Personally, I think that it should be less like “don’t use different pronouns if you’re cisgender” and more like “if you click more with different pronouns, you should look into how cisgender you are”.

She pronouns feeling more and more strange as time passed by in my life was one of the things that made me question my gender, when it registered in my mind I didn’t have to be cis… turns out I’m not cis.

PSA for fellow binder-wearers *IMPORTANT*

So I was recently talking to my friend and we were talking about binding and he told me he was starting to experience chest pain because he’s been wearing his binder Every Day for /Months/. This obviously concerned me because you are NOT SUPPOSED TO BIND THAT OFTEN. IT IS A SERIOUS DANGER TO YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH. When I told him this and that he should only really bind in public, he simply shrugged it off and said he was too dysphoric not to wear it constantly.
Guys, I get it. As a dude who binds myself, I know how nice it can be to have a flat chest, but it is not worth the risk. Honestly, you can only bind for 8 CONSECUTIVE HOURS at a time, so your body has a chance to heal and take a break.
For instance, I rarely, if at all, bind when I’m at home. Not only do my parents not know about my identity, but also it’s a lot more comfortable to wear my tighter sports bra than to worry about how long I’ve been binding and to make sure I’m stretching out my back muscles (IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO STRETCH YOUR BACK EVERY COUPLE HOURS WHEN BINDING). Now I know for some, the dysphoria is too much to handle, but your health is more important. I know a guy that bound so often that he ended up breaking a couple ribs, and he was using an actual binder, not tape or bandages or anything. Because of the injury, he can never bind again.
Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that binding isn’t meant to be used as a Constant curve to dysphoria. It literally is squeezing your torso to press down your breasts in a way that isn’t natural. If done right, you should have minimal to no side effects at all, but only if Done Right. If you’re just hanging out at home or with people you’re comfortable with, just wear a tight sports bra and a loose shirt. No one has ever broken a rib by doing something like that because they’re actually built to be worn 24+ hours at a time and aren’t putting your body at risk.
Be safe, y'all. Please drop an ask in my inbox if you have any questions or concerns and send to anyone you think needs this information.

Selfie Saturday. Let’s focus a little less about passing today and more on bad ass clothes 👏🏻✌🏼️

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god why are non-binary & agender trans people so fucking hated?

like i get not understanding but so many literally fucking hate us & turn so aggressive & violent & vicious & do everything to go the extra mile to insult & discredit & dehumanize.

you can literally feel hate & anger seeping from people when its just mentioned.

i feel sick

Sup everyone,

so ive got a new haircut not too long ago, but forgot to mention it..

so this is kinda like a new upgrade?? 

another thing…something changed in my life , and my personality aswell if i say so… and just letting you know, please use them/they for me from now on. I know its a big change. But after after what ive went through i think i was supposed to do this from long ago.

Thank you for understanding , and have a good night or day wherever youre from <3