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Jane Bennet’s first and last appearance (Episode 2 || Episode 92)


Harmony is cherished and adored by all of the Next Gen and Bing Cherry is no exception, but he sees her more than just a close friend. For him she’s like part of the family and he proclaimed her an “honorary cousin” of the Apple/Cherry clan. Windy Belle used to have this title too but Bing renounced it after the giant bat prank.

Despite his gigantic and intimidating physique Bing is very kind and gentle to Harmony. And she, even though she’s easily scared by big tough looking stallions, doesn’t feel intimidated by Bing at all.

Bing helped Harmony open up a bit more to others by giving her constant motivation, she already received it from her big sister but having someone else’s incentive was more helpful. And he even successfully managed to make her sing in front of him, because he was constantly whistling and singing in front of her, waiting for her to crack and join him.    

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Bing Cherry and Harmony © me

i’m so terrible at self control, i was like “okay jack you’ve gotta ration daredevil out, it’s a long cold wait until all your shows get picked back up in september so you need to make sure you carefully spread out your winter viewing so there aren’t any long periods with nothing to watch”

i made it like 4 episodes in watching 2 a week and i’ve blown through the rest of the season in just today

Sweet Potato Fries

Being spontaneous when it comes to going out to eat is still a big fear of mine. I hate not planning my meals and then going to a restaurant where I really wanna order a burger but feel guilty if I don’t opt for a salad or grilled chicken dish. It’s something that I have discussed on this blog before, even with my therapist, and so on. I envy girls/guys my age who decide to go to IHOP at 2am and get pancakes and it doesn’t send them into an guilt-ridden binge for the next following days because they made one stupid, unhealthy decision.

Last night, all my friends and I went out to Applebees (Half-off apps.. don’t tell me they don’t sound good!) And what did I get? Sweet potato fries. They come with different dips, and they are seriously one of my favorite fatty-foods ever. I can’t lie to you all and say that there weren’t feelings of guilt while eating them and even a little afterwards. I didn’t even have half of the batch of them, but enough to feel full and fill my craving.

But did it lead to me eating horribly and binging the rest of the night.. or even today? Nope.

And that’s a victory in itself.

Bromance engage y'all! Some ladies thought they were gay for each other until they started dating Radiance and Lucky Moonflower. Oh if they knew that kind of rumors rolled around town, they wouldn’t hang out together for a long time. XD
About time I finished this drawing of Gallant Shield and Bing Cherry as humans. There are so many incomplete pieces, I’m just either too lazy to finish them or I get ideas for new ones. *slams head on desk in shame* XD

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Gallant Shield and Bing Cherry © me

I probably won’t be able to draw tonight, I have to go out.  Everyone meets up for dinner or trivia at the bar and I have not been going, and they are starting to think of me as a peculiar recluse and asking what I do with myself all evening, aren’t I bored, etc.  The truth is I am tired and I have journal articles to read and 15-minute doodles to do (that take half an hour to think up) and a little bit of ballet to do for my sore muscles.  Also I just saw them all damn day, how are they not sick of each other.  I like them but by the end of the day I need a break from them.

In conclusion - I have to go out but I don’t want to and also I think my coworkers are weird.

Anyone else go through relapses of depression where the one time you just can’t seem to stop eating/binging and then the next time you have absolutely no appetite at all?? I was just wondering if I was the only one…

I’m home less than a week and my sister’s already into my food. So instead of calling her out on it right away I left lots of nasty notes in all the areas that she took food from (after re-hiding the food). Basically I can be the queen of passive-aggressive bitchiness

Took me forever to notice, but Hulu has Steven Universe. Guess what I’m going to binge watch the next couple days?