Some corrections

So after learning a bit more wolof, improving my french, and in general asking more questions, I have some corrections to make on some previous statements I’ve made.

1) Agnes, who I thought was a maid, is actually a distant cousin who lives here. She does lots of cooking and housework all the time as a way to pay for staying here.

2) Originally I posted “ngalla” as “ndalla” but I went back and changed that. What I didn’t update, however, was that the oatmeal-like stuff in ngalla is millet. I don’t know what millet is, but that is it.

3) I also posted that my aunt Binette works at a bank. She actually works at DHL managing international imports and exports. Also, everyone calls her Emily because that is her real name. The only people who call her Binette are her family that I live with. Whoops.


binette replied to your photoSnapshot from my EEG this morning. I’ve got a…

hahahaha that gif. i had no idea you had this, when did you find out?

I wasn’t diagnosed until I was about 16. I had my first [witnessed] seizure when I was in vacation in Japan actually, the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school. That sucked.

lol—but I’m pretty sure I had at least one before that, because a few months prior to that I remember my mom finding me asleep on the kitchen floor, fully dressed and ready for school…just sleeping there. When she woke me up, I was groggy and disoriented and had basically all the same feelings I now know mean that I’m coming to consciousness after an episode.

Also: Manny and Ron Swanson are two of my favorite characters on television right now. :D

Our new host: Bissonnette - sson = Binette!

Steve Bissonnette & Louis-Félix Binette (Photo: Léa Beauchamp-Yergeau)

Our new host: Bissonnette - sson = Binette!

By Rebecca West** **

_As announced recently on our blog, our host since the founding of CreativeMornings Montréal in 2013, Steve Bissonnette, is stepping down this month and passing the proverbial torch to fellow MTLCM co-founder Louis-Félix Binette. We chatted about what this means to them, and to the broader CreativeMornings community. _

Steve, how does it feel to be stepping down as host of CreativeMornings Montréal after two successful years?

I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished, and feel like I’m leaving at a good time. There is understandably some anxiety in handing over so many responsibilities, from managing our team of volunteers, to maintaining relationships with CreativeMornings’ head office in New York and with sponsors. That being said, I have total confidence that the team will be in good hands with Louis-Félix at the helm.

Louis-Félix, how are you feeling about taking on the role of host?

I’m as as excited as I’ve been since the beginning of CreativeMornings Montréal. It’s an amazing opportunity to be at the centre of such a dynamic community. There is a bit of stress associated with the added responsibilities; I don’t want to let anything fall between the cracks. On the other hand, I’ve been having good conversations with NYC, and there are a lot of great upcoming CreativeMornings initiatives that will either be coming from, or to, Montreal.

Louis-Félix, how do you think your background in politics, diplomacy and management consulting will influence your approach as host?

I feel like I’m one of many nodes in a global CreativeMornings network. As a former international diplomat, it feels like I’ve moved on to “creative diplomacy.” So I see this role as a way to bring together the things I’ve learned over the years in various contexts and apply them to make MTLCM better. A lot of thought and energy has gone into structuring the Montreal chapter, and we’ll continue to experiment and try new things — it’s always a work in progress. We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and engage Montreal’s many creative communities.

Steve, what qualities do you think make for a great host?

There are certain qualities that distinguish a great host, as I noticed in my work here in Montréal, as well as getting to know chapters around the world. You have to be a good listener, to be able to filter and process ideas coming from many directions, then synthesize them and put back out into the community in an enthusiastic way. A great host has to be aware of the big picture — within their community, in other chapters, and beyond CreativeMornings. Managing a volunteer-based organization is also unique — a careful balancing, unlike managing in a for-profit context, where everyone’s ideas are considered.  

Steve, do you have any friendly advice for Louis-Félix?

It’s not an original answer but it’s one that comes up often — to trust your team and delegate! I ran into trouble in trying to personally solve problems that would come up. The role of host shouldn’t be to solve all problems, but rather to facilitate solutions. It’s a clear distinction. It’s also important to accept that despite everyone’s best efforts mistakes will happen — you simply have to own up to it, forgive them, and move on.

Louis-Félix, what are your plans for MTLCM in the next year or so?

I’m starting my host duties by trying talk to everyone on our team of volunteers, to get to know what it is about CreativeMornings that keeps them coming back every month. I also want to take stock of the last couple years and see what we’ve done well and had fun doing — to see how we can have successful events without reinventing the wheel every time. It’s also important for me to get more feedback from our community, and get them more involved in telling us what’s working and what isn’t.

In terms of specific projects coming up, there are two we’re working towards this year. Firstly, I want to make it easier to connect through CreativeMornings — not just at our breakfast events, but more broadly. Whether it’s when people are travelling internationally, or looking for a new project collaborator, I want them to have the reflex to tap into our rich network of creatives. Our second major initiative is in partnership with the economic forum je vois montréal. Last November, CreativeMornings Montreal took on an engagement to organize an economic summit on creative communities, to take place in the fall of 2015. Our goal is to bring together Montreal’s business leaders, beyond the creative industries, to take stock of what the various creative communities bring to the city in terms of economic value. We can then help ensure the survival and expansion of our city’s amazing creative vibe.

