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literally everything I want is more queer literature. crime novels where two lesbians solve mysteries together, one of them is trans, they gradually fall in love and move in together. fantasy where the agender knight rescue the demigirl princess and they become best friends and spend the rest of their life travelling the kingdoms writing books. stories of badass ace and aro pirates saving the world by mistake, genderfluid wizards who accidentally release an ancient spirit and then gather all their friends to contain it again, demi chosen ones who end up realising they don’t need a relationship to be happy, bi scavengers hunting space ships for parts they can sell so they can survive, non binary scientists building robots in a futuristic realm, trans space diplomats trying to achieve intergalactic peace. stories about gay writers and lesbian painters and loving yourself as you are. happy endings and good representation. more literature for, about and by queer people, that’s my aesthetic.

Mr Robot - This was even trickier than you think to get right. But hopefully it was worth it!

Buzz buzz, Tumblr.

Television: According to all known laws of aviation,

Big Brother moves up to No. 2 as the housemates get ready to move out soon.
Mr. Robot moves to No. 1011. (That’s 11 in binary, which is what robots speak.)
☆ Don’t even trip, dawg. Rick and Morty returns to the list at No. 20.

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Movies: there is no way a bee should be able to fly.

Zootopia is back, seemingly never going to leave. See it at No. 2.
Sausage Party jumps to No. 4. Haven’t seen it yet, but we assume this flick is fun for the whole family!
⬇︎ Me Before You is now after most of everyone after falling to No. 18.

Music: Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground.

5 Seconds of Summer is No. 1. All hail 5 Seconds of Summer.
Tinashe debuts at No. 19 after dropping her single you all superlove.

Celebrities: The bee, of course, flies anyway,

Margot Robbie is No. 1, allegedly bored, and wants to play with you.
☆ Sometimes good artists are not good people. Johnny Depp is at No. 4.
⬆ Your SPN boys had successful Minncon. Jensen Ackles (No. 5), Misha Collins (No. 10), and Jared Padalecki (No. 14) all moved up.

Games: because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.

No Man’s Sky debuts at No. 10, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it soars higher next week Stay tuned!
Mystic Messenger (No. 15) is here to fulfill all your anime boy dreams.

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Web stuff: The end.

Carmilla rises from the ashes up to No. 5.
⬇︎ Sports-oriented YouTuber Miniminter debuts at No. 20. Good offense!

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did friday and vis have an argument

“Yeah, they did - two, actually. Though I’d actually classify them more as ‘two-sided bitch fits’. A lot of yelling, a lot of petty silences, a lot of binary insults. Full robot-on-robot violence, pretty hot stuff.”

Tater/Gohliad Tattoo->Eyeshadow Conversion

I really like the Space Geo Face Tattoo, but it won’t layer with the Robot Dermals/Binary body tattoo… So (with permission) I converted the face tattoo to an eyeshadow version.

No fancy preview, it’s the same thing as hers and all, just in Eyeshadow. This is all originally by @gohliad // @jgrayham, I don’t take any credit.