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I'd like to recommend a show for all the people who dont want to watch/or hated Iron fist. It's called "Into the Badlands" and it's much better. Asian American lead, Black Woman lead, Indian lead. None of them die (spoiler lol). And one of the villians (depending on how you look at it) is a woman whose a survivor of rape and abuse who trains and leads an all female group of ninjas. The first season is on Netflix and the 2nd started airing. The fight scenes are incredible!


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a number of reasons why you should watch Black Sails

- now is the perfect time to binge-watch seasons 1-3 because 4 (which is the last one) will be out soon

- listen who DOESN’T want to know the backstory of Long John Silver?

- PiRATEs?!?

- lesbians? yes. dead lesbians? nope.



- BAMF characters. all of them.

- everything serves the plot??? even the sex scenes??? i mean where else would you find that??

- you REALLY want to find out who Thomas Hamilton is. believe me.

- “well, we could make this a straight blood fest” “how about we don’t?” “yeah sure Jim good plan”

- assorted relatable quotes: 1. “that was dark” 2. “There’s no we, we stopped being a thing of any relevance about an hour ago.” 3. “no shit” 4. “fuck”, in all its various forms´

- “My truest love, know no shame” *sobs*

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I don't understand how the next episode is gonna go. What about the people who don't watch flash? Or the one who will binge watch the show on netflix someday? In one episode Kara told monhell to fuck off and in the next one they're together again being in love with any explanation? Maybe we will have a scene of her telling Alex about what happened, that's gonna be torturous though.

“no coherence at all we ignore our continuity and turn our main characters into ooc messes like glee” - supergirl writers probably

13 hours later my eyeballs feel a bit like they’re melting out of my skull, but I’ve finished my Iron Fist binge!

What a great series! It had some pacing issues in a few spots, but as the different subplots started to pull together it just got better and better. I know people wanted all martial arts all the time from ep1, but hell, the big fight scenes are soooo worth the wait.

I feel bad for anyone choosing not to watch this because some early critics panned it for no good reason, or because they think any racial issues won’t be handled with sensitivity. You’re missing out and some really good writing, especially for the latter.

I’ve watched the second episode of Black Mirror, Fifteen Million Merits, too many times to count at this point, but every single time, I am astounded by how incredible it is, how perfectly it ties together, how tragic and ironic and relevant it is. The acting from Daniel Kaluuya is some of the best I’ve ever seen, and I think his monologue is one of the greatest in all of television. The worldbuilding, cinematography, score, use of special effects, it’s all phenomenal…definitely my favorite episode of Black Mirror, but I’m so excited for the new season!

Iron Fist S1: a review

So I just binge watched the entire season of Iron First over the last two days. This is an origins story. Not how he got the iron fist power but how he became iron fist the hero. I knew it was going to be lots of human development and background rather than action sequences and mystical stuff.

As someone who has been watching superhero and martial arts films all my life let me just say, anyone giving this show (overly) bad reviews has been weaned on hollywood blockbusters and shows/movies pretty much overdoing it with the fight scenes. So watching more realistic scenes in IF seem slow and underwhelming by comparison. Also the styles used here are not the typical overly dramatic and violent ones you normally see in hollywood.

Finn Jones did an excellent job of playing someone who disappeared from the world at age 10, and is now back struggling to adjust to our world while being traumatized by all that he had been through. Sweet and naive, arrested development, rash and impulsive, confused and hurt, and totally clueless about how to woo Colleen.

The Iron Fist is a WHITE MAN. Get over it. Better yet google the original comics.

Jessica Henwick was perfectly cast as Colleen Wing. She was more badass than him tbh lol.

The chemistry between these two was so sweet and obvious, my newest ship. I’ve seen posters saying there was no chemistry. You gotta wonder, what do you kids define as chemistry these days? Cause not everything is about blatant sexual heat. But then again what can I expect from a generation that worships kim kardashian and nicki minaj. Sigh.

My biggest issue with the series was the pacing. Lord, so slow in some parts. I reckon if we cut out the unnecessary scenes and all that goddamn talking among the Meachums the seasom would have worked at 8 episodes. I found myself fast forwarding alot. The writing was spotty tbh. You gotta wonder if there weren’t different writers for different episodes, cause some were really good and others not so much lol.

Overall I give it a solid 3.5/5, though some episodes deserve to be a 4.

It's so comical

when people say they hate that Michonne and Rick’s storylines are together. If I’m not mistaken, pretty much all of their storylines are together. I mean did y'all see when they met. I’m mean the gate scene in “Hounded/When the dead come knocking.” What about in “Clear”, or better known as “the birth of Grimes 2.0”. What about the entire back eight of season 4 (“After”, “Claimed”, “Us”, and the penultimate “A”, which were the only episodes Rick and Carl were in. Again, in 5b with my personal favorites “Whawgo”, “The Distance”, “Conquer.” Hellllloooooooo. This was all before they became canon. Every season finale before canon they would have an intimate scene. Always about Rick’s internal dynamic, and how she feels about how he’s been acting. It’s always been about Rick and Michonne’s interaction together. Y'all need to binge watch the show like a million times, and then come again.

