Day’s Binders 101!

Hi! I’m Day, I’m a moderator for the love-to-lgbtq blog, and I wanted to make a lil guide for anyone who binds!

1. Please, please, PLEASE, do not bind with anything not meant for binding (Duct tape, ace bandages, etc.)

2. Buy a binder that is YOUR SIZE, its harmful not to, and if you’re unsure of your size, get the size up

3. Wear your binder for no longer than 8 hours a day

4. It’s good to take breaks from wearing your binder, so go binderless for a day or two if you’ve been wearing it a lot.

5. Binders trap heat, so to keep a bit cooler wear lighter fabrics that are fairly loose (it will also help conceal any left over signs of a chest)

6. Wear a light colored binder to keep it from showing under light shirts

7. Don’t wear binders while exercising, it’s not safe

8. If you have any problems breathing in your binder take it off, the point is to compress your chest, not to make you suffocate

9. Do not let friends borrow your binder, you don’t know if it’s their size or not

10. Get a binder from a good place, preferably not amazon. Try GC2B or Underworks

11. It’s okay to complain about your binder, they’re a pain

12. When you first start out wearing a binder, wear it for an hour and take it off, the next day try for two hours, and work your way up by the hour once a day until you get to 8 hours (the binding maximum)

13. If your binder starts hurting you badly then take it off and take a break, its either too small, you’re wearing it too much, or its not a safe brand

14. Don’t forget to wash your binder, but check, because most binders can’t go in a washing machine, and have to be hand washed

15. If your binder is scratchy and rough against your chest, try wearing a tanktop or a sports bra under your binder.

16. If you’re scared to get a binder because your family can’t know, buy from GC2B, they don’t have the company name on the bag, you can just say you needed a new tank top if your parents see it.

17. If you can’t buy a binder, search up binder giveaways, enter a few of them, they’re great ways for trans/NB people to get needed binders. DISCLAIMER: IF YOU NEED A BINDER FOR COSPLAY DO NOT ENTER THESE, LET PEOPLE WHO DESPERATELY NEED THEM HAVE THEM, SPEND THE MONEY YOURSELF

That’s all I can think of, feel free to add to this and feel free to send us an ask with any questions!


Last summer was the first summer I was exclusively wearing binders and it got so sweaty and irritating and uncomfortable so for the first really hot day of this year I decided to free boob it, I’m not dying of heat stroke for societal expectations, fuck the gender binary ✌️


Hey all!! I’m Nicolás but you can call me Nick or Nico :)

I’m currently pre-op but discovered that if you have one of those rugged backpacks with the clips in front, you can go topless and binderless by using the backpack straps to bind your chest a bit and hide your nips! I did a long hike like this and saw people who didn’t even give me a second glance lol.

Anyway, happy TST!!