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Aight… emo post for @ourglennrhee because it’s special and we met on here 26/10/2015 during The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 3. I remember being nervous all day long because i thought this is it… Glenn is gonna die, so of course i went on tumblr and i came across this blog called ‘ourglennrhee’ at first i was like holy shit she’s frickin awesome and she has a whole blog dedicated to Glenn Rhee, TWD, Ariana Grande (Various other things we both like) So skip a little lmao it was coming to the episode of ‘Thank you’ Airing and holy shit i was having Anxiety attacks lmao so i went on to Chloe’s blog and ofc she was live blogging so i thought “Damn it Ele message her because you’re crying so much like a bloody fool you need someone to talk too.” so i did! and instantly a message back and we got talking we legit talked up until 5/6 am… Honestly it was the best thing i did! 

it’s 1 year today we met during that episode lmao…  But Chloe I’m so grateful i have you in my life! You’re such a beautiful, kind, funny, Gorgeous (the list could pretty much go on tbh) Human Being i’ve ever met. I’m lucky to have you in my life because i’ve never had a best friend like you…Which has the same interests and near enough same personality as me… The fact we are going to Atlanta GA the place that made our favourite tv show and Meeting Steven Yeun (our dangerous yen and rice ball) makes me wanna cry mainly becaue I’m going with you my best friend someone i love to pieces. We have memories from Walker Stalker Con London and now we will be making Memories in Atlanta (and of course more when we come back) and next year for our next trip it’s gonna be amazing and something i’ll never forget.  

It’s hard celebrating this knowing it was when Glenn fake died and now Sadly he is dead in season 7 but it’s such an honour mainly because if it wasn’t for Him, That night we walked we probably wouldn’t have known eachother still like two aliens lol haha. It’s weird to think about tbh but we have Steven Yeun to thank and we will Both Saturday and Sunday. 

Thank you for being my best friend and for our friendship being fucking amazing,awesome,lovable and funny af!~ we are friendship goals tbh because as i’ve said many of times when do you come across a best friend willing to travel half way around the world with you and plan more adventures together and think about our future…  not all time you don’t and I can say i’m very thankful and grateful i do. 

So Thank you Chloe or Chloet My Bincha lmao😂😂I love you so fucking much it’s unreal, you hold something so special in my heart or as i like to say “You’re the walking dead, to my talking dead” haha but yeah i love you so much!~ Happy 1 year!!~ I can’t wait for many more to come!! Love you Bincha💖💖💖

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