binary cupcakes

~ ~ ~ ✧
It was finally cool enough for me to coord this skirt the way I wanted to while on vacay in Bend, OR. It is super comfy and swooshy, perfect for pastel, fairy-kei, or Unicorn fashion. ^=D
Skirt: KawaiiGoods.Com​
Hoodie: Target Kids section
Shirt: Junk Food brand, got it at a clothing swap (It’s MLP!)
Tights: Target, dyed them myself.
Socks: SockDreams
Fuzzy legwarmers: Daiso
Docs: Customized by me, originally from when BodyLine was cheap
Carebear bag: Gift
Cupcake necklace and accessories: Haus of Unicorn​


Lemme be real clear about this:

Your gender identity is real. It is valid. It is nobody else’s business. And I don’t care what people comment on my gender-related posts with. And I don’t care what they say directly to me.

This here cis woman believes you, accepts you, and will continue to defend you, no matter what.

Anyone who might be triggered or upset by people who insist on narrow-minded gender binarism: Just fyi, DON’T read the notes or comments on any of my gender related affirmations, okay? I block people as soon as I can, but there’s no guarantee I can make something awful go away quick enough. So, just don’t click and look at notes if you know you can’t handle that crap, because you shouldn’t have to be exposed to it.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep monitoring notes and blocking blogs as necessary. This is a safe place for vulnerable people and I don’t do warnings.

Love to all my followers, and especially those who are non-binary. You are wonderful cupcake humans and I’m here for ya!

- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer