Imagine Being The Only One To Make Dark Genuinely Smile.

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Dark sat on the couch, one leg over the other, and a book in both hands. He delicately turned a page, then continued to straighten his tie. Typically aware of everything that went on around him, his focus was in stead deep with in the inked words reflecting from his sharp eyes. So buried in the world of flowing letters and imagination, he didn’t notice a pair of eyes watching him from the kitchen. Wilford Warfstache crinkled his nose, with squinted eyes and huffed.

“Look at him. He’s always so grouchy looking. Even when doing something as simple as reading.”, he criticized the darker ego.

Bing closed the fridge behind him, walking over and opening a can of soda.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile dude. So not cool.”, he took a swing.

“It ain’t good bruh, causes total stress!”, Bing said putting the drink down and pointing at Wilford.

Wilford sat against the island, twisting and twirling the ends of his mustache in thought. He was trying to think of ways to get the dangerous entity to smile. Partially because he had never seen him do so, mostly just smirks or dark grins. Honestly though, Wilford mostly just wanted to mess with him. While it would be interesting to see Dark’s lips turn up in a non menacing way, he also really liked to annoy him. Hmm, but how would he go about this without getting his head severed? A loud belch beside him made him grimace, and Wilford turned to see Bing.

“That was like…a ten bruh.”, Bing smiled, waving a hang lose sign.

Wilford smirked an idea coming to mind.

“Heya Bing~”, Warfstache slurred, turning in his seat.

Bing finished taking another sip of his drink, completely dense of the other ego’s underlining tone. “Suh dude?!”

“You like challenges right?”

“Ah dude! I freakin love challenges! Bottle flip challenge, maniquin challenge, don’t laugh challenge, food challenges-”

“Alright, alright I get it!”, Wilford cut him off, a bit annoyed with Bing. “How about this~”

Bing watched with interest as Wilford stood up, walking over and wiggling his finger before pointing into his chest. “How about a challenge to see who can get darky over there to crack a smile? A genuine one~!”

Bing thought for a second, his brows furrowing,“ Mmmm, I don’t know bout that bruh…”

A lot of things may have gone over the AI’s head, but even he was smart enough to know that Dark was a force to be reckoned with. He had lived with Google for a while before moving in with you, Wilford, and Dark. And even though him and Google may have not gotten along exactly, even his former roommate warned him of the dark entity sitting in the living room.

“Oh what’s the worry~?”, Wilford slurred, turning and wrapping an arm around the others shoulders.

“Too scared to take up a challenge Bing?”, Wilford grinned glancing up from under his lashes.

“What?! No way bruh!! Challenges are like, my thing!!”, Bing snapped stepping away offended.

“Great!”, Wilford clapped,“ Then you’ll have no problem with going first!”

“Wait, what?”

Bing didn’t have a moment to protest as Wilford shoved him forward to the kitchen entrance harshly. He glanced back at Wilford, who smiled and waved. Bing considered backing out, but his boldness stopped him. There was no way he’d back out of a challenge! He was Bing, and he was going to show that suspender wearing ego and every other ego that he was totally cool and could do anything.

Wilford watched with an amused smile as Bing made his way into the leaving room, skateboard by his side and striding up to Dark. Before he could see Bing utter a word to the other, his attention was drawn away when you had come into the house.

“Hey, what’s up?”, you greeted with a soft smile, laying down your bag on the counter.

You knew something was up as soon as you walked in and saw the shit eating grin on Wilford’s face. The two of you along with Dark had been living together for a long while now, and had become quite familiar with each other’s habits. You especially knew when Wilford was up to something, and it didn’t usually end well.

“Trying to get darkness over there to give us a good ol smile~”, he replied scooting next to you.

