binder's label

work persona me: plays bossa nova music in my office, has all my binders labelled/color coded, keeps a running calendar of all my appointments in two separate places so i always have it on hand, is that bitch you see on studyspo

outside of work persona me: tiddies out, cuts the sleeves off all my shirts, cannot honestly remember the last time i brushed my hair

You bet your fucking buttons that Falcs TV does a special video on Jack at home called “Bachelor of Arts”. 

After a montage about his hockey prowess we see Jack in his apartment kitchen. He’s fresh out of his morning shower, rolling out pie dough on his kitchen counter, ladling beef stew from his crockpot into pot pie shells. “I learned to make pastry for a class in my senior year,” he explains, sucking gravy off his thumb with a boyish grin. “Now I make it all the time. I’ll freeze these for the week ahead.”

(Then he cuts little hockey sticks out of the pastry scraps and presses them on top of the pies, looking inordinately pleased with his little bit of decoration. Did we mention his shirtsleeves are rolled up to bare his forearms?)

His back muscles flex as he pulls binder labelled SAMWELL 13-14 off one of his library shelves and flips through the tabbed assortment of notes and assignments. “I worked really hard for this A-,” he says, his fingers hovering over the mark written on the essay’s cover page. The typewritten title says Development of the Metric System in Early Modern France, Jack L. Zimmermann, HIST 247: The Industrial Revolution in Europe, and the professor’s scribbled comments begin Good analysis of the standardization of before wandering out of the camera’s frame.

“This is a Halifax Bomber,” he says, holding a model plane up to give a good look at the markings on the fuselage. The camera shifts focus from the airplane to show how his chiseled jaw is very faintly stubbled and he smiles a little sheepishly at his own enthusiasm. “I painted this with the markings from RCAF 408 Squadron, but there’s nothing to uh, really tell you that it’s a Canadian plane, not until after the Second World War, but there’s historical reasons we weren’t really, um, differentiated, as a really distinct military force then. But I know what it is.”

His blue eyes light with fondness when he looks at the pictures on the walls of his apartment. “The house I lived in, you could open my window and climb out onto the roof and just sit there. We called it the Samwell Men’s Hockey Reading Room. I spent a lot of time out there with Bittle and, uh, Knight.” He gestures to the two figures in the professionally-mounted photograph–one talking and gesturing with his hands, another leaning forward to listen, haloed by the setting sun. “I took this picture so when I walk by it I remember and I can feel like I’m still there with them.”

The person behind the camera asks, “What kind of thing would you talk about?”

“Oh, everything,” Jack reminisces. “Politics, feminism, hockey. Expectations you grow up with. What we wanted to do for the future.”

Jack reaches out to gently touch another photograph in a frame, an empty rink with the sun rising through the enormous windows at its far end. “You still visit them?” the other person asks.

“Oh, all the time,” he says.  In the library there’s a printout of the Samwell 2015-16 game schedule pinned to a corkboard, the home opener circled with pen.  There’s a small framed portrait of Bob and Alicia with a dog, a flyer for an upcoming history conference. Jack is in a Samwell hoodie in his living room, bouncing a puck off a hockey stick. “I feel like there’s still a lot to learn.” 

Literally no one asked but I was talking to @karasass about how literally No One on B99 is Straight and now I just have random headcanons that nobody wants but oh well: 

