Singing sand avalanche, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.

Have you ever heard sand sing? Listen to 15 seconds of this bizarre phenomenon!
Just as our own voices are made by air moving through vibrating vocal chords, a humming sound is made at Great Sand Dunes as air is pushed through millions of tumbling sand grains during an avalanche. Avalanches occur naturally during storms, but can also be created by people pushing sand down a dune face.
In the 1940s, one of Bing Crosby’s musical hits was “The Singing Sands of Alamosa” - a love song based on the sounds of Great Sand Dunes. This humming sound continues to inspire people today!


The Oscars in 1955 was held simultaneously in New York and Hollywood for the third year in a row and broadcast live. Hosted by Bob Hope, attendees and nominees included Walt Disney, Grace Kelly, Eva Marie Saint, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Marlon Brando, Dorothy Dandridge, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Sam Spiegel, Masaichi Nagata, and Edith Head, among others.

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Bing Crosby and Mary Pickford on the set of the short, Hollywood on Parade,1933.  

This short film was made in order to make money for the Motion Picture Relief Fund (Mary was the vice president and one of its founders), which helped support out of work and struggling actors and actresses.