Looking over into the living room, you saw Bing, your newest roommate, speaking to Dark. You couldn’t hear what he was saying, but what ever it was it had made the dark entity mad. Dark had stood up abruptly and grabbed hold of Bings shirt, catching the other completely off guard. You couldn’t hear what Dark was saying in this moment either, but what ever it was it made Bing look like he was about to piss himself. Letting go of the terrified ego, Dark sat back down and continued to read, as though nothing had happened, and Bing shakily made his way back over to you and Wilford.

“What’d he say to you?”, you asked concerned for your newest roommate.

Bing’s voice slightly trembled as he looked up at you,“I’d rather not r-repeat it.”

You frowned and glanced over at Wilford as he chuckled amused,“And what’d you say to make him want to cut your throat? I’ve never seen him get mad that quickly.”

Bing glanced at you and quickly looked away when you made eye contact,“ I-I’d rather not repeat that either bruh, for like…the safety of my life and stuff ya know?!”

Wilford smirked and brushed his mustache,“ I suppose I win then~!”

“What?! Not uh!!”, Bing snapped back to his usual self.

“What do you mean ‘not uh’? Of course I did! You lost, your disqualified, there for I win!”

“Mmmm actually~”, you cooed beside them.

Both boys turned towards you, seeing the delicate smirk upon your face. “You don’t win Wilford. There’s still one person other then you who hasn’t tried.”

“Oh, and who would that be doll~?”, he slurred with a raised brow, leaning on his elbow close to you.

“Me~”, you winked.

“…you can’t be serious.”, both ego’s said at once.

“Of course I’m serious!”, you grinned.

“Sorry to say it bruh, but Dark is colder then well…uh, cool?”, Bing tried scratching his cheek.

“I hate to agree with the five here, but he’s right (y,n). You’ll only have your feelings crushed by that manipulative ass hat.”, Wilford confirmed, twirling the ends of his stache.

You scoffed,“If I make him smile, you both owe me ice cream.”

“Fine, but it’s your death bed.”, Wilford said raising his hands.

“Good luck, bruh! You’ll need it.”, Bing wished you off as you strode confidentially into the living room.

Dark sighed softly, leaving a bookmark in the second to last chapter of his book before closing it. Cracking his neck, he felt satisfied at the sounds of popping joints.

“Hey Dark~”

Said man looked up, his eyes narrowed expecting to see Wilford, but slightly calmed when he saw it was you.

“Yes? What is it?”, he asked coldly.

You smiled and sat down beside him.

“Oh nothing~”


“What? I can’t just hang out with my roommate?”

Dark narrowed his eyes skeptically,“ I know you (y,n). Now what do you want?”

You sighed, giving up your facade and sprawling down over his lap. You felt him stiffen some, but he didn’t make any notion of pushing you off.

“Okay, so maybe I do want something.”

“And what would that be?”, he asked with his usual, unamused expression.

“Well um…”, your eyes flicked around the ceiling, refusing to look at his face.

Dark watched you with a blank stare, his body relaxing some and becoming used to the warmth that you provided. Biting the bottom of your lip, you finally looked up at him. He raised a brow wondering what was bothering you so much to make you fidgety. Waving your hand down, you motioned for him to come closer. Again he raised his brow, but leaned in none the less. Lifting up a little, you cupped your hands by your mouth and whispered into his ear.

Meanwhile, Wilford and Bing sat on the edge of their seats in the kitchen, trying their hardest to hear what was being said. They were honestly shocked that Dark had even let you lay on him like that. To say the least, both boys were pouting slightly because of it.

Finishing what you had to say, you leaned your head back down in Dark’s lap, looking up at him with a tiny smile. Dark was still leaned forward, processing what you had just told him. Glancing down at you, his dark eyes met your (e,c) ones, and in that moment, he lost it. He threw his head back and a noise strange to the ears of the other two ego’s filled the house.

Dark was…laughing!

Not that sadistic, physcotic cackle that had been deemed his only form of showing any hint of closeness to feeling joy. No, he was laughing purely. It was deep and wholesome, completely foreign to Wilford Warfstache and Bing. Their mouths hung open, eyes wide as Dark’s laugh calmed and he wiped away a stray tear. You smiled below him, teeth showing and eyes crinkled at the edges.