  • Jake/Amy/Rosa are all the Bi Squad, but Rosa is the only one who’s really out. 
    • By out I mean she dates girls from time to time and nobody in the Nine Nine besides Jake and Gina knew because Rosa keeps so much of her life private.
      • She definitely dated a motorcycle girl at some point in the police academy and Jake was terrified of her because hoo boy he didn’t know there was someone scarier than Rosa until he met Susan the Biker. 
    • Amy is in the process of discovering that she’s bi; she knows she’s definitely Not Straight but she wants to go through all the possible labels out there so she has like 5 different binders for each label and has done Extensive Research on everything
    • I don’t even think Jake even realizes he’s bi? Like - at least not subconsciously because let’s be real if Jake Peralta consciously knew he was bi he would be mentioning it every second of the day
      • He meets a guy on a case and is crushing really hard on him and stumbling over his words and grinning a lot and everyone is grinning because they know, and Jake absolutely slips up and says things about how handsome the guy is and Amy is chuckling because her boyfriend is adorable and doesn’t even realize he’s crushing right now. 
        • Terry: “Why are you so obsessed with him anyway?” Rosa: “Jake’s bi. Duh.” Jake: “Bi, ha Rosa you’re so funny, I’m not bi - right? I can’t be bi - I mean, maybe that would explain a lot but - *camera zooms in* oh my god I’m bi.” 
        • He literally never stops talking about it after that and will bring it up at every possible moment.
          • “That’s interesting, Captain Holt. You know what else is interesting? Bisexuals, of which I am one.” “Bye guys! Goodbye, not bi. Which I am. Did I tell you guys that I realized I’m bisexual?” “This is the 5th time you’ve done this today, Jake.”  
  •  Terry is demisexual af. 
    • He never had a partner before who he felt things for until he met Sharon - they were friends for the longest time and one day Terry realized he wanted to be more intimate with her.
      • He didn’t know if he genuinely wanted to though as he hadn’t felt this feeling before? But it was really great because Sharon was so patient with him and when he was having troubles with distinguishing what he was feeling she’d sit and talk with him and never pressured him which just increased Terry’s trust in her. 
    • When Gina and Rosa said the thing about aces Terry got irritated and held a seminar on being respectful and schooled them on asexuality and everything that fell under the a-spec umbrella. This was like, the first time he ever got an apology out of Gina. 
  • Charles is queer and he doesn’t know what his label is. 
    • He initially identifies as bi but then finds that he doesn’t think it relates to him, so he made a giant board with his research and has most definitely collaborated with Amy on the binder project; he hasn’t come across his label yet but he’s fine with not knowing yet.
  • We know that Holt is gay but he literally takes so long to realize his squad is gay as well. 
    • He knows about Jake because Jake literally announces it everywhere he goes, but there’s definitely a montage of Holt finding out about the rest of his squad and just being Shook™. 
      • “My gaydar….is abhorrent…”
      • Honestly Gina stole his gay-flag-colored binders and put them behind her desk and Holt didn’t realize until it was pointed out to him. 
  • I feel like Gina would identify as pan, but I also feel like Gina wouldn’t have or care about a specific label and rather identify as queer. 
    • “Are you bi? Pan? Poly?” 
    • “I’m Gina.” 

new aesthetic: irresponsible queer

u mess up ur own pronouns and call urself gay bc ur too lazy for proper labels. you wear your binder for 16 hours straight sometimes more if u wear it to bed

Organisation Guide

Organisation Guide:


  • For your main courses or the courses with a lot of assignments/tests/worksheets… Keep a Binder. Although, I would not suggest that you carry the binder with you at all times. Unless you need it, leave it at home. Place old assessments/tests in them.
  • Label the binders. To avoid putting the material in the wrong binder.
  • If you want to study for a test, but do not want to carry the binder, I suggest that you place your notes/assessments in a pocket folder. It is much lighter to carry.
  • My system for my class notes is: Notes—>Pocket Folder —> Place in Binder (After I finish re-writing my notes in another notebook)
  • If you prefer pocket folders, then use it. But, it can fit only so much. If you know that you are going to be taking a lot of notes and have a handful of exercise sheets, go with the binders.
  • Dividers for the binders can be of help if necessary.
  • *Reminder: Assure yourself to organise the binders at least once a week. Assure that whatever you have in that binder, belongs there.

Before Sleeping:

  • Before going to sleep, prepare ahead for the next day.
  • Prepare your lunch.
  • Plan out your day.
  • Write down some important memos.
  • Put your assignments/books in your backpack for tomorrow’s class.
  • Charge your electronic devices.
  • Set an Alarm.
  • If you use the Cornell Note-taking System, then draw out the lines for the boxes, so you are not spending class time doing so.
  • Assure that you have loose leafs. And, that you put your pencil case in your bag.
  • If you commute to school, check your bus schedule. Just to know when you have to leave the house. (In the Morning)

Additional Tips:

  • Textbooks. Unless your teachers specifies that they are going to be using it every class, do not bring it for every class. It gets heavy. Most of time, textbooks are just used as reference for yourself.
  • Course Packs: Bring this for every class. You are going to need it.
  • Dictionary: Sometimes you need it, sometimes you do not. Most of the time, if you have a writing or in-class assignment, then you will require it. But, the teacher will most likely tell you.
  • Schedule: Have it. Whether it is a paper copy/a picture of it on your phone/written somewhere.
  • USB Key: It is useful to carry around.
  • Calculator: Just carry it in your pencil case.

