to judge her worth within a few short seconds… She said but two words to him, and yet he seemed so indifferent to her. 

That’s when she saw him… All of a sudden there he was. Just standing across from her between Mr. Drogo and her bother, doing nothing but looking right at her. His hands were hidden within his dark slim coat pockets, and his brow was just as low. Dany looked around suddenly seeing Sansa and Bingley standing closely behind Jon as they speak quietly to each other with soft smiles.

Daenerys pulled her lips tighter and swallowed down the knot forming in her throat as she lock eyes with him once more. How long had be standing been there? Better yet, how long had she been staring at nothing in silence as she fixated on his… 

“Daenerys is quite the beauty don’t you think, Mr. Drogo? When she was only 15 there was a gentlemen so taken with her, I thought he’d ask for her hand…” Viserys paused looking to Daenerys with a side smile.

This was when she realized what they’d been talking about… All of a sudden she was embarrassed, and her heart began racing inside her cage of a chest. She was embarrassed he’d speak of such things to strangers, she was embarrassed this Jon was here to hear them… 

But still she didn’t speak, she just stare into this Jon Snows dark eyes he hid beneath roughened brow .

“Pity… However he did write you some lovely poetry before didn’t he, sister?” Viserys was almost condescending when he spoke, but he knew just how to speak to weave a spell; and by the way Mr. Drogo looked over his sister, he knew he’d done it again.

“Poetry is more suited for driving away love if you ask me.” Daenerys said back sharply. The surprise even she felt at her response wasn’t visible on her face, and she hoped Viserys wouldn’t tell their father… Something in the way Mr. Drogo was looking at her told her he wouldn’t though.


“I thought poetry was the food of love?” Jon interrupted Mr. Drogo suddenly. He didn’t look to anyone but Daenerys when he spoke with heavy eyes and arms fastened firmly behind his back. 

“Perhaps if it were a fine love… But I’m convinced if it is only a vague inclination, well, such words would kill it dead.” Dany replied flatly. She didn’t look from him once, but she noticed all of the eyes moving towards them both. “Some words cannot be put back once spoken, Mr. Snow.”

“So what is it you do recommend?” Jon asked back curiously, tossing the smallest of glances to those around him as he shift his weight then look back to her.

“Dancing… If ones partner is barely tolerable.” After a second she took a deep breath, watching as he shift his dark eyes back towards Bingley who was now at his side, and as Sansa look to her with lips slightly parted. 

“She is a dragon after all…” 

Dany watched the wide smile that spread over Mr. Drogo’s mouth as he narrowed his eyes on her as he began to laugh… Dany knew that look. That was the look her father wanted, the look Viserys needed… Moments later Viserys and the others joined in on his loud laughter. But not Jon. And not Daenerys. 

After a second she slid her eyes from her brother and Drogo’s pleased faces back to Mr. Snow. He had already been looking at her. Again. But this time in those dark eyes was a look she didn’t know so well. In those moments neither of them spoke, and that unknown stare sent a strange wave through her that ended low then spread like a warm wave. 

In an instant she curtsey with forced smile and turned abruptly making her way from the ball. 

Today her duty was to to be content, but content she was not…

anonymous asked:

Would you mind talking about your head canons about Darcy and Bingly's friendship? Like, how would they have met, what would Darcy's first opinion be of Bingly? How did their acquaintance flourish?

I have nothing specific cemented in my own mind, but considering the likelihood that they met after Darcy’s formal education had ended, I’d say the earliest they likely knew one another is roughly four years before the start of P&P. (Which would put Bingley at age 18.) I feel like Bingley would not have been pressed to pursue a university education, particularly given the family’s new wealth and that Bingley is the first generation of his family to really be able (financially) to think of settling as a landed gentleman…his kids can go to higher education.

So I’ll bet they met in London–despite the family being from the north of England, the fact that Miss Bingley still needs to make a good match and the family needs to establish itself socially now that it has made its money makes time spent in London the best possible investment in the Bingley’s newfound gentility. Darcy probably had business to take him there, and they might have met via a mutual acquaintance either in the course of that business, or perhaps at a gentleman’s club. (Darcy probably belongs to one with a good and longstanding reputation among gentlemen–Boodle’s, Brook’s, or White’s, perhaps–and membership in any of those would be something of a feather in the cap of a newly-arrived gentleman like Bingley, if he could get somebody to put his name forward.) Or some well-meaning hostess at a London party might have desperately introduced the reticent and socially-awkward Darcy (perhaps knowing a little of his better virtues from some old acquaintance with the Darcy family,) to the unconnected but eager young Mr. Bingley, and let them get to know one another from there. Bingley’s easy-going ways and open nature would make him easy enough to get along with, and Darcy would doubtless feel safer making a male friend than making himself a target among unmarried ladies and their chaperones.

