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🅱lease stop for a min and read @hopelessfountainkinkdom ‘s amazing and so so fluffy (bless) fic bcos it cleared my skin and watered my crops

i’ve posted about 90 high-res screenshots of various places around skyhold, mostly focusing on solas’ rotunda and his murals, but with some detail shots also of dorian’s nook, vivienne’s nook, the inquisitor’s quarters, and the main hall (with the free marches decor).

feel free to use for any purpose idgaf. if you want to see something else let me know i don’t mind screencapping stuff. i have a complete collection so i can change the decor too.

props to bioware’s art department, there are so many gorgeous little details that most players will never ever see, like all the stained glass patterns. or for instance: did you ever notice those little mabari heads carved in the beam underneath solas’ desk? looks like it was made in ferelden.


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another amazing anon sent in this request!:

hi !!!! i really loved your bulleted clingy jaemin scenario, i was wondering if you could do one with renjun as well ???? if you do, thank you so much !!! 💖💖💗

yeet yaaaa i’m in the mood to write scenarios + i just ended a camp thing so !!!! hell yeah. i hope the scenario is what you wanted!!! & that it makes you feel happy <333 xoxo

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concept: kim figures out trini’s touch starved and starts like koala-ing onto her.  she is significantly taller but does she let that stop her???  hell no binch, she’s constantly wrapped around trini at every possible opportunity, zordon’s constantly lecturing her like ‘kimberly its not smart to be physically demonstrative in your suits because body language is unique’ but does that stop her??  ding ding the answer is no fuck u wall dad

switching wallets w/ hyuck

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so an anon sent this in!!!:

Hello!! Can I request a fluffy scenario with donghyuck. Where him and the reader accidentally switched wallets or something like that? Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense

I’d say I tried to fulfill your request to the best of my ability!! I hope that you are satisfied and this is what you wanted! xoxo <333 in this scenario hyuck’s your seatmate & you switch wallets with him by accident >:)))

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Leans on wall while swirling a wineglass of chocolate milk with that disappointed mom look on my face

Ridiculing and harassing others simply because their ship interferes with yours or yours is more canon than theirs is a pointless dick move I figured we’d all have grown out of doing once we hit 14 but I am sadly disappointed. 

And it’s even more of a dick move when you approach queer people shipping queer ships this way about your het ships because we are trying to find representation by interpretation and cues outside of the canon queer pairings that rarely end well, are rarely healthy, are often for straight girls’ fetishization of us, or aren’t actually established in the plot and not outside the show/game/book by someone who worked on it just stating it.

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Ok but i have much confusion. Keith cut his mullet? Season three?!?! The fuck?? I tought it didnt come out till dis fall like ????? What did i miss????

keith cutting his mullet has 0 things to do with canon, i just drew that because i want him to cut his damn hair (he probably never will because it’s his Trademark Thing)

and there’s close to no info about season 3 except that it’s (most likely) coming out in September 

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So who knows who's who in the super hero au?

genji and hanzo both know who each other are, jesse knows who genji, gabe and hanzo are, and hanzo knows who both jesse and genji are. 

sombra knows everyone and uses it against them, neither jack nor gabe know who anyone is (though amelie has told gabriel) and sombra, fareeha and satya all don’t have secret idenities.

so far, that’s all i have figured out


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