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Monica/Chandler before Mondler
You are one of my favorite people and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in real life.
                When we’re 40, if neither one of us are married, what do you say you and I get together                   and have [a baby]?

Why you should watch Sweet and Vicious

What is this show about ?: Campus rape and two girls who decide to punish the rapists

Who are these girls?:

We have Jules. She alternates between being a stone cold badass that can beat up men twice her size and an awkward lovable dork that’s a bit lost

Then we have Ophelia. A computer nerd and the campus weed dealer

Ophelia lives her own rather comfortable chill life until one night she stumbles upon Jules beating the crap out of a rapist. Their first meeting is intense

Ophelia is immediately intrigued and starts snooping around trying to uncover who is the campus vigilante. She quickly discovers her identity and tries to annoy her. Jules is not amused

This naturally makes Ophelia even more intrigued. She finally breaks down Jules defense and after some really messed up stuff they decide to partner up

Are there any other interesting characters?:

Yes. We have

Kennedy: Jules’s best friend and one of those rare people who really have their life together. She is really worried about Jules who’s been acting suspiciously and is trying her best to take care of her

and Harris: Opehlia’s best friend who just wants to become a lawyer and spends most of his time eye rolling at Ophelia’s insane computer and weed stunts and having her back

I just saw that it’s an MTV show. Please tell me it’s not some dumb humor: Nope. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not some dark drama. There are fun and light moments but they also show how heavy this topis is and how girls are dealing with it

Why isn’t it more popular on tumblr?: Probably due to bad marketing. Not enough people are giving it a chance. Here is the trailer

Seriously watch it. It’s awesome

Sister: *sees that all my friends are hanging out together on snap chat* 

Sister: *sends text* hey, why aren’t you with them?

Me: Season 2 of Voltron came out today 

So you binged. Now what?

1. Forgive yourself!

You binged. It’s over, it’s done. Remember: you are human! It is okay to indulge. Dwelling on your binge will only pull you into a vicious cycle of binging-restricting. One day of overeating will not throw you off.


Hydration is so important. Drink water upon waking up and continue to drink about 8oz. every hour throughout the day. Water helps to detoxify your system and clear out the toxins (sugar, fat, salt)/reduce bloat.

3. Catch some Zzzzz

Getting quality sleep has been shown to reduce urges to eat high-calorie, high-fat foods. Also, when you have more energy you feel better about yourself and most likely will not have the desire to binge. 

4. Eat a protein-packed breakfast

I know, eating the day after a binge may not sound to appealing. But eating a protein rich breakfast (instead of carb heavy) will fill you up and tame your hunger/keep your blood sugar in-check.

5. Get moving!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins are the best drug. Don’t use exercise as a means of punishment, but rather a way to do your body a favor. No need to run 15 miles or spend 3 hours on the stationary bike, a light walk will do. Fresh air does wonders!

6. Don’t forget about those micronutrients

Eat those fruits and veggies! The fiber, vitamins and other nutrients will work to clear out your system and give you plenty of energy.


I repeat: DO NOT RESTRICT! Restriction, cutting out foods, deeming foods as “good” and “bad” only leads to binging. And the cycle continues…

8. Ditch the scale

Weighing yourself post-binge can be so so discouraging and only set you up to binge more. Put your faith in knowing that one bad day will not totally derail your progress. Give it a day or two and you will be back to normal! 

You Know This Happened

Just so we’re all on the same page here: Anakin Skywalker 1000% watches soap operas. We already know what a shipping fangirl he is overall so you know he’s into soaps or some kind of serial drama. Maybe he used to watch them with his mom or something and it became a habit. 

He binge-watches them on Galactic Netflix at Padme’s when she’s gone during the day. Obi-Wan learns this and mocks him for it (he’s totally an “I don’t own a TV” guy) but then gets totally sucked in to one of Anakin’s shows and then one day Padme comes home early and the two of them are sitting on her couch, crying about some episode they just watched during a full-season binge viewing, and she’s like “what in the world happened to you two?” 