“Well?”, you giggled.

Dark breathed in a soft laugh,“You’re utterly redicioulus, that’s all I have to say.”

“But you laughed~”, you pointed out endearingly.

Dark chuckled shaking his head slightly and…was that…a smile? Indeed it was. A genuine, heart felt smile spread across Darkiplier himself.


(A/N: what is this?! A darkiplier imagine?! Why yes, I do think its is! -3-/ )

i resisted watching game of thrones for YEARS and i literally watched all 6 seasons in like a week? maybe less? I already knew who died and how the seasons end, but it was still a wild ride. here are some thoughts:

-sansa deserves so much and my roommate said she hates her and i’m like how?? the poor child deserves EVERYTHING

-i found the daenerys storlines to be super boring after a while? like they were cool and important…but i stopped paying attention after season 4 until tyrion showed up…oh well?

-jon snow is beautiful and pure and i love him

-the only relationship i care about it jaime/brienne 

-i would not recommend watching game of thrones in one giant chunk. i was like super worried for my mental health for a while since this show is…a lot. but hey i did it!! my friends told me to do it before the premiere and i will always accept a binge watching challenge!!

Got7 in School

Plays video games all night and ends up cramming the morning of the final exam. Barely passes and opera sings in triumph.

Takes super advanced classes because he’s overconfident and wants to show off. Gets answers by flirting with classmates.

Teacher’s pet that asks for more homework and grumbles over any grade less than 105%

Always sleeping but during group projects suddenly goes commando and scares the crap out of everyone.

Disrupts class with inappropriate jokes and chronic dabbing. Blinds the teacher with glittery boots.

Quiet kid who sits in the back and always looks out the window. On the last day of school he summersaults out the door.

Doesn’t pay attention because he’s binge watching Korean dramas. Challenges anyone who makes fun of him to a dance battle.

How the Grinch won Christmas

Here’s another late Christmas gift! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families and friends! Merry Christmas and happy holidays Richonners!

“Daryl, honey, will you please get in here and help me?” Jesus whines loudly from the kitchen, picking up a tray of assorted crackers, cheeses, and grapes before moving into the dining room.

Daryl takes a sip of his beer and turns his head slightly, sliding his eyes toward his husband. The crowd on the TV cheers loudly and his attention is again back on his Atlanta Falcons as Julio Jones saunters into the end zone. He fist bumps the air slightly and pops another cracker, piled high with thinly sliced sausage and Havarti cheese, into his mouth.


He rolls his eyes and stands from his spot on the couch, noting the anger flashing through the small but dangerous Paul “Jesus” Rovia-Dixon. He walks into the dining room and leans against the wall, watching with a smirk on his face as Jesus works himself up into a tizzy, “What do you need babe?”

Jesus cuts his eyes toward him before returning his attention to the twelve lemon centerpiece in font of him, “You to not be a dick. It’s Christmas Eve.”

Daryl chuckles, “Okay, what else?”

“The wine please.”

Daryl doesn’t fuss, he just moves into the kitchen and starts tucking bottles under his arm and filling his hands with a few more before moving back into the dining room to arrange them on the table. The doorbell rings and they both look toward it, Jesus swearing under his breath, causing Daryl to shake his head with another smirk, “Relax. I got it.”

Daryl treks through the house, jogging a little toward the door before throwing it open to reveal the much smaller, but much cuter Michonne on his doorstep, “I got the damn fondue forks Paul was screaming about. Shit, I had to go to three different stores!” She complains, stepping past Daryl and shrugging out of her jacket, “But how are you?” She asks, turning into the taller man to hug him tightly, “Still alive, which is good.”

“He is on a fucking roll tonight.”

She laughs loudly, moving through the familiar house and ends up in the kitchen. She tosses the forks on the counter and joins the frustrated Paul as he scurries around the long dinner table, “Paul, stop being mean to Daryl.”

