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So I get asked all the time how I bind with KT tape– which I do pretty regularly.

I cut the strips in half and as you can see they hardly wrap around my ribs at all, and due to the type of tape it is it’s very safe (only real risk is to your skin/nipples due to the adhesive… And your bloodflow to your nipples can decrease over time).* KT tape is thin, flexible, and is meant to increase bloodflow and be worn by athletes for long stretches.

Taping lasts several days for me (even through swimming and showering)– and in the Texas heat this open chest binding is often preferable to other binders for me.

Keep in mind– this WILL NOT flatten you like a binder will unless you have a VERY SMALL chest. My chest is maybe a AA Cup, and is very muscular so this works well for me, and I’m only showing this because I get so many questions about it. Additionally– 1 roll of KT tape is $10-15 depending where you buy it (you can get it at drug stores, target, Amazon, etc), so 3 rolls will cost you the same as a binder would.

If you’re going to use tape, take it off once it starts to peel, and take it off in the shower or with water. Also you can put tissue over your nipples if you need. ((Please don’t follow my lead if this is not going to work for you, but this is my attempt to make sure people tape safely if they’re going to because I’ve done my research and talked to doctors and trainers for their opinions on taping your chest and I’ve seen people attempting to tape with KT tape and using it like an ace bandage wrapped all the way around their ribs which can be VERY DANGEROUS)). *These risks can cause healing post top surgery to have complications.

Heyyo! Here’s a makeshift binder I did before I got my GC2B. Note my note though: I’m no doctor. Absolutely feel free to ask questions. I thought this might help some of y’all who can’t bind because you’re not out or because you are out and your parents/guardians/whatevers are not okay with it. Just make sure you’re okay. Technically, this is marketed as a women’s item–in fact, a women’s item to enhance figure in dresses. Therefore, you could probably get away with having one. Also, this tutorial works for people with larger chests. Plus, it’s half the price of a good binder. But, as always, if you can bind safely, don’t risk your safety for a bit of money. Hope this helps someone! With love, E.

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Bind Runes: A How-To

Yo gais, I’ve gotten several requests from people to create a tutorial on how I do bind runes. Keep in mind that everyone creates a unique set of rules and methods for creating these so you don’t have to follow this to the tee!

The biggest thing is to know what you want this bind rune to be for. Do you want a bind rune for strength or for creativity? You’ll use different runes for different intents, so make sure you know what you want from it.

Now that you know your intent, choose runes that match! I like to use sets of 3, but if you feel two or even four or more runes would be better suited to your task go ahead! Runes can also be mirrored to reverse the meaning, for instance you can mirror Haglaz to include in a protection rune as something like “calm weather.” If you are new to runes, I have a post here that has my personal associations! For the purpose of this tutorial I’ll make a rune for protection. We can always use protection runes.

The runes I’ve chosen are:
Agliz for Protection
Ingwaz for Safety
Sowilo for Good Health

External image

This stage is where you get to be creative. Overlay the runes, one on top of the other, to create the bind rune. Try out different lay outs, pick ones that are aesthetically pleasing to you. In this stage we also make sure that we’re not creating any other runes that would result in mixed energies. (For instance, we wouldn’t want a reversed Wunjo in a protection rune.)

External image

These are examples of bind runes that you can get from just those three runes I showed you eariler!

Here’s where you choose your final design(s), and make sure there’s no more changes to be made. This is the easiest step in my opinion, just final adjustments!

I like to clean my designs up using a digital program. SAI or Photoshop are personal favourites of mine. After that, all that’s left is to use it! Sometimes you can carve it into a piece of wood and use sangomancy(blood magic) to charge it and make sure the energies are directed towards you, or you can just draw it on your wrist as needed, or create a charm from it! The uses are endless, much like sigils. So go make bind runes, and have fun!


