bin i think

Idk about you, but I think Hux has absolutely no concept of leisure time or spontaneity. He´s obsessed with timetabels and has his day structured to the last second. So when Kylo wants sexytime he´ll be like: “Didn´t you get my updated schedule? I´ve made time for you next thuesday between 1700 and 1730, if our supply from Ban-Satir II arrives on time (edit: it never does)”


Disinfect your mouth for that vulgarity.

“Is the ’S’ or the ‘C’ silent in the word 'scent’?”

“If I hit myself and it hurts, am I weak or am I strong?”

“If nothing is impossible, then is it possible for something to be impossible?”

“If we drink a drink, can we food a food?”

do you think all these fansite owners are just used to being so physically close to astro and having the members wave at them and making eye contact with them because i’m still struggling with the fact that astro is even real so how do they handle interactions like that without freaking the hell out

consider the following: bitty has probably sung beyoncé’s self-titled album m a n y times with his headphones in while doing homework/stuff in his room without realizing how loud he’s singing

also consider: jack zimmermann has heard this many times while he’s in his own room

now consider this: bitty probably knows how to sing the French verse in Partition flawlessly

i have this feeling that Moonbin gives the best hugs. he just seems like the bear huger type. like when he sees you he just starts smiling from ear to year, small crinkles forming near his eyes as they show you how happy he is to see you. then he just opens his arms wide, welcoming you to hug him. as you do so, his one arm wraps itself around your whole back. the other one sets on the back of your head and Moonbin drops his head near your shoulder, nuzzling his nose into your neck… and you just stand there in his embrace, never wanting to move because it’s so warm and welcoming i’m so sorry i’m a mess