Best of Luck.

25 jan 16’back 2 school advice

hiiiiiii it’s jess, and this is my first masterpost/advice post!! since i’m going back to school and starting 10th grade (sophomore year??) very soon, i have decided to share some of my tips + advice for the new school year :]


p.s; in australia, high school is from grade 7-12.

001; be nice  —

  • omg be a nice person please!! treat others like how you would want to be.
  • smile @ students/teachers when you see them, even if you don’t know them & who cares if they don’t smile back??
  • popularity doesn’t matter. popularity doesn’t matter.
  • i know it can be a bit daunting, but talk to people and be genuine !!!

002; organisation —

  • stay organised so you can meet your deadlines and remember important events!! 
  • use a binder and label different sections with tabs
  • invest on a planner, start a bullet journal, download an app or use a calendar or even printables!! trust me, any of these will make your life so much easier!
  • make sure you have spare pens/pencils !!!
  • clean out folders once a month
  • make to do or assignments list
  • make sure you always have a clean study space

003; change your mindset —

  • changing your perspective on things can make a huge difference
  • change your study habits and see how you can improve in different things, because there is always room for improvement!!

004; set goals —

  • setting goals gives you long term vision and short term motivation
  • goals are the fuel that will drive you forward 
  • if you want something, don’t just wait for it. go out and make a change
  • if you want to get an A? thEN GET AN A!! WORK HARD & PROVE OTHERS WRONG.
  • reward achievements !

005; friendships —

  • trust me when i say this, your friend group from the first year of hs will change. you will learn who your true friends are throughout the years.
  • let go of toxic people!! they will only make you feel bad about yourself 
  • be friends with people who support & care about you; choose wisely.

006; get involved —

  • join clubs or your school sports team!! you can meet new people and spend time with them, doing what you love!
  • you will meet a diverse group of people
  • extra curricular activities look good on your resume
  • go to school sport games and have fun w friends!!

007; homework —

  • do it asap !!! 
  • don’t procrastinate, the longer you put off work, the harder it will get
  • procrastination leads you to rush tasks, so you’ll have less time to do it and it might not be to the best of your ability

008; teachers + classes —

  • please respect + be nice to your teachers !!!
  • if you don’t understand something, ask them
  • don’t be afraid to ask!! its their job to teach you
  • be punctual!
  • be an active student! participate in class discussions- ask or answer questions

009; exams / studying —

  • stay disciplined.
  • review and revise.
  • use different study methods e.g. practice tests, flash cards, mind maps
  • take breaks, stay hydrated and have small snacks!!
  • over learn the material !! never underestimate a test
  • once you’ve finished exams, treat yo self!!! maybe buy cute lil stationery that you’ve had your eye on
  • be gentle with yourself, don’t get to stressed and don’t overload yourself w work
  • choose a working environment that is tidy and quiet. make sure you have no distractions!
  • hard work pays off!!!!

010; GOOD LUCK !!!

i really hope you guys enjoy this! feel free to message me or request anything here, i love u all 💖✨

‘Chloe and Max walk into the Dark Room’

Max- Oh my dog……what is this place ?

‘Chloe runs across the room to a shelf full of red binders’

Chloe - Max, you better come look at this…..

‘Binders labeled Rachel, Kate, and Victoria are layed out on the table’

Max- Victoria……

Chloe - This is one hella sick bastard we have on our hands ! Let’s go get that fucker !

Max - Woah hold on a second…..

Chloe - What is it ?

Max - This thing has skype ;D






Mr Jefferson - I’m glad so many of you entered a photo for this contest, but there can only be one winner…..’opens envelope’ and her name IS Victoria Chase !

‘no one comes up’

Mr. Jefferson - Victoria ? Are you going to come up ?

Max ‘ walks up to the podium’ I’m ready to turn my photo in Mr. Jefferson

Mr. Jefferson - It’s too late Max, Victoria already …..

