bing bong theory

I can understand when Disney/Pixar movies reuse stock images mostly for Easter egg purposes, but this couldn’t be a coincidence, right? 

Call this a weird theory but…don’t BFFs usually wear the same accessory? Even former ones? Think Fabienne Clawley and Dawn Bellwether were something back then? 


In the new Disney Pixar film, Inside Out, Riley has an imaginary friend named Bing Bong. Bing Bong is part elephant, part cat, is made of mostly cotton candy, and carries a bottomless bag. I wonder if Riley drew inspiration from Mary Poppins, and the pink elephants in Dumbo.

Okay so right now I’m thinking about Bing Bong. you know when he first came on screen, he was portrayed as some sort of thief-like character (stuffing memory orbs into his bag secretly and such, and also running away from Joy when he got caught doing so). obv later we find out that he was Riley’s imaginary friend but of course, like any other imaginary friend, riley thought less and less of bing bong as she grew; close to the point of completely forgetting him. so I THINK THE REASON WHY HE WAS GOING AROUND TAKING ORBS WAS SO HE COULD PRESERVE THOSE MEMORIES (probably filled with him and they all seemed to be joy’s orbs) FROM BEING MINDLESSLY (pun only slightly intended but u saw how those workers were) TOSSED INTO MEMORY DUMP IN AN ATTEMPT TO REVISIT HER AND HELP HER REMEMBER HIM before it was too late.


Why Does Riley have Male and Female emotions?!


The Bing Bong Theory