Wenn du die Hoffnung verlierst, dann denk daran: Ich bin nur einen Anruf entfernt. Egal wohin du gehst, du sollst wissen du bist nicht allein. Auch wenn alles um dich herum einstürzt, hab keine Angst, denn wenn du schwach bist werde ich stark sein.

Cuddling With Astro

Note: this is all just my own opinion, i have no actual proof that they’d be like this


Myungjun (MJ):

Cuddling with Myungjun is absolute perfection. People would expect this time to be really energetic but (in my opinion) it’d be the one time of day where he could just calm down and relax. He loves spooning you, the feeling of having your right up against his chest would make him feel all warm and giddy. Holding hands is a must too, it makes him feel like he’s really connected with you. He’d probably like to talk with you about his day and about yours. In all, cuddling with Myungjun would be really relaxing and warm.

“Tell me about your day, jagi.”

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Jinwoo (Jinjin):

Cuddling with Jinwoo is just really cute. He’d rather be facing you, whether it be the two of you on your sides or you laying on top of him, he likes being able to be face to face [to admire your perfect self ;)]. His arm would definitely be around you, pulling you flush against his chest. Expect a few cheeky kisses here and there, but nothing too extreme. The two of you would probably talk about the most random things. Cuddling with this man boy would just be really soft and fluffy.

“Do you think cacti have feelings?”

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Dongmin (Eunwoo):

Good luck surviving cuddle sessions with Dongmin. You could literally be reading a book and he’ll suddenly come in and start hugging the shite out of you. His hands would be on your skin; even if you’re wearing pants and a long sleeve he will find warmth no matter what. He’d whisper random compliments about you, your hair, your eyes, etc. If you did the same to him, he’d definitely be a blushy baby. Random kisses on the eyes, nose, lips, etc. would be the norm when you’re cuddling. Basically he’d be worshiping you and if youre not worshiping him what are you doing hes lee dongmin

“You’re really attractive, did you know that?”

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Bin (Moonbin):

You know how he’s known as a puppycat? Yeah, he becomes an actual puppy during cuddling sessions. Spooning or hugging is a must. Tbh it’d probably be hella warm and comfortable, so it’d be normal for the two of you to fall asleep while cuddling. His voice omg kill me now would sound really slurred because cuddling makes him tired (in a good way ofc.) and your voice would probably be the same. He would really like hiding his face in your shoulder.

“[Y/N]… I lobe you…” *omg imagine his tired voice i–*

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Minhyuk (Rocky):

Cuddling with Minhyuk would either be really quiet or kind of loud, there’s no in between. If he’s tired or if you’re tired, you just enjoy to be in each other’s arms. He’d probably be tracing random shapes on your body or kissing your shoulders. On the other hand… If you’re not really that tired, cuddling with Minhyuk would be fun. He’d randomly tickle you without warning or attack you with kisses. The two of you would probably talk about the future or the past or about how idiotic the boys were being that day (he loves them tho.)

“Remember when you asked me out-” “[y/N] let mE LIVE”

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Oh my Gods cute shy babyy. Cuddling with Sanha would be awkward at first. You wouldn’t know what to do and he wouldn’t know what to do– it’d be a mess. Over time, it’d get more natural, but Sanha would probably still be a bit shy about cuddling. Unlike the others, you and Sanha would probably just lay side by side, holding hands. Your head would be on his shoulder though, but that’s about it. The two of you would talk about whatever came to mind and you’d let each other rant if either of you were feeling frustrated.

“Hey, [Y/N]? … I love you–” *intense blushing*

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I dont think you realize how weak this made me omff– this group is going to be the death of me

Dating Moonbin

Moonbin as your boyfriend:

  • for some reason, every plan he has to confess his feelings for you seems to backfire. when he finally asks you out after many failed attempts, the members jump out screaming with balloons and confetti the moment you say yes, like “y/n, Will you be my girlfriend?” “yes, of course!” “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOAHH FINALLYYYYYY"
  • he’s always sitting next to you no matter where you are 
  • backhugs 24/7, arms tight around your waist and chin resting on top of your head
  • also hugs where he buries his head in the crook of your neck/shoulder
  • sleeping in one of his sweatshirts anytime he’s away because you miss the way he smells
  • going to buffets anytime you go out for meals because of how much the both of you eat
  • late night phone calls because you could listen to his voice all day (especially when it’s deep and raspy right before going going to bed)
  • he loves playing with your hands
  • he’d send you texts every moment he’s free
  • he’d randomly grab you and pull you to the couch to cuddle during the day and complain that it’s cold as an excuse
  • he’d plan a really nice date but when it’s time to go the two of you would end up getting lost
  • it’d end up being a really nice and cute date in the end anyways, burgers and fries for dinner ice cream for dessert
  • he’d absolutely love playing with your hair when you’re cuddling, combing his fingers through it twirling the ends through his fingers, brushing it over your shoulders
  • he’d turn red and be all bashful anytime you compliment him
  • lots of car dates and movie theater dates because he likes kissing you almost as much as he likes cuddling 
  • secretly pulling you into closets to make out so that the members can’t find you ft. lip biting & ear kisses 
  • wandering eyes and wandering hands (if you know what i mean ;)
  • he’d steal bites of your food when you’re not looking
  • picnic dates
  • him watching you get ready and just smiling
  • his unintentional aegyo
  • shy “I love you”’s before falling asleep

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