Darcy (as we fuckin know) is not good at making friends, so I feel like inwardly he might’ve jumped at the chance to discover more of Bingley’s good points, and enjoyed his company and conversation, though–because–their characters are so different. Bingley’s ease of manner and liveliness are much like Elizabeth’s, and his warmth would draw out Darcy’s lighter side, and soften his manners, but with the rapidity of male bonding which made it easier to be frank with one another, without fearing matrimonial entanglement.

Pride and Prejudice (2005) Voltron AU because why the f*ck not
  • Keith = Mr. Darcy
  • Shiro = Mr. Bingly
  • Lance = Lizzy
  • Allura = Jane
  • In this case, I think Lance and Allura would be cousins and Alfor is alive, although he is starting to get old
    • (Coran will make a later appearance)
  • Pidge and Hunk would be Lance’s friends
  • Pidge refuses to conform to the restricting societal norms and wears the most amazing breeches and jackets
    • Their brother is super supportive and gives the evil eye to anyone who objects
    • (Lance also loves wearing Allura’s dresses to balls sometimes, depending on his mood)
  • So it’s the usual setting, everyone hears about Takashi Shirogane moving to town
  • A public ball is held and Lance and Allura insist on going because Uncle Alfor/Dad we never get to do anything around here
  • Alfor agrees, much to their delight
  • It’s not a super fancy ball, more a small public dance than anything, so Lance just wears his nicest dress shirt and blue breeches.
  • Allura steals the show in a simple pink dress
  • Everyone is asking her for a dance
  • She obliges because she’s too nice to say no, even though Lance tells her as much
  •  Enter Takashi Shirogane and his moody friend, Keith Kogane

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Bing Bong

I don’t know what to say about this except I lost a bet.

We’re playing a tune and we’re singing a song -

Hermione gives her head a brisk shake. That cursed song has been stuck in her head on an endless loop all day. She doesn’t know where Rose would have heard it, their house doesn’t have a TV. And she has no idea why Ron loves it so much, being that he’s (supposedly) a grown man, but there’s nothing he and Rose love more lately than dancing around the house and singing it at the top of their lungs and laughing when Hermione complains.

Bong bing boo -

She shakes herself again and tries to focus on the charts in front of her.

“So you see,” she says, “we just have to reconcile the final numbers with a… with a… ”

- with a bing and a bong and a bing!

She gives an audible growl.

“Are you alright?” her coworker says, looking mildly alarmed.

“Yes,” Hermione sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. “Sorry, can we pick this up after lunch? I’m supposed to be meeting someone.”

Her coworker quickly agrees, giving her one last concerned look as she departs.

Hermione hurries down the hall to her office where her lunch date is already waiting. “Sorry I’m late,” she says to Ginny.

“No problem at all,” Ginny says. “But look, you just got an owl from Ron. Looks important.”

She gestures to a red envelope sitting on the middle of Hermione’s desk. It’s pulsating slightly, giving off an aura of urgency. Feeling uneasy, Hermione rips it open.

Ron’s voice drifts from the envelope, urgent and barely discernible. “Hermione - very important - ”

His voice is low so she leans closer to listen, trying to quell her rising panic.

“BONG BING BOO!” bellow Ron and Rose’s joyful voices at maximum volume, “BING BONG BING! BING BONG BINGLY BUNGLY B-”

Hermione slams the envelope back closed, muffling the cheerful singing. She sighs and looks at Ginny.

“I was born with him,” Ginny says with a distinct lack of sympathy. “You chose to marry him. There’s no one to blame but yourself.”

“The mistakes of my youth,” Hermione sighs. “Come on, let’s go. You can at least by me a drink.”

She waits until Ginny’s back is turned then discretely slides the red envelope into her purse so she has it for later. She may put up a mature front in public, but there’s no denying that life is much more fun with a bing and a bong and a bing.

{strums} wooooooooo

Яey: “do yoυ dαɴce, мя. Яeɴ?”
ĸylo яeɴ: “ɴoт ιғ ι cαɴ нelp ιт.”

Star Wars AU:
Pride & Prejudice style!
In which Kylo Ren is Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rey is Elizabeth Bennet, and General Hux, not pictured, is much less amiable Charles Bingly.

I just had the most amazing thought, BELLARKE PRIDE & PREJUDICE!!!!!

Clarke- Elizabeth Bennet
Bellamy - Fitzwilliam Darcy
Octavia - Georgiana Darcy
Wick - Charles Bingly
Raven - Jane Bennet
Maya, Harper & fox - Mary, kitty & Lydia Bennet
I’m guessing Finn would have to be Wickham.

It works so perfectly!!