bin child

Narrated Anas bin Malik (radhiAllaahu ‘anhu):

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Allah has appointed an angel in the womb, and the angel says, ‘O Lord! A drop of discharge (i.e. of semen), O Lord! a clot, O Lord! a piece of flesh.’ And then, if Allah wishes to complete the child’s creation, the angel will say. 'O Lord! A male or a female? O Lord! wretched or blessed (in religion)? What will his livelihood be? What will his age be?’ The angel writes all this while the child is in the womb of its mother.”

—  [Sahih Bukhari Vol. 4, no. 550. Translated by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan]

“I have it now on my CV,” he says, a boyish grin breaking on his face. “Bins!” he says again, as if still bewildered by the fact. “In Treacle Jr I got to wash people’s bins. So I started off washing the bins and now I’m emptying them.” [Aidan Gillen, on operating a rubbish truck for You’re Ugly Too, for RTE Guide July 2015]