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i’m still confused with tmb48? what actually is it? but by what u describe it reminds me to a group of fans before called something like… tmc06?

No, tmb48 is by the fans around in tumblr, probably a handful of people. I’m really not sure who is in it, though I think I saw Sumo posted/reblog a post about it. People who does follow more tumblogs might see their posts or something about it. I don’t know if they talk about being tmb48 often or not. 

TMC06 is a group of dudes, some Japanese some not, who are on tumblr, but more of them being connected with AKS in general. I’m not too sure how much I can say about what I know (though hey, I don’t know much too), but they had been called out in the past for being too obvious with their connections and thus being called out as cocky. Some of their posts were cocky LOL but in a way they have the rights to be. Like fck, if I can be BFFs with Minami all day, I’d be too. HAHAHAHAHA But they had toned down a looooot and most of them reblog a lot of posts. ;A; 

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I'm not into Kpop too but damn that hate message is quite funny

I know right~? I mostly post about 48-family with the occasional SNSD and I haven’t posted about KARA-bbies in a while. Kinda funny XD

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it's understandable if you're going to 'graduate' from this fandom. i join this fandom around the same time as you, and honestly i do feel exhausted too sometimes lol. gonna miss your fanfic after this, wandering ship is hella good T^T

Hey bimbo48-san!

Rest assure, I will finish Wandering Ship (I believe it’ll be one of the longest fiction compared to the other series) before I so-called “graduate” from the fandom haha. I’ll still write, but it’ll most likely be in another fandom. I guess if lucky enough, a few sparks might be ignited and I’ll write a one shot or short series with the 48 members still despite having left. :)

Most likely I’m going to officially leave in a year or two if you think about it since I update SO SLOW on my work, haha. Unless something occurs, then that’s a whole different story.

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That senbatsu photos prices 0.0 I don't even want to imagine how many profits the fans will get, especially older/ex-fans. Makes me want to return back the Takamina's photo you send to me

Yeah but a lot of these fans probably will die and bury alongside the merch so … LOL However, there are like matome photos on auctions which includes rare older photos, but alongside like 200 other photos of the same member, which are easier to find. LOL
And don’t remind me what photo I sent you. Or rather what photos I ever sent to anyone of you. LOL ‘A’)/

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Now that you mention it, no wonder lately I didn't see any Mariko's blog translation. I wonder why Miroku delete her account? Anyway, heard you're going to translate Acchan's insta/twitter. Thank you so much!! XD No one is regularly updating them T-T

Yeah she was very active… and then I just stopped seeing posts. So when I went to link her name out and it wasnt there anymore, I was really shocked D:

You’re welcome! I’m really excited about it, as Acchan still is one of my top members/ex-members so Im glad to go back to doing her twitter/instagram since I havent done her stuff since she deactivated her blog T___T

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I'm so happy you wrote Sayayui! T^T And it is very good :) a-and smut Sayayui sounds good... lol

I’m glad you think of it that way! Though fluff really is something I will need to work and improve on, it’s good to know that you like it :)

Smut SayaYui~ Let’s see about that.