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I know I post weight loss shit all the time but I have such a hard time believing that I’ve made progress, or feeling better about my body (shoutout to gender dysphoria), so I really need these before and after pics to prove to myself that I am making progress and that I am healthier. So sorry for the spam, I’m just proud of myself 🙏🏼💪🏼 left pic is April 2016, 175ish lbs. right pic is was yesterday, March 2017, 135 lbs. This was all thanks to intermittent fasting (the warrior diet, water fasting), elimination of gluten, and a general focus on healthy eating, smarter portion sizes, and smaller eating windows. If I can do it, so can you


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anonymous asked:

Can anyone give a comparison of a GC2B binder and a Flavnt (hope I spelt that correct) binder? I have a fairly large chest

I have a 32 C Chest. 

The Black Binder on the left is GC2B 

The Nude Binder on the right is FLAVNT Street Wear



Binder comparison.

Underworks vs my new binder from gc2b-apparel. Both are a size medium for reference. I would say they make me pretty much the same in terms of how flat I am but the gc2b binder is so comfortable it’s ridiculous. Also I could have possibly opted for a small in the gc2b binder but I was afraid my shoulders wouldn’t fit (I was in between sizes according to their size chart). I definitely recommend gc2b for any guys out there looking for a new binder. It’s so comfortable!

Changes In The Works

Hey, Shapeshifters!

Exciting things are happening over here in our little corner of New England, we know we’ve said that recently, but they’re coming closer and closer to fulfillment!

Life has been pretty rad here at Shapeshifters for a long time and you guys are a big part of that – we never would have taken off like we did if it hadn’t been for all of the word of mouth you guys have given us. But just in these past few weeks we’ve reached a tipping point!

You know, back when we first started selling binders, back when “custom binder” was a single listing on an Etsy store we shared with our two then-roommates, our biggest high-falutin’ dream was maybe making some extra cash to supplement our day jobs. Now, just three years later, we find ourselves working on this full time, living in a place we love, going out to events, and realizing that we’ve not only outgrown two webhosts, but also our current setup. We’ve hit a plateau and the only way to meet our growing demand is to become more than just two rainbow-flavored nerds working out of our dining room.

So here are the big important things that are happening – some of them are more relevant to you guys than others:

  • We’re moving out of our dining room! We’re leasing a unit in a local industrial space where we’ll have our own studio with plenty of space, some new equipment, and a business address not attached to our home address. For most of you this just means that wait times are going to go down as we’ll have more space to do multiple steps of the process at once; for those of you who are local, it means we’ll have a space you can come into to fondle fabrics, get measured, and even try on a binder or two. This is hopefully going to happen early next month and we’ll make an announcement when we officially make the move.
  • We’re starting a newsletter! We’ve gotten a ton of new followers since we were featured on Buzzfeed and with them has come a lot of questions about sales and giveaways. There’s only so much we can do to keep people informed through Tumblr, so it’s time to create a mailing list. Newsletters will go out monthly in general with supplemental emails going out as needed; they’ll include information about what’s going on at the store that month (sales, giveaways, conventions, personal updates), thoughts we might want to share about things going on in the world or the various rainbow communities, and links the FAQ and our various social media accounts. If you’ve placed an order with us in the past, check your emails for the sign up link; but don’t worry if you haven’t gotten one, we’ll also post the link up around our social media sites and the store itself shortly.
  • We’re finally going to get around to that Youtube channel. We’ll be posting video tutorials on how to measure yourself, how to put on your binder, comparisons between different binder fits/customizations, comparisons of our different fabrics, walkthroughs of our workspace, and other things that will help you guys get the most of your binders and understand us and the work we’re doing. If you have any other things you’d like us to make videos about, feel free to email us at!This won’t be until after we’ve moved into the new space, but hopefully by the end of the year!
  • A podcast?! Maybe! We’re throwing out the possibility of a podcast where we chat about rainbow issues, binding tips, real talk about bodies and how they work and how the fashion industry screws us over, and answering some of your questions! We’d actually really love some feedback about this – what kinds of things you’d like us to talk about, questions you’d like us to answer, if you’d even be interested in such a thing! Again, please email! We don’t have a timeline for when this might happen, but we’ll let you know if and when we decide to set it up!

That’s just about it for now!

Change is scary! But it’s also exciting and we’re looking forward to transitioning (ha!) into this new chapter of our business. We’ll continue to keep you guys updated as things progress!

-Ark & Poppy


I finally decided to do a binder comparison. Mostly because I’m avoiding homework like the plague and because inquiring minds want to know. So here goes nothing:
The first picture is a normal bra, second is a sports bra. The third is an underworks full length binder, and the forth is my tri top binder from gc2b-apparel. Obviously the two “normal” bras are a no go, but I never realized how shitty the compression was in my underworks until I tried on the gc2b binder. I’ve had the gc2b one for awhile now, and I’m still super pleased at how well it binds my 34DD chest.
Oh. Also this is my “Your Gaydar Is On Point” shirt from boboacademy. They rock too.


Underworks 997, 988, and 983 review and comparison by Finntheinfincible 

A lot of people have been writing in asking us what binder is best or which binder they should get. Videos like this one can be really helpful for seeing what binders other people prefer, how they bind for different body types, etc. 