He looks up, throwing his hands in the air as he scoffs loudly, “Where is he now? Back in front of the TV again?”

She laughs in response, walking up to him to place her hands on his shoulders, “He never helps you! Don’t expect him to start now.”

“Thank you Chonne!” Daryl calls toward them, picking up his beer once more and settling into his usual spot.

Michonne shoots a toothy grin toward her long-haired friend and he scoffs again, shaking his head but not able to stop the grin from spreading on his own face, “What are you so damn happy about?”

“Oh, you know, the usual.” She says happily, playing with the fringes of the decorative runner laid across the table, “It’s Christmas Eve, I’m spending it with my very best friends-”

“And finally being able to see Rick.” He cuts her off.

“That too!” She basically squeals, biting her bottom lip as an infectious smile spreads across her face again, “Between his kids and crazy schedule and my workaholic nature, we almost never get to see each other. I haven’t seen him in a week.”

“Is he on his way?”

She nods, popping a grape into her mouth before picking up a bottle of wine and popping that open as well, “He texted me like twenty minutes ago, said he’d just clocked out. He’s gonna run home and shower.”

It’s been about a month and a half since the infamous Wentworth binge challenge went down between Rick and Michonne. They text and talk every day, but between her insane workload and the crazies running the streets of Atlanta, they’ve only managed to actually seen each other a grand total of three times. The first date was supposed to be dinner and a movie. They were only halfway through dinner when some asshole decided he wanted to hold up in a convenience store located just around the corner. They were about five hours into their negotiations when they gave up and called Rick.

The second date was ice skating with his two kids, Carl and Judith. The night started out pretty well, everybody was having fun until Carl decided to get cute in front of a group of high school girls. He skated right into the wall, flipped over it, and face planted on the cement. So, Rick and Michonne spent the night in the emergency room with a cranky two-year-old and a bloody, bruised teenager. Date number three was a disaster from the start. Netflix and chill at his place he proposed. Well, Merle Dixon had other plans for her. She had bent over backwards for Daryl, trying to keep his brother out of prison for the umpteenth time. She pulled ever string she had and this idiot just has to get popped for reckless driving. She was two streets away from Rick’s place when her phone rang and the usually testy Daryl was beside himself with anger, screaming more at his brother than her, but screaming none the less.

So, here she is. Hopeful as ever on Christmas Eve to finally see her possibly, maybe, future boyfriend, husband, father of her children. But one thing at a time. They at least need one night where the rest of the world doesn’t interfere. The annual dinner party heats up after a while, Maggie and Glenn showing up within minutes of Michonne. Sasha and Abraham trudge in a while later, with Tara and Rosita bringing up the rear. Morgan and Carol even make a rare appearance since bringing home their newly adopted baby girl. Everyone but Rick. Michonne sits next to Daryl, checking her phone like a dope fiend waiting for their dealer to call.

“He must have gotten caught up at work or something,” Daryl whispers, squeezing her knee underneath the table, “He’ll be here.”

Right on cue, her phone chimes but her heart sinks as she reads his words.

Judy took a tumble down the stairs. Lori’s freakin out so she’s taking her to the emergency room and wants me there. Don’t hate me :(


Michonne rolls her head toward Daryl, poking out her bottom lip as she rests her head on his shoulder and tilts her phone toward him. He reads it carefully before turning slightly to kiss her on her forehead, a slow chuckle bubbling up in his chest, “Sorry kiddo.”

“What’s wrong Michy?” Rosita asks, taking notice of her now somber demeanor.

“Oh, nothing really,” Michonne sighs, stabbing her fork into a baby potato out of anger, “Just being stood up on Christmas Eve, just my fucking luck.” The table laughs and she joins them, knowing that she has too much to be thankful for to be bummed out over some dude, “Y’all don’t call me the Grinch for nothing.”

“Here’s to Michonne!” Tara pipes up, raising her glass.