Max - Shhh shh, just wait till you see it….. 

‘walks up to Mr. Jefferson and pulls him into a selfie shot with her’ 

Max - Saaaay hella ‘snaps photo’

‘Every door in the gym is kicked in simultaneously. Federal Agents, and SWAT swarm the room’


Max -  What do you know ? Victoria was right ! It WAS a selfie

‘Hundreds of tiny red dots converge on Mr. Jeffersons face’ 

Armed Agent - Mark Jefferson, you are under arrest for the kidnapping and murder of hundreds of girls !

Mr. Jefferson - What ? What would even give you that idea ?! It could have been Nathan ! 

‘Armed Agent walks forward with handcuffs’

Armed Agent - From what Max has told us, Nathan’s not the sort to make some elaborate drug/kidnap/murder scheme all on his own. Not to say he wasn’t involved, but he OBVIOUSLY had someone working with him….

‘puts handcuffs on Mr Jefferson’

Armed Agent - You’re going away for along time scumbag…..’clicks handcuffs’

‘Armed agent leads Mr Jefferson to the door’

Max - ‘leans into Microphone’ Yeah Mark. We’re really FED up with your shit

Crowd - Ohhhhhhhhhhh  





‘Max finds Victoria outside’ 

Max - Victoria. Are you ok ?

'slams Max against the wall’

Victoria - You thought I’d let you get away with this ?!

Max‘confused’ What ?!

Victoria - You got Mark arrested . You saved ME ! 

Max - Yeah

Victoria - Well now you’re going to get it…..

‘Max braces self and feels a peck on her cheek’

‘opens eyes ’ 

Victoria - Don’t think anything of it Caulfield ‘fidgets slightly’ …….we’re only friends

‘runs off’ 

‘Chloe comes outside’ 

Chloe - Hey, what’s Icky Vicky running away for….

’looks at Max’s lovestruck face’ 

Chloe - Awwwwww Maaaaaaaax. Not Icky Vicky !

Accidents Happen -- Chapter 1

So this is the first long fic I’ve started in ages, but I decided that I wanted a HS AU with Nico, and then Solangelo happened and I couldn’t resist (I don’t know if this will be the permanent name yet, but it’s 3 am and my brain is frieddddd)!

Nico didn’t touch the crumpled piece of paper in his pocket until he was an hour into English class and bored out of his mind.

It wasn’t like he needed to pay attention. They were just reading through the syllabus: a stapled collection of five pages outlining the books that Nico would never read and the long term assignments he would undoubtedly fail. In truth, after hearing about grading scales and binder tab labels for five and a half hours, the paper in his pocket was the only spark of hope that Nico had for the remainder of his freshman year.

He set it in front of him on the desk and carefully unfolded it, reading the number it displayed even though he’d already committed it to memory.


The flyer’s bold block print had pulled Nico’s eyes more strongly than any other page on the bulletin board.


The background of the flyer was supposed to look like outer space, and WILL had photoshopped little guitars onto the purple nebulas. This looked cool from far away, but as Nico stepped closer, he noticed that the guitars were outlined with white trim, indicating that WILL was not the best photo-editor in the world.

Nevertheless, Nico had assumed that he was probably a decent musician if he did indeed belong to THE PUNKEST PUNK ROCK BAND IN THE AREA, so he tore one of the tabs from the bottom of the flyer and pocketed it, figuring his guitar skills were decent enough.

As the teacher droned on about behavior expectationsand remediation policies, Nico found himself wishing that he could’ve been homeschooled for more than two years. He knew well that his dad was quite possibly the worst teacher on the planet, but he couldn’t help but feel out of place on the plastic blue chair behind the wobbly-legged desk inside the most overcrowded public high school in the county. He had been more or less out of the loop since The Accident, and he wasn’t caught up with the rest of his generation, to the point where every mention of a social media site or celebrity might as well have been spoken in another language. With each blare of the bell, he’d felt increasingly suffocated by the fast paced current of the school, overwhelmed before the year had really even began. Percy didn’t help.

“Hey, Nico!”

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Me at the theater

*stands in the front* Hello everyone before the movie begins i would like to have a word. *clears throat and pulls out binder labeled TJLC*