1. Materials you need is some toilet paper and KT tape (recommended tape for binding, its a bit expensive but its the best for your body) Also when i use KT tape i cut the strips in half because it is easier to handle and you prolong the use of the KT tape instead of buying a new roll every so often.
2. When putting the first tape on, fold the toilet paper into a tiny square and place over your nipple area because if you don’t the KT tape will rip off that part of the skin (this happened to me one time because i didnt place the paper correctly and it ripped off some of my areola and it hurt SOOOO MUCH QAQ" please protect your nipples guys!!)
3. Start layering up that KT tape and make it stretch all the way back as far as you can!! Also use your other hand to push your boob back and up into your armpit as you are placing the tape.
4. Once you are satisfied with how flat your chest is, put some KT tape vertical at the beginning and end of the horizontal tape so they wont lift and peel off.
5.-6. More pictures of how the tape should be!
7. MOISTURIZE YOUR CHEST!! Your skin is being pulled and sometimes it hurts, so with putting lotion in the chest area it helps your skin relax and not be so tense
8. Have fun and be safe with your body! If your body is in pain please take the KT tape off, your body knows more than you ;3;)9 ✨✨
If you did the process correctly you should be able to peel the tape right off of you, itll hurt only a little. If you need assistance in removing the tape then get in the shower and let the water help you take the tape off!
Another Note: i can usually stay in this for about 4-6hours. It varies for every person though so yeah ;3;

a witchy masterpost [updating 2]

this is my masterpost of all things witchy, and i’ll be adding stuff whenever i find something to add to this post, so it’ll slowly grow to be my ultimate witchy masterpost.  



  • a calming spell for back to school
  • acne aid
  • all purpose healing amulet
  • anti anxiety jar
  • anti-anxiety smelling salts
  • anti-anxiety sock
  • anti-nightmare pouch
  • anti-stress/anxiety bottle


  • badass bitch spell
  • basic sleep spell
  • be a better writer spell bag
  • blessed balm spell
  • “boys will love me” romance spell
  • brain bleach - spell to remove unpleasant thoughts
  • brew for you
  • busy bee’s overworked pick me up spell


  • cat blessing
  • cheap invisibility spells for anxious witches
  • charm to invoke new love
  • chilling out
  • cleansing spray
  • clear acne
  • connie’s strength and resolve spell


  • depression healing from the sun spell
  • diy magic shower disks
  • “do the thing” bottle


  • ease heartache
  • energy drink overcharge


  • find a true friend
  • for forgetting
  • free yourself from anger
  • friendship mix
  • fuck you, im a pirate today: confidence spell


  • gender clarity spell
  • get rid of a headache
  • getting that new years eve kiss
  • “goodnight, sleep tight” sleep-aid satchel
  • graycloak’s gambling powder


  • hair color change
  • happiness enchantment
  • healing spells 
  • heal a sore throat
  • heal a tree
  • healing a sore throat potion
  • help bring good luck
  • home protection charm
  • honey jar - for happiness and fortune


  • i wash my troubles down
  • ice binding method
  • inner strength jar


  • knitting spell (for protection)
  • the krakens tentacles (binding spell)


  • letting go banishing spell
  • love bottle charm
  • love blend


  • make another happy
  • mama cat’s “evil eye” protection jar
  • money drawing bottle
  • morning after a bad dream spell
  • motivation


  • past life spell
  • personal productivity spell
  • positive energy spell
  • powder to repeal an unwanted lover
  • push start to continue
  • promote happiness 
  • protection amulet
  • protection chant by clara
  • protection spell for when coming out as trans
  • protective stone


  • “restful sleep” charm bag
  • removal of the evil eye
  • a ring spell for lasting love and marriage


  • sachet ideas for attracting love
  • save a penny spell
  • sea witch bath
  • sea witch’s intuition jar spell
  • settle your mind spell
  • short calming ritual
  • simple shower pick me up
  • smother anger
  • spell for artists and craftsmen
  • spell to enchant a sweater
  • spell to make someone fuck off
  • strengthen your third eye
  • study buddy charm/test taking charm
  • summon a storm spell
  • sweet speech lip balm


  • talisman of protection
  • to find a lost object
  • tough as a nail, sharp as a thorn - protection spell
  • transgender/nonbinary/intersex magic burn bottle with a bunch of uses 


