when they want the thick hair but not the thick eyebrows

when they want the ‘forehead jewel’ but not the ‘dothead’ 

when they want the tan skin but not the darkest of night 

when they want the third eye but not the perspective

when they want the bangles but not the troubles

when they want the flavor but not the smell

when they want to practice but not understand

when they want the trend but not the history

when they want the benefits but not the disadvantages

when they want the light but not the heat

when they want the culture but not you 

People act like Western fashion is the pinnacle of the fashion world and I’m just like???? Have you seen the luxury in South Asian fashion??? The elegance of a silk sari, the power of a big red bindi and a turban, the sleek, trim lines of a sherwani is unparalleled in the fashion world. The West knows nothing of the luxury that the people of South Asia have been creating for thousands of years

Coachella is right around the corner so you know what that means…Reclaim the Bindi Week is BACK and I hope you are all ready to post until the bindi tag is full of Desis.  If you weren’t here for Rounds 1+2, this is a campaign to help us brown people reclaim our culture by overrunning tumblr with our fabulous selves embracing it. Theme: #coachellashutdown 

What is Our Goal?

To reclaim our culture from appropriators by flooding the bindi tag with selfies, pictures, anecdotes, stories, art, ANYTHING reclaiming the bindi and our culture

When is this happening?

April 10th through April 19th (hitting Tamil New Year, Sinhalese New Year, Bengali New Year, Nepali New Year, Vishu, Vaisakhi, and Coachella)

What should you do?


  • Reblog this post to spread the word

From April 10-19th:

  • Post selfies with you wearing a bindi, art, stories, ANYTHING reclaiming our culture with the tags #bindi #reclaimthebindiweek or  #coachellashutdown so that we all can see them (please make sure you tag your posts with at least #bindi otherwise they won’t show up in the tag)
  • Follow the reclaimthebindi blog
  • You can post on INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER NOW! Use the same hashtags and follow the movement @reclaimthebindi!
  • Submit your selfies and such to the reclaimthebindi blog so even more people can see them

And that’s it - so let’s get to reclaiming what is rightfully ours! Remember to use the hashtag #coachellashutdown to let people know we are not okay with our culture being turned into a music festival costume. 

white people, who intend to use (dreadlocks, tribal tattoos, afros, “chola inspired makeup”, mehndi, bindis, sugar skulls, hula skirts, sombreros, intentional darker shades of foundation, Native American headdresses, Historical PoC icons etc…) in their Halloween costume,  Please get away from me. Culture is not a costume, be something yours for once on Halloween. Looking for something funny as a costume? Donald Trump, he’s a joke be him for Halloween. Looking for something cute? A mermaid, they’re mystical.
Please respect other people’s cultures, don’t appropriate, then ask why we(PoC) are hostile towards you. Do not mock one of the important things in our lives.