Binatbatan Festival 2014

It was May 3, 2014 when I went out with Chah to watch the Binatbatan Street Dance. Last year I wasn’t able to watch it because of the hectic schedule plus the concentration of review for the up coming Nursing Licensure Exam 2013. I’m glad that all the sacrifices were paid right now.

The first time I’ve watched the yearly street dance was when I was in second year college. I was then with my high school friends. Ofcourse I can never forget that moment because firsts are always memorable, aren’t they?

And yesterday I was with Chah, though I have seen Mariam for couple of minutes only and my other friends then were not in Ilocos or maybe there was no communication about going out then. Well, it was okay. It was only a reminder that we live our own lives as we grow old.

Well, aside from Chah, my boyfriend came along to watch after his review. I’m glad he came. :)

Our first photo in my camera that day. Before we went along the Heritage, I let her tastes one of my favorite snacks, the banana crepe. I’ve been craving so yeah I might have another for the next day,

Wow. I salute these girls for walking so far with their high heels on their feet. Wow again. Really~ that must be so painful.

I laughed at her because I was taking pictures, no, not really the need of looking at the camera, I mean no one is obliged to…but this girl asked me to take a photo of her (not just once but twice) haha. Is it a way of getting the crowd, really?~

I only finished 5 contingents. The showdown will start at 7pm (my curfew). It’s in my bucket list to atleast watch the showdown and not the “street” dancing anymore. I hope soon.

This is the view from where I stand.

Finally a photo of us with our unintentionally-wearing-same-colors-at-same-day-at-same-motif-of-the-place. :)) I missed this guy so much.

Really I had fun having Chah and my love by my side.