  • unleash your power potion


  • vanilla candle spell


  • wealth-drawing dragon bath
  • world’s come to an end spell

Spell bundles 

  • anti-anxiety
  • love
  • protection
  • purification
  • wealth


  • attraction oil
  • everyday enchantments: accessory edition
  • for going unseen
  • glamour bottle to influence how others read you
  • goddess glamour bath
  • gossip stopping scrub
  • love scrub
  • making your room magical
  • mirror mirror on the wall - glamour spell
  • witch of the waste’s glamour - enchanted jewelry spell


  • the bottom of the ocean
  • button eyes
  • curse for abusers
  • curse jar
  • cursing 101
  • hand witch curse
  • hazy smog hex
  • gentle curse
  • “live long and prosper” curse
  • paper poppet
  • self-care after cursing
  • slaughtering a friendship*
  • so you think you’ve been cursed


Witchy tips

Astrology Masterpost!!

Budgeted Witchcraft

  • 10 witchy tips
  • budgeted witchcraft supplies master post
  • treat yo self, broke witch style

Candles/Essential Oil/Incense

  • 31 diy candles
  • candles and their meanings
  • candle colors
  • candle magic omens
  • candle making tutorials
  • essential healing salve recipes
  • essential oil safety
  • hearth and home incense
  • incenses by use
  • the meaning of incense smoke
  • when to use which incense


  • cleansing and charging
  • methods of cleansing
  • the magical home
  • warding a room


  • 5 crystals for a small business owner
  • crystal care
  • crystal charger
  • crystals for anxiety/panic attacks
  • crystals for socially anxious witches
  • crystals for psychic development
  • crystal magic 101
  • crystal prescriptions
  • crystals, stone, and minerals guide
  • crystals/stones and their physical and mental powers
  • gem stone meanings
  • mineral monday
  • stones and their properties
  • stones and crystals

Deities and Spirits

  • determining between good and bad spirits
  • hades and persephone resources
  • hellenic polytheism 101 (mini masterpost)
  • hellenic polytheism 200- weddings
  • how to communicate with spirits, gods, and the unseen 
  • introduction to the underworld…
  • make yourself more sensitive to spirits/non physical entities
  • mermaid offerings
  • mini deity masterpost
  • online temple for nyx
  • personal relationship with spirits and deities
  • underworld deities guide


  • energy work masterpost
  • grounding
  • learning to sense energy
  • shielding masterpost


  • is this my familiar?


  • 10 herbs for the lazy witch
  • 20 household herbs and their magical uses
  • autumnal witchcraft
  • cool site
  • herbal sleep and dream pillows
  • homemade floral water
  • green salt
  • if you use herbs in practice
  • mama cat’s beginner witch garden
  • starter herbs
  • what belongs in your witches brew
  • wolfsbane in witchcraft


  • celebrate mason
  • celebrate yule
  • five (5) easy yule decorations
  • stovetop incense for samhain
  • winter sabbat wine


  • charging sigils
  • guys!! help @pantheism
  • how to charge sigils
  • how to make sigils [@the-darkest-of-lights]
  • how to make sigils [@themooniswatchingoverus]
  • how to use your phone keyboard to make sigils
  • ideas for where to put amulets and sigils for protection
  • some sigils
  • sigil everything!
  • sigil guide
  • spell and sigil directory
  • sigil masterpost


  • 50 simple charms
  • bath magic - where to begin
  • circle safety
  • cleansing/purification spells
  • important for spell success
  • lush holiday 2015 bath magic
  • masterpost magic for anxiety/depression
  • paper poppet
  • please recreate this bath
  • self care spells
  • spell and sigil directory
  • spells for finals week
  • spells for trans and non binary folk
  • what spells are strongest with the moons
  • writing a spell in 7 steps


  • adhd focus
  • apps for witches
  • back to school magic
  • beginner witchcraft
  • beginner witchcraft resources master post
  • how to do witchcraft research
  • limited witchcraft masterpost
  • myelectisism’s witch supplies masterpost
  • non wiccan resources
  • resources a new witch needs
  • secular witchcraft resource master post
  • sourcing supplies
  • using songs to make magic
  • urban witch kit
  • where to get supplies
  • witchcraft resources galore
  • witchy books masterpost
  • witchy links masterpost
  • 9 easy to find ingredients that every aspiring witch needs


