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Don’t fret, Summer is still here til the 21st of September! And to remind you of its warmth + blissful combination of Jewel Tones *behold*  a Pink + Green elevate-your-mood-board replete with baubles and images of sheer delight!

Continuous Baguette Earrings by Bing Bang Nyc

Bea Arrow Cocktial Ring, Emerald Pointe Studs + Rose Gold Cigar Band by Anna Sheffield

CHANEL No. 19 fragrance


Creator of Bing Bang Jewelry, Anna Sheffield, chats with us about her style mantra and the must-have piece from her collection.

What’s the one piece in your collection everyone should own and why? 

There are so many good little staples in the Bing Bang collection right now! The tiny skull cuff is probably my favorite. It’s something you can wear everyday and all the time. I have also been wearing the sacred geometry fan necklace from the Black Label collection a lot. It’s a great piece for when you want to wear just jeans and a t-shirt, but still feel dolled up. 

Tell us about the first piece of jewelry you’ve ever created. 

The first piece of jewelry I think I really ‘created’ was the bar two finger ring. It’s been in both Bing Bang and my fine jewelry brand in several iterations over the years. In Bing Bang, right now, I make it as an infinity loop with a Baguette. There is also one that’s in the shape of a cross as well. I just think when it’s done well, the double ring is super fierce, but also a little sexy. 

What’s your personal style mantra? 

“Better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven’t done.” We are all just finding ways to express our ideas and interests with what we wear, so fearlessness is the best approach to style.

Photos courtesy of Bing Bang Jewelry.

Bing Bang is a New York based jewelry designer who creates lines of delicate essentials with just the right amount of toughness paired with downtown chic.

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I have to say I am SO proud of our little brand @bingbangnyc!! Our first proper pop up launches tmrw at @americantwoshot with a virtual bevy of goodies from the precious adorable/irreverent jewelry to the major supply of swag- much of which was made with our fantastic friends @itsaliving @paperchasepress and @flossgloss. Come see for yourselves 6-8p + for the next two weeks!! Soon to be online for those who aren’t in NYC. #happyholidays #BingBangSwag (at American Two Shot)

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Daydreaming in Color + Jeweled Paper

Introducing the newest Papercut: Our tender baby brand - Bing Bang NYC- has just released our set of custom monogram-able journals with Paperchase Press of Los Angeles!

Each journal is different, customizable, cute and is part of the story line of darling #BBNYC with metallics, marble and mega cute words like ’DayDreamer’, ’Cosmic Wanderer’ + the ever present  ’Magic Maker’. Just in time for the Holidays!

$14 singly (with no monogram) or $44 set of 3 (with the monogram!)


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