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sunny story!! i started watching sunny because of a friend who didn't even watch the show. in the summer, a sunny blog (i forget who) made a post of the scene from "the gang wrestles for the troops" of frank talking about being the trashman and my friend sent it to me and i COULDN'T BREATHE so i was like oh i'm gonna try to get into this show i'll just watch the first season?? and at this point just the first 10 seasons were available on netflix so i ended up watching all of it in 2 weeks

wow i actually got into sunny through a very similar experience?? i saw a post of the “newsflash, asshole” scene and i immediately binged all 11 seasons on netflix in 2 weeks…… it changed me. thanks for sharing!! <3

(i also thought i’d include a link to the trashman scene for everyone to see because it’s so good lmao)

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freela for the ask meme!

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

They don’t sext, but Fry if they did 

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

Both. I actually have this headcanon that before Yancy was born, Fry found a store that sells stuff from the 20th and 21st century and bought a bunch of Disney movies. His intention in getting them was so his upcoming kiddo could grow up with the same movies he did, but what ended up happening was he and Leela binge watched all of them in one weekend. The classic sad scenes like Bambi’s mom’s death and the Mufasa’s death got Fry. And Leela, being heavily pregnant and extremely emotional at the time, cried during ever single one. And Lilo and Stitch still get’s her years later. 

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?


Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

Fry. Once. But Leela instinctually flipped him over her shoulder really hard onto the ground. She apologized profusely and he never played the “Guess who” game again. 

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

Oh my god Fry would absolutely do this. 

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?

Both. Fry’s the one who discovered the show but he dragged Leela into it. 

Who laughs more during sex?

Fry usually. But sometimes Leela. Like I can totally imagine Fry hitting his head and having to get up and go get an ice pack. Or just falling out of the fucking bed and Leela can’t help but laugh. And then he’ll get really upset by her laughing and she’ll have to reassure him she still think’s he’s sexy, just also kinda clumsy. Well really clumsy but she doesn’t say that. 


Fry. When Leela’s the little spoon he always ends up choking on her insanely fluffy hair. 


Hi everyone, Shelby here with more news! As you may remember, Amber and I are working full-time jobs on Steven Universe and Hiveswap, respectively.  Naturally, this is pretty time consuming! However, do not fear, for we are still working on NK almost every weekend! Because of this abbreviated schedule though, we have decided to move the comic into a “binge-watch” type of format— with large chunks posted all at once instead of irregular, smaller updates. We think this will make the comic a lot more fun to read and something to look forward to! With the storyboard format that we have, we feel its best appreciated in “chapters” rather than small scenes.

So, when can you guys expect the next update? Here’s a bar of our progress!

Keep in mind, we were just able to get back to work on NK after our hiatus a few weeks ago! So, progress is steady and we are really excited about the stuff we are working on now.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Shelby and Amber

Okay but you don’t understand how much I love that the commentary on “Moana” confirms that Lin Manuel Miranda binge-watched “Flight of the Conchords” before writing the song “Shiny” for Jemaine Clement.

I never knew I needed a “Flight of the Conchords” song in Disney but it is amazing and I love it.
War and Peace - Pierre Bezukhov - BBC One
Leo Tolstoy’s epic story of life, love and loss in nineteenth-century Russia.

I spent today binge-watching War and Peace, which I mostly enjoyed for Paul Dano’s performance. For one thing, who can keep all of those characters apart? I appreciate the slimming-down of the narrative, but I had to keep checking the cast list to figure out who was who was related to/in love with etc.  One of my utterly favorite scenes with Pierre eating a potato in the last episode.

Anyway, for my fellow Dano fanatics, here is a link to the character description and a picture gallery of our favorite hunky sad-eyed sex machine as Pierre.

I am so totally addicted. I don’t do anything I used to like doing. I only do porn. This past few weeks I’ve totally been binging myself retarded. Every second I’ve been off work once I get home. I come in, strip off all my clothes, and just start watching scene after scene. Gif after gif. Edge after edge until I’m drooling and convulsing in pure gooned retard pleasure. Message me if you’re a junkie too I need other goons to bond and get worse with.

I still can’t believe I opened YouTube one ordinary afternoon to be blessed with an evak fanvid in my recommended section. Truly grateful, my life was changed forever. Honestly the best teenage representation from a TV show ever & the epic soundtrack. What a gem honestly Julie Andem saved my 2016. I had been binge watching Malec vids the night before so that’s probably why, but I clicked on it, thought nothing special at first (they cute w/e), then the fucking “call your girlfriend” clip shook me tf up, then my eyes were blessed with the softest purest scene I’ve ever seen (bed scene from ep.5 obvi) & I was fucking shook to the core like no other, I couldn’t believe what I had just watched. So you bet ur ass I went straight to tumblr (the all knowing god) to find those precious beans. And hear I am now total skam trash, waiting (aka dying a slow painful death) for the s4 trailer WOot WOOt! I regret nothing!