bing x jane

I personally believe Bing still doesn't know about the videos, for several reasons;
  • He would know the audience isn’t just Charlotte
  • He would know that Lizzie said a lot of mean things about his best friend
  • He would know Jane loves him
  • He would know Jane is in LA
  • He would know Lizzie would be/still is angry at him
  • He would know his best friend and sister deliberately led him away

Ok… I lied. The other thing I want (besides Gigi/Lydia friendship) from LBD at the end would be to have something awesome like Jane gets a job promotion and and a job offer to do like a guest worker visa in London for a while. And so maybe Bing has to follow her this time. Make his ass put in some serious effort, not just show up on her doorstep and all is forgiven.

Goodbye Jane - Ep. 92

Ahh yeah, what a great episode! 

So much cuteness, I can’t take it, and not going to lie, I totally called that Bing dropped out of med school. Now Bing can be future house-husband, I can dig that. 

Oh and how when Jane realized the video camera was on and still kept on kissing Bing? GET IT GIRL

With this, then I totally expect a full on makeout sesh of Darcy and Lizzie, for real. 

End of rant.