Everyone joins in, whooping and hollering as they click glasses at their friends’ misfortune playfully. Hour pass, and the alcohol is flowing freely through all the party goers. Carol and Morgan packed up and hit the road after dinner but the rest are hanging strong as the clock strokes two am. Daryl and Glenn sit at the table, cigars hanging off their lips as they play poker, taunting one another as they both claim victories. Tara and Rosita laugh with Paul as they slowly decorate the small tree, but do more reminiscing than anything. Maggie and Michonne, who are supposed to be helping, slow dance together to Sam Smith in front of the TV.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had sex?” Michonne asks, slurring her words slightly as she rests her cheek on Maggie’s shoulder, “Too god damn long!”

“Glenn!” Maggie screams sharply, “Have sex with Michonne.”

“Okay.” He answers back simply, shooting a finger gun in the girls direction before wiggling his eyebrows a little.

Michonne laughs as she twirls away from Maggie, spinning in a slow circle, “Aww, thanks man!”

“Anytime girly. Anytime.” Glenn blows her a kiss but slams his hand on the table as Daryl throws down a royal flush, “Shit!”

Paul turns his attention toward his vibrating phone as he pulls it from his pocket. He reads the incoming text message and darts his eyes toward the windows in the living room. He quietly excuses himself from Tara and Rosita, tapping Daryl and Glenn on their shoulders to drag them along with him as he passes by. The girls continue to laugh and sing, Michonne somehow ending up wrapped in a string of white Christmas lights. Tara plants a Santa hat on her head to complete the look then kisses Michonne on her cheek, pulling her close to pose for a quick photo by Rosita.

Daryl peeks back into the room, snapping his fingers to get Maggie’s attention. He points toward the banister behind her to the mistletoe that Paul laid along the fireplace in decoration. She catches a pair of blue eyes over Daryl’s shoulder and smiles widely, grabbing the leafy plant and holding it above her drunk friends’ head. She clamps her free hand over Michonne’s eyes and waves the four boys over.

“What are you doing?” Michonne giggles, trying to wiggle out of Maggie’s grasp and the lights that keep her arms plastered to her sides.

“Okay,” Maggie coos, waiting for everyone to get into position. She slides her hand away from Michonne’s face and steps back a little, “Open your eyes.”

Michonne pops open her chocolate brown eyes and gasps a little as Rick stands before her, beaming at her all the while, “Hey.” He greets her softly.

“Hi.” She lets out slowly, a smile spreading across her face, lighting up her features even more than the white lights wrapped around her, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you.” He shrugs, his eyes dipping toward her lips, “I really wanted to be here.”

She’s still all smiles as her dreamy eyes bounce back and forth between his, “Seems like the universe is against us, huh?”

Nodding a little, he whispers, “Not anymore.”

He reaches out and places his hands on her cheeks, rubbing slow circles into her skin as his eyes roam over her face. She beams up at him, biting her bottom lip as he lowers his pillowy soft lips to hers. When they connect, it’s like an electrical surge that all of them can feel. Paul smiles up at Daryl, leaning into him and wrapping an arm around his waist to apologize for his behavior earlier. Tara grabs her phone and goes live on Facebook, turning her camera toward the new couple.

“How romantic is this shit?” She comments, zooming in on Rick and Michonne as she giggles when he nibbles at her bottom lip before pulling her in for another deep kiss, “Merry Christmas guys.”

She grabs Rosita and smacks a kiss on her lips, drawing a giggle from her before she zooms in all the way on Rick and Michonne, staring stupidly at each other.

“Oh hell,” Abraham booms as he and Sasha walk through the kitchen, returning from their booze run, “We leave for fifteen minutes and y’all start shooting a porn? Not cool.”

“Way to ruin the moment Abe.” Glenn sighs, wrapping his arm around Maggie’s neck.

Michonne rolls her eyes, scoffing loudly, “Sorry. He is such an ass.”

“No worries,” Rick coos, dipping down to capture her lips once more, “I’m sure he’ll ruin many more occasions for us. Merry Christmas Michonne.”

