smetime today or tonight ill hopefully b able to sneakily hand wash my binder bc i rly worry rents are gonna get rid of it if they et to handle it. like legit. i cant be sure, really. theyve seen it before a few times and so far to them its supposedly appeared from a dream. mom calls it a torture device LOL

but its prolly better for it anyways and i can have it sooner on my body. but sometimes my rents    v rarely just get rid of shit  like its terrible they pick the best things and be like o i just dontkno what happen………………………

idk what company this bindrs from tho. i got it from a friend whos also a transboybut when i look up the name on the binder i find ZIP. like nothing at all…

it functions like a binder tho and im v flat chested like A probably. idk nothing bout boobsizes but yknow when its just like..that small. like that aint that much

but enough to bother me to get a binder as opposed to a sports bra, bc i wanna wear clothes like erryone else

also–DESPERATELY need hair cut. and i gained weight and i need to stop hoarding the hippie cookies. but i got a sick denim vest, so im good