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root,,,,, is she a star wars or star trek fan?

root is a gone girl lesbian


The Original Search Engine by David Jones
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Old VW Camper fire truck. Westward Ho!, Nikon 1 V3.

Quand je vois autour de moi des gens avec des projets professionnels ou de voyages de Ouf . Et que moi j’ai aucune idée de ce que je veux faire de ma vie.

Et en fait je fais pas grand chose du coup….

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I know netflix’ comic based shows have had a shitload attention and praise here so im gonna put my two cents in and ask ya to check out AMCs Preacher and FXs Legion

Both have a great style and are super entertaining, legion isn’t complete yet (1 more ep!) so get on it!

Ps: Im reccing both shows without having read comics for either and i do not feel lost despite how delightfully weird they both are

Okay I need some insight, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. But what’s the best site, at least for mobile, to read online manga from? I actually tried to start reading haikyuu the other day from kissmanga, but it kept crashing on my iPad. I haven’t been using my computer to read or watch things online because the last time I did I got a nasty virus and my whole system was wrecked. Had to be set back to factory default to get rid of everything. My iPad I feel is safer. So any other suggestions would be helpful.

I want to catch up, I feel so behind and everyone is losing their shit rn over the twins and I’m missing awesome shit. I’m trying to avoid being spoiled, I don’t want to avoid tumblr completely. Unfortunately there is no blacklist option on mobile yet and I wish there was tbh.

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why the heck would Valve put sexual implications in a game for 10 year olds? its disney sponsored for gods sake

sorry but a lot of kids’ media includes some sort of joke that’s geared towards sex. and disney? they do tht kind of thing quite a bit, but considering the fact tht they played a movie a few months ago where the protagonist gets into a shady deal w black market stuff and ends up in prison, it doesn’t surprise me. my fav is the movie where the person sending a blog anon hate comes off of anon and Exposes themself.

I can’t sleep because my testosterone prescription might turn up today if it was sent on first class yesterday and I don’t wanna work myself up too much but I’m gonna need a heck of a lot of mental preparation to go pick it up?? And I’m worried a pharmacy might not have the right one or the amount I need and so do they have to order it in for you?? I’m just !! Ahh ! A bit nervous and hype and !!!