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of people in binders and reviews of binders but it’s hard to find many comparisons between them. Since I have the privilege of being a middle-class person of decent financial means, I went out and bought seven different binders and took comparison pics of me in all of them. I’m hopeful that other folks of lesser financial means who want to hide their breasts can benefit from this review. These are not the most expensive binders; the priciest one was $35 (I couldn’t afford seven of the most expensive binders!). So I think most of these are within reach of most people.

I should note that I’m 5'6", 185 pounds, technically “obese” (by like 1lb) with 36-DD breasts. A couple of high-level comment about all of these binders. None of them are truly comfortable for long-term wear, though not really more uncomfortable than wearing a bra all day (I’ve always hated those). The biggest problem with every one is that when I slouch they dig in below my breasts, either by rolling up or forming a crease. It’s not totally terrible but it means I end up pulling at the edge to try to readjust constantly. The other problem is that ALL of them give me some degree of uniboob - binder recommendations I’ve read say to tuck breasts down and to the sides but my experience is THEY DON’T STAY THERE. Breathing, walking, bending, moving in any way causes them to mibrate back up and to the center. Possibly this is because I bought only cheap and miderately priced binders, but I suspect more of it is just because I have DD breasts and in order for a binder to be big enough to contain my breasts and also still allow breathing it has to have enough give for them to move.

One final disclaimer here: I’m agender, genderqueer, non-binary - I’m not  using these to “pass” as anything, just to feel more comfortable in my clothes and to feel a sense of control over my gender-expression. I don’t have any dysphoria over my breasts so I’m not using these for that reason.

Anyway, on to the set. More detail about the individual binders in photo descriptions:


Binder Comparison + Reviews!

(Sorry for the pictures being slightly pixeled.)

Anyway, as promised here is the comparison between no binder, my 997, and the Sho LLT (my new binder). I put both a side and front both for all of them, and for my new binder I added the clips and straps so you can kind of see how it works. It has three different “tightness” settings. In the picture above I included the tightest one, so you can get an idea of how it binds. So anyway a bit of a description of the two:


The first 2 pictures with me wearing a binder is the Underworks Style 997, or the Double Front Compression. If I remember correctly, I believe I wear either a size small or an extra small. On the site now it’s listed for $29.99 (not including shipping) but I think it was more when I bought it. Not that expensive though. I find that it binds really well and I dont get worried about just going out wearing a t-shirt with this. I also like how the binding goes all the way to the stomach, so my stomach isn’t just spilling out after the binder. It can also help to bind your hips a bit. What I don’t like about it is that it can get itchy, so I have to wear a tank top or t-shirt under it and it can get pretty hot. I also get stomach aches pretty easy (ugh) and since I worry about it pressing into my stomach too much and that ends up giving me a stomach ache. It also rolls up a lot, and if I want to have any sort of chance at keeping it down I have to wear tighter pants to try to hold it in place. Its kind of a thing that I can either wear for a long time, or I have to get it off after an hour though. So basically:


  • Binds well
  • Not easy to see under clothes
  • Binds stomach and can somewhat bind hips
  • Does not cut-off midback, so you don’t have to worry about anybody thinking its a sports bra or something.
  • Not very expensive


  • Can get itchy, may have to wear something under it
  • Can get pretty hot
  • Rolls up a LOT

Sho LLT:

I purchased this binder after seeing a review it (the original post can be found here, and the binder can be bought here). In the post they explain it a bit along with some pictures of it, but I thought I’d describe my experience with it too. The binder, along with shipping, came to a total of $13.99. They had about 6 different colors you could order, so you get a selection which I thought was nice. I ordered the small grey version of it, which means that the main color is grey and that the collar and the..arm thingies are brown. The binder only compresses the top half, and doesn’t compress your stomach or hips. I’d say that the binder stops at about the mid-ribcage area. On the right side it has bra-like clasps, set in 3 different rows for 3 different tightness settings. On the left side there are 3 straps. The binding part of the binder is sew onto the shoulder straps of the tank top, so that it stays connected with the tank top. I wouldnt be afraid of just wearing the tank top out, as thats just what it is - a tank top. Nobody would second glance it. You could even wear it under t-shirts and just call it an undershirt. I also find that it binds incredibly well, and that I can easily wear it all day. I usually have it at the 2nd tightest or 3rd tightest setting. The binding fabric is also very thin so if somebody touches your back, chances are that they won’t feel the cut-off spot and think that there’s something there. For some cons, there aren’t a lot. Even thought he fabric is thin, I don’t really like having the cut-off midway through the back, and I kind of wished it compressed my stomach because it just kind of pours out. That’s just a little pet peeve of mine though, and not really that big of a deal. The sides of the binder fabric can also cut into your sides a bit, and can be kind of uncomfortable. Plus if you wear it as an undershirt it can add to the heat. But other than that, not really any other cons. So in list form:


  • Very cheap
  • Multiple different colors to get
  • 3 different tightness settings
  • Easily able to wear outside just by itself, and can also be worn as an undershirt.
  • Binds really well. 


  • Binding stops midway (may not matter to some people, so its only somewhat a con)
  • Fabric can cut into your sides a bit, and cause a bit discomfort
  • Can be hot if wearing it out in the heat (only really applies if worn as an undershirt though)

All-in-all I think that’s about it for both of them. I didn’t mean to write so much, but it just kind of happened. However there are my reviews and comparison photos of both of them!