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Imagine if the ccg do a thing where they buddy up with a ghoul. And they protect streets from bad ghouls and humans like cops after this whole arc

*this cunt, busting through your door to ruin your perfectly cool headcanon*
edit: i forgot to resize bc i’m an idiot and for some reason it won’t let me click to enlarge and it’s practically unreadable (good job) so will type the quotes below to make up for being a super wab…

u: you busted through a window for no reason?!
t: basic police tactic sarge. cover ever exit.
u: it was a sealed window on the fifth floor! you could have just gone in the door!
t: yeah, but then what would my catchphrase have been? “knock knock, who’s there? justice”? ooh, that’s actually amazing. [itou], write that down.
k: already did.

s: i could take that shift!
a: the last time you worked a saturday, you watched cartoons the entire time.
s: well that’s when they’re on.

h: and now for a message of hope.
i: ah, a message of hope, right on time.
h: everything is garbage.
i: oh no.
h: you find something you care about, and it’s taken from you… your colleague, your dream job, your mango yogurt.
[y: whoo!]
h: never love anything. that’s the lesson.

t: do you have any connections in the fbi or cia? there’s no one else i can turn to to the solve this crime.
a: you work in a police precinct. you can turn to anyone here.
t: you think these buffoons can help? they’re buffoons.
Reconfiguration - Phoebe Delos - Yu-Gi-Oh!
A few minutes delay is all it takes to change the course of lives, and Atem is not certain if he should thank the gods or curse them for this shift in his destiny. For what did it mean for his fate, this chance to know the world again in his own flesh? What good can come lingering so solidly in a world he is meant to leave? [Puzzleshipping, Canon Branch-Off]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter Excerpt:

“Hey, Atem! What’re you doing? I thought you were going to hang out with us!”

“What’s he gonna do?” Honda snorted, dropping his pencil only to shoot his best friend a bemused look. “Watch us do homework?”

“I agreed to help out late in the shop while you study,” Atem explained, shooting Jounouchi a smile… that faded into nothing as his gaze slid slowly towards his partner. No expression really replaced it as he looked at Yuugi, but Jounouchi still found himself stalling just before speaking, his mouth snapping shut as he glanced curiously from one ‘Mutou’ to the other.

Anzu, Bakura, and Honda all quickly mimicked him… but Yuugi didn’t notice. He was still focused on his worksheet, erasing some answer to replace it with new numbers.

But as the silence dragged on, he finally stalled… and glanced up… flicked his eyes from one friend, to another… then finally to Atem.

Chapter 11 is up!