  • dei-teas: tea rece for offering to hera
  • tea spells
  • winter sore throat “tea”
  • witch tea: going to class

Techno Witches

  • techno pagan tip


  • 9 practical tips for new witches
  • tips for the college hedge witch
  • tips for the college green witch
  • witches on a budget

Types of Magic//Magick

  • green witchcraft resources
  • green witch tips
  • how to develop your craft
  • lavenderwhisp’s witch type masterpost
  • makeup magick
  • the phases of the moon + magick
  • practical witchery
  • a sea witch’s guide to seashells
  • water magic master post
  • witch type masterpost
  • types of witches that often go unheard of


  • book-binding tutorial
  • charm making 101
  • expanded moon phase cheat sheet
  • getting spiritually unstuck
  • hypothetical routines for bby witches
  • magical ambiance
  • making coffee magickal
  • secret witch tips - x
  • simple visualization exercises
  • the crossroads
  • wands
  • a witch’s full moon traditions
  • witch podcast
  • witch tip - x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x
  • witchy tips for artists
  • witchy things to do for a child
  • witchy things to do for a pet


  • self care masterpost
  • shadow work masterpost
  • tari’s spellbook masterpost

*Couldn’t find the original source

anonymous asked:

How do you take a binder off? I see all these tips on how to correctly wear it and how long to wear it but what do you do when eight hours have passed and its time to take it off?

ODD SOCKET has a great tutorial 


Open Shirt Binding Tutorial!

Yo! So someone asked me how I achieved my binding for the photos I posted of my Yuri Pilsetsky cosplay and I decided to share with the world! At first I was all like “do I really want to post kind of sort of topless photos on tumblr?” then I remember that I posted flat out tit pics of before and after my breast reduction so fuck it! Let’s post so binding shit! 
Also please ignore all of the dumb faces I’m making and my fat stomach lmao
Before I want to go on, I just want to say that this form of binding can be rather painful and I would definitely not recommend wearing for a super long time (like maybe 2 hours tops). Also if anyone sees anything wrong/problematic please let me know so I can fix it asap! Definitely don’t want anyone getting hurt!

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Slightly dodgy kettle stitch/coptic binding sketchbook making tutorial!

Nobody ever said that your sketchbook binding had to be neat. Well, they might have done, but not in my hearing. So here’s a slightly dodgy, but really not too difficult sketchbook making tutorial. In it, you’ll learn how to cobble together a sketchbook like the one above in pretty short time using a messy version of kettle stitch/coptic binding! 

Tutorial after the break! 

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Chest binding: Cami binder method (slight adjustment made)

Okay so I saw this post the other day about binding for transboys and while I myself am not trans I wanted to check it out. Mainly for crossplay but also because the original poster mentioned they were unsure how the technique would work on people with larger breasts. Now mine are not extremely well endowed (size C-D typically), but more than they were. 

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Ren says:

An anon asked for clarification on the first sports bra binding tutorial - they didn’t understand what I meant by moving the hem, so here’s (hopefully) some clarification!

Warning: exposed skin and me looking at the camera. Also you can see my face in this one, you’re welcome

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How to Bind Single Sheets by SeaLemon.


How To: Chest Binding and Enlarging

Hey guys! Ive been getting a lot of requests about making a chest binging and enlarging video recently and I think this is would be a great help in the trans community especially when people dont have enough money to buy a binder or for plastic surgery. Its also a great help with cosplayers too, though it doesnt have as great of an effect on them.

Anyways here it finally is, the video youve all been waiting for!

(P.S. I was having a really really bad allergy day when I filmed this so dont judge the fact that I look like a potato thanks)

quick and dirty (but cute!) way to bind your printouts

Since I had a bunch of lecture notes to take care of, I decided to expand a little on my previous post and do a proper step-by-step tutorial this time.

You will need:

  • the sheets you want to bind (duh!), provided that they have about a 2cm margin on the side where the binding is going
  • a hole punch
  • curling ribbon (I assume this is the cheaper and more readily available option but any kind of sturdy thread can do)
  • masking tape (if it’s cute, it’s better! I got mine at Tiger for 1€)
  • (optional) an extra sheet to use as cover, and/or another as back cover

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