bindi white

white people, who intend to use (dreadlocks, tribal tattoos, afros, “chola inspired makeup”, mehndi, bindis, sugar skulls, hula skirts, sombreros, intentional darker shades of foundation, Native American headdresses, Historical PoC icons etc…) in their Halloween costume,  Please get away from me. Culture is not a costume, be something yours for once on Halloween. Looking for something funny as a costume? Donald Trump, he’s a joke be him for Halloween. Looking for something cute? A mermaid, they’re mystical.
Please respect other people’s cultures, don’t appropriate, then ask why we(PoC) are hostile towards you. Do not mock one of the important things in our lives. 

I keep seeing posts with people going on about being “bullied” for being not white. 
“OMG when I was little, people teased me because I have an ethnic last name that is hard to pronounce!”

“When I was in preschool, kids made fun of my lunch because my mom packed Chinese food and all the other kids had lunchables! TRIGGERED.”

“I HATE WHITE PEOPLE because I was made fun of in 8th grade for wearing a bindi! Those evil white kids!”

You know what? I’m white, and all the other white kids made fun of me in gym because I had chubby little toes so they all started calling me ‘sausage toes’. You are NOT special, kids will literally make fun of people for anything. It’s not because you aren’t white, it’s because kids are stupid! Everybody was made fun of for something while they were in school. Sit down, drink a glass of water, quit being a whiny bitch and GET OVER IT. 

White people really do need to stay in their lane, I’m tired of seeing y'all in dreads, boxbraids, henna, bindis and anything else that isnt a part of the culture that you dont have. Its not yall culture, step away. Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp.

A handy guide for my fellow white people

Marginalised people have been saying this since the dawn of time, but seeing as no one seems to hear, here it is AGAIN:

If something you want to wear comes from another culture or ethnicity and people from that culture or ethnicity are mocked, harassed, and/or bullied for it


If something you want to wear comes from a religion or philosophy you are not a part of


This has been a very basic psa

Rant about #reclaimthebindi/#Coachella Shutdown

OK so Maggie Lindemann posted a picture of herself wearing a beautiful Bindi and jewels around her eyebrows and under her eyes and she looked absolutely gorgeous. And I saw multiple comments about #reclaimthebindi and #CoachellaShutdown Basically Indian/Hindu girls are upset because Bindis have become a popular trend at Coachella. They are deeming it cultural appropriation and saying that white privilege is the reason we all think its okay. Here comes the rant, NOT ALL PEOPLE WHO GO TO COACHELLA ARE WHITE and NOT EVERYONE WHO MADE BINDIS TRENDY ARE WHITE! Coachella 2014 Vanessa Hudgens a Puerto Rican girl rocked the bindi and Selena Gomez a Mexican/Italian did it too! Lets face it festival culture and fashion deems half nakedness, headdresses, and jewels acceptable! Thats just how it is! To my ladies out there that are upset about this, try to see it from a different perspective. No one is trying to insult you by wearing a Bindi. We have been doing Henna tattoos forever! We aren’t trying to lessen the meaning of the Bindi, we think this cultural statement you have created is beautiful and have found a way to adapt it into our style. If anything you should use the fact that Bindis have become so trendy to use it as a way to educate those who don’t know the meaning behind it, because I’m positive no one is going to look at you and say “well I don’t care what it means I’m just wearing it because it’s pretty.” they’re going to be like “Woah seriously? That made this beautiful thing mean so much more.” But demanding that people stop wearing them isn’t going to get anyone anywhere its only going to make people want to wear them more and care less about everything you guys are fighting for. Message me with your opinions just don’t be rude!! (: have a nice night guys!