She laughs wholeheartedly, knowing that good old Abe will do exactly that, “Merry Christmas Ricky dickey dooda.” She giggles, too drunk and too happy to care that she’s making a fool out of herself.

“Alright, alright, alright. Quit with all the mushy shit! Get in here and get some of this hooch!” Abe booms once more, smacking Sasha on her behind.

Everyone starts to move into to the kitchen, grabbing more glasses as the bottles begin to pop again. Michonne wiggles a little, trying to free her arms from the string of lights wrapped around her. She goes to move but halts as the string tugs at the electrical outlet, “Guys? Hold on. Are you gonna untie me?” She calls, but gets drowned out by the sounds of her friends and new boyfriend laughing in the kitchen, “Guys? Hello?”

9- Wrangling the Goat Rodeo, cheesy penne bake & cafe lunch

(( Thanks for your patience everyone!! It’s finally time for political vendettas and lunch with a Goat Mom! There aren’t many warnings this chapter besides Sans getting squeezed in a tight space and nausea / brief mention of bile.

Somebody’s gonna get dunked on.

You can find the compilation of Sans’ Sin Quest chapters linked in the sidebar of this blog under “Masterpost”! Also, our ko-fi donation widget is there too, just in case you want to feed an irl skele with your love & money. ♥

Other’s work mention- Cinnamon Cafe and the owner, Cinnabunny, is by @here-comes-the-sinmobile , Lalka is an OC of @Undxrtummies, and Maybelle, who was mentioned, is an OC of @sanscutetum ! Montana is actually the author’s OC. ))

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tinyhagrids  asked:

not sure if anyone asked about this yet, but who in the LBD or EA 'verse would do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

This is how it goes:

Brandon is challenged by someone he works with. Brandon challenges Fitz.

Fitz challenges Darcy and Gigi. (note: Fitz does the challenge near the rooftop pool at Pemberley Digital)

Darcy challenges Bing; Gigi challenges Clara and Lydia. (note: both Darcys urge people to donate as much as they can and challenge people to find ways to do it that are sustainable and don’t waste water, which they have done by, like, harvesting pure mountain dew and the teardrops of angels)

Clara challenges Ed; Lydia challenges Lizzie, Jane, and Mary. (note: Ed and Clara dunk each other in the Pacific at the public part of Sanditon’s beach; Lydia completes the challenge on the porch of the Darcy family’s beachfront cottage at the Cape where she is housesitting for the summer)

Bing challenges Caroline; Jane challenges everyone on her Facebook feed just to donate; Lizzie challenges Charlotte; Mary challenges Eddie. (note: Bing and Jane complete the challenge side-by-side on their back patio, using one plastic tub they have to lift together; Lizzie’s takes place in almost the exact same spot as Darcy’s, with less water because he was the one charged with filling the bucket; Mary and Eddie shoot each other with water pistols on the couch in their living room)  

Caroline challenges her caro sposo, Jane Fairfax, and Emma (note: Caroline does the challenge in her new backyard, winks when she noms Emma, and says she knows Jane won’t do it and will just donate, so Jane cannonballs into a public pool and not only asks people to donate but tells them that for every dollar they raise for ALS, she’ll match with a donation to her clean water initiative through a philanthropic firm that OWES HER A SOLID FRANK CHURCHILL) 

Emma challenges Alex, Harriet, and B-Mart, as well as Ryan Weston, Frank Churchill, her sister Izzy, and her brother-in-law John, because nothing’s more Emma approved than raising money for a good cause (note: Emma writes a blog post about completing her challenge while on vacation with her boyfriend in Hawaii and uploads a video in which Alex dumps the water on her while she’s mid-speech about why the challenge is important; Alex gets ice-water-bombed by Emma and his nephew when he’s just back from a hike with his brother; John and Izzy let their kids do the pouring, but only after John gives Alex a hearty middle finger to the camera)