A big thank you to Steve for doing such an incredible job as host over the last couple years, and welcome to your new role Louis-Félix — it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to this year!

Ça vient avec l'âge

Avoir quatre ans avec un beau brun, c’est satisfaisant. Tsé, avoir quatre ans là, se faire des grimaces pis des chatouilles, jouer à cache-cache pis se baigner dans des piscines d’inconnus, mettre mes mains dans ta face parce que je te trouve mignon de la binette, toucher tes bras en me disant que t’es fort . Avoir quatre ans là. Avoir le goût de dire à tout le monde sur la promenade Ontario que mon copain c’est le plus fort pis le plus fin, comme quand t’es petit pis que ton meilleur ami c’est le plus meilleur des meilleurs.

Avoir quatre ans avec un beau brun pis faire de la cour d’école notre maison, monter dans les arbres pour dire qu’on est vraiment grand, maman, mais être saoul quand on le fait faque se pêter la gueule un peu, se faire des bleus pas bleu. S’acheter un chat ensemble parce qu’on veut avoir quelque chose à nous deux mais qu’un appart c’est trop cher pis qu’un enfant ben s’t’un enfant… Se dire à deux heures du matin qu’on pourrait s’acheter une Westfalia pis partir faire le tour des États par le route 66 mais pas le faire parce qu’à quatre ans tu sais pas conduire.

Avoir quatre ans pis acheter de la craie pour écrire que je t’aime sur tous les trottoirs de toutes les villes. Pour te sauter sur le dos par surprise pis m’excuser parce que ça te fait mal un peu, mais recommencer parce que c’est le fun. Pour rire tout le temps, pour rien, juste parce que ça fait du bien de rire avec toi plus qu’avec n’importe qui. Tu ris bien je trouve, tu ris vrai, tu ris comme dans les films. Pis même si tu ris mal, ris pareil. Écouter des films d’animation pis pleurer à la fin parce que je pleure tout le temps à fin des films pis à la fin de mes romans parce que je m’attache à l’histoire pis que je veux pas qu’à finisse.

Avoir quatre ans pour faire les tannants. N’importe où. N’importe quand. Dans les épiceries, pis les piscines municipales, pis les parcs, pis les métros, pis dans le salon, pis dans la cuisine, pis dans le lit aussi. Pas être fâché quand l’autre est tannant mais décider d’être tannant avec. Moi je veux être niaiseuse avec toi. Pas niaiseuse désagréable. Niaiseuse mignonne comme quand t’es petit pis que c’est attachant. Faire des mauvais coups pas méchant pis des dessins laids de ta face, et que tu me dise que c’est le plus beau des dessins du monde entier pis l’afficher sur ton frigo avec des aimants cool d’émission jeunesse pis de Josée La Distasio.

Avoir quatre ans pis m’inquiéter quand tu tousse, me dire que tu vas peut-être mourir. Avoir peur que tu meurs mais pas tant parce que j’ai pas conscience de la mort. Vouloir que tu sois bien avec moi, te faire à souper de la bouffe pas mangeable avec du vin blanc cheap mais tu vas me dire que c’est bon. Je le sais que je cuisine mal, mais je vais dire «merci» pis «s’il-vous-plait». Manger le souper avec nos doigts pour faire nos rebelles pis se peinturer la face avec le Ketchup pour avoir l’air de guerriers amazoniens. Tu fais Tarzan pis je fais Jane, mais je trouve ça plate faire Jane faque finalement je fais le gars pis tu fais la fille, c’est pas grave, on a quatre ans.

Avoir quatre ans pis refuser de se lever, dormir toute la journée, pis pas trouver ça plate rendu à cinq heures, dormir avec toi, contre toi, dans tes bras de petits garçon. Te taper avec un oreiller pis construire des forts avec les couvertures pour se cacher du méchant monde dehors. Être pas contente parce que tu fais tomber le fort avec ton pied. C’est pas grave, on va le reconstruire comme un château de sable sur le bord de la mer. Mettre la mer dans mon appartement pour faire des châteaux de sable pis s’en foutre que c’est pas propre.

Avoir quatre ans pour se battre en public, mais pas violemment juste des batailles gentilles de monde qui s’aime. Se battre en espérant tomber pour rester coucher au milieu de la place pis regarder les gens qui passe et leur sourire, pour rien, juste de même. Pour que tu me ramène à mon appartement sur ton dos parce que je suis fatiguée de marcher pis que ça te fait plaisir. M’endormir parce que je suis trop fatiguée de notre journée d’enfant pis recommencer demain.

Avoir quatre ans, demain aussi.

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