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i’m so sorry i didn’t see this sooner, stay calm, if you can’t throw any more up try drinking some water & try again. if you can’t do it, just remember that it doesn’t mean everything is over, you can start again right now bc everyone binges it’s just a shit thing you eventually get over. also don’t skip exercising bc you “failed” today, in fact do more than you normally do. Try to fast for a while if you can it will get rid of the guilt but also serve as kind of a punishment to remind yourself not to binge again or you’ll have to fast for longer afterwards. But for now just keep yourself distracted, go get some tea or water & try not to dwell on it or look up thinspo or the calories you just had, you’re going to be fine just please try to keep control next time, it’ll be worth it💞



Hey guyssss my new YouTube video of How To Stop Binging is up on my channel!! 😋💗 These are 5 quick and easy tips to stop from binging/overeating 💕 These tips have helped me so much to change my outlook of food and to help me not binge. :) I really hope they help you too!!❤️ Let me know in the comments below on YouTube and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and THUMBS UP on YouTube 🍒 I do 2+ videos a week and do lots of fitness ones as well as singing videos, story times, etc. 😊

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I receive a lot of questions regarding “how do I stop binging?” and by a lot, I mean A LOT. I myself have not been able to completely stop binging, some days I just eat normal, then I restrict, starve, binge, etc. The cycle goes on. But here are some websites that may help you. If you want real tips from either professionels or people that have stopped binging themselves.

How to stop a binge before it happens

20 Tips for Breaking Free from Binge Eating

How to stop binge eating

How to stop binge eating (an approach that will shock you)

10 ways to stop binge eating in its tracks

Binge Eating Disorder (really worth the read guys)

How do I stop binge eating?

Confessions of a binge eater. How to stop.

Are you a binge eater? (9 ways to deal with it)

And some of my favourites (they don’t really have a title so I’ll call them link 1, 2, etc.)

Link 1 

Link 2

Link 3

There you go. Some useful websites. I hope I could help some of you at least ♥

Make Research Papers Fun & Rewarding Too!

Hey fellow studyblrs!

A few weeks ago, I made fun of a friend for using Bing instead of Google, and lo and behold he ended up opening my eyes to what is essentially hitting the college student jackpot…lazily. (Note: This is NOT an ad or sponsored post I just want to share this genius service)

If you constantly search google for school and non-school reasons, like I do, you might be interested in trying something I just found out about called Bing Rewards!

How it works:

Every time you are logged into your microsoft account on Bing and perform a search when you’re signed up for Bing Rewards (which is completely free and non-sketchy, trust me I was also skeptical), you get points towards free $5 giftcards to Amazon, Starbucks, and more!

Here are a few example pictures of rewards shown on the Bing Rewards website, there are many more than this, but these give you at least some idea of what they offer you. The “prices” are the amounts of points you have to rack up to redeem each gift card, (each of which you can redeem as many times as you want…i.e. you can get 2 Amazon giftcards if you don’t like any of the other options and have enough points!)  You can get about 30-40 points per day, so it doesn’t take long at all!  Especially if you’re always writing stupid papers like I am.  

I personally always set my goal towards the Amazon giftcards because I can use them to buy textbooks for school. I’ve already earned about $20 worth in giftcards and I’ve had bing rewards for only 5 weeks or so, it’s seriously so easy and amazing and the only non-scammy service like this I’ve found.  

Here’s the link to check it out! Let me know how it goes for you guys if you end up using it, cheers and happy studying!

The person who “blew it” today is the same person who has been successful many previous days and weeks. A cookie binge does not reveal the “real you.” The “real you” is involved in a lifelong commitment to eating well and exercising daily. Pat yourself on the back for your efforts, keep calm, and carry on. You’ll be so glad you did.
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