Now I really want a poc version of Pride and Prejudice. I saw @lasocialista dream cast edit of p&p and got so inspired that I had to draw this

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Would you mind talking about your head canons about Darcy and Bingly's friendship? Like, how would they have met, what would Darcy's first opinion be of Bingly? How did their acquaintance flourish?

I have nothing specific cemented in my own mind, but considering the likelihood that they met after Darcy’s formal education had ended, I’d say the earliest they likely knew one another is roughly four years before the start of P&P. (Which would put Bingley at age 18.) I feel like Bingley would not have been pressed to pursue a university education, particularly given the family’s new wealth and that Bingley is the first generation of his family to really be able (financially) to think of settling as a landed gentleman…his kids can go to higher education.

So I’ll bet they met in London–despite the family being from the north of England, the fact that Miss Bingley still needs to make a good match and the family needs to establish itself socially now that it has made its money makes time spent in London the best possible investment in the Bingley’s newfound gentility. Darcy probably had business to take him there, and they might have met via a mutual acquaintance either in the course of that business, or perhaps at a gentleman’s club. (Darcy probably belongs to one with a good and longstanding reputation among gentlemen–Boodle’s, Brook’s, or White’s, perhaps–and membership in any of those would be something of a feather in the cap of a newly-arrived gentleman like Bingley, if he could get somebody to put his name forward.) Or some well-meaning hostess at a London party might have desperately introduced the reticent and socially-awkward Darcy (perhaps knowing a little of his better virtues from some old acquaintance with the Darcy family,) to the unconnected but eager young Mr. Bingley, and let them get to know one another from there. Bingley’s easy-going ways and open nature would make him easy enough to get along with, and Darcy would doubtless feel safer making a male friend than making himself a target among unmarried ladies and their chaperones.

Darcy (as we fuckin know) is not good at making friends, so I feel like inwardly he might’ve jumped at the chance to discover more of Bingley’s good points, and enjoyed his company and conversation, though–because–their characters are so different. Bingley’s ease of manner and liveliness are much like Elizabeth’s, and his warmth would draw out Darcy’s lighter side, and soften his manners, but with the rapidity of male bonding which made it easier to be frank with one another, without fearing matrimonial entanglement.

Bing Bong

I don’t know what to say about this except I lost a bet.

We’re playing a tune and we’re singing a song -

Hermione gives her head a brisk shake. That cursed song has been stuck in her head on an endless loop all day. She doesn’t know where Rose would have heard it, their house doesn’t have a TV. And she has no idea why Ron loves it so much, being that he’s (supposedly) a grown man, but there’s nothing he and Rose love more lately than dancing around the house and singing it at the top of their lungs and laughing when Hermione complains.

Bong bing boo -

She shakes herself again and tries to focus on the charts in front of her.

“So you see,” she says, “we just have to reconcile the final numbers with a… with a… ”

- with a bing and a bong and a bing!

She gives an audible growl.

“Are you alright?” her coworker says, looking mildly alarmed.

“Yes,” Hermione sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. “Sorry, can we pick this up after lunch? I’m supposed to be meeting someone.”

Her coworker quickly agrees, giving her one last concerned look as she departs.

Hermione hurries down the hall to her office where her lunch date is already waiting. “Sorry I’m late,” she says to Ginny.

“No problem at all,” Ginny says. “But look, you just got an owl from Ron. Looks important.”

She gestures to a red envelope sitting on the middle of Hermione’s desk. It’s pulsating slightly, giving off an aura of urgency. Feeling uneasy, Hermione rips it open.

Ron’s voice drifts from the envelope, urgent and barely discernible. “Hermione - very important - ”

His voice is low so she leans closer to listen, trying to quell her rising panic.

“BONG BING BOO!” bellow Ron and Rose’s joyful voices at maximum volume, “BING BONG BING! BING BONG BINGLY BUNGLY B-”

Hermione slams the envelope back closed, muffling the cheerful singing. She sighs and looks at Ginny.

“I was born with him,” Ginny says with a distinct lack of sympathy. “You chose to marry him. There’s no one to blame but yourself.”

“The mistakes of my youth,” Hermione sighs. “Come on, let’s go. You can at least by me a drink.”

She waits until Ginny’s back is turned then discretely slides the red envelope into her purse so she has it for later. She may put up a mature front in public, but there’s no denying that life is much more fun with a bing and a bong and a bing.

{strums} wooooooooo

I just had the most amazing thought, BELLARKE PRIDE & PREJUDICE!!!!!

Clarke- Elizabeth Bennet
Bellamy - Fitzwilliam Darcy
Octavia - Georgiana Darcy
Wick - Charles Bingly
Raven - Jane Bennet
Maya, Harper & fox - Mary, kitty & Lydia Bennet
I’m guessing Finn would have to be Wickham.

It works so perfectly!!

Яey: “do yoυ dαɴce, мя. Яeɴ?”
ĸylo яeɴ: “ɴoт ιғ ι cαɴ нelp ιт.”

Star Wars AU:
Pride & Prejudice style!
In which Kylo Ren is Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rey is Elizabeth Bennet, and General Hux, not pictured, is much less amiable Charles Bingly.