Anakin’s looking up spoilers for the next installment on his phone while covering his mouth in shock at what he’s reading, and Obi-Wan’s ranting about how he can’t believe that the writers killed ANOTHER person that one of the heroes loves since he’s trying to watch this stupid show to ESCAPE from reality, damn it. Both of them are trying to claim only the other one is crying. 

be kind clumsily. give out badly worded compliments and cringe for the rest of the day. stutter through telling someone how much you like their outfit, or their hair. remark on someone asking a great question or giving an insightful answer in the middle of class even if every one stops and listens to you. go out of your way to be nice to others, even if your friends think it’s weird. offer to help people out even if you’re unsure of yourself. not only will these things get better and easier as you go, but you’ll be making others and yourself feel great while you learn. be kind clumsily

Dating Castiel Headcannons

Dating Castiel would involve…

  • Cas popping up out of nowhere and scaring the hell out of you constantly.
  • If you want to go somewhere all you have to do is ask and Castiel will have you there in a matter of moments.
  • Castiel will always be keeping an eye out for you, even when he’s not right there next to you.
  • You would know all about everything that goes on, because Castiel didn’t like to keep things from you.
  • Catching him up on modern trends.
    • In return he teaches you a lot of wards and Enochian.
    • “That’s not how it’s pronounced, (y/n)”
    • “Who even speaks Enochian anyway?!”
  • Craving French cuisine? An authentic Japanese meal? Just ask and Castiel will deliver.
  • Being part of Team Free Will
  • Castiel always has a protective wing around you, something his siblings pick up on right away.
  • Castiel always making sure you’re comfortable.
  • When he finds out what Netflix is all he wants to do it binge shows with you.
  • Cas going to Dean for advice that never works.
    • ‘Did Dean tell you to say that? How many times have I told you not to listen to him?”
  • Castiel thinking you’re much more fragile than you really are.
  • Being the one to teach Castiel how to drive.
  • Teaching him how to be human when he looses his grace.
    • “Castiel you need to eat, that’s how you stay alive!”
    • “But it takes up so much time!”
    • “(y/n), what is this horrible pain in my head?”
    • “It’s called a headache Cas, it happens.”
  • Castiel trying to make you breakfast in bed, but he just ends up burning it.
  • Castiel picking up around the house for you.
  • There’s hardly a day he doesn’t visit you.
  • Late night talks when you can’t sleep.
  • Middle of the night sex when you can’t sleep.
  • Being Castiel’s first.
  • Him being ever so awkward about it.
  • Castiel buying you flowers on random occasions.
  • Doing Castiel’s laundry for him, because you got the feeling he didn’t do it very often, 
  • Castiel enjoys when you run your fingers through his hair. 
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Castiel leaving you in the Winchesters care if he has to be away for more than a few days.
  • You and Dean always trying influence him to like your music instead of the other’s music. 
  • However if you like the same music you and Dean work together to get Castiel to like it. 
  • You and Dean confusing Castiel sometimes because of this. 
  • Playing board games with Castiel.
  • Game nights with him and whoever else you can con into playing.
  • Cas healing you whenever your hurt. 
  • Teaching him how to use a smartphone for things other than texting, calling and face time. 
  • Showing him Snapchat.
    • He becomes one of those puppy filter people. 
    • It was cute at first, but he sends you a puppy filter picture at least twice a day, and when he learns how to screen show he texts them to Sam and Dean as well. 
    • Having a snapchat streak with Castiel. 
    • He’s literally a snapchat junkie. 
  • Introducing Castiel to memes.
    • Castiel not understanding why someone would want to reveal themselves for a gorilla.
  • Most of the other angels not being fond of you.
    • They think you’re a bad influence.
    • An a distraction.
    • Gabriel loves you though. As does Chuck. 
  • Castiel absolutely losing it when Metaron tries to kidnap you. 
  • He trusts very few people around you. 
  • He’s always very grumpy when he  has to leave you with Crowley because he only half trusts him, even though their allies. 
  • Castiel gives you an Angel blade to protect yourself with. 
  • Hardly ever fighting.
  • Buying each other presents.
  • Loving each other to bits, and never letting other people get in the way of your relationship.