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I was wondering since I'm a big Star Wars fan, if you've ever done the Egos as Star Wars characters? I love you and your blog btw, hope you have a wonderful day! <3

(*cracks knuckles* Get out your light-sabers, fam. Here we go!)

The Host–Yoda all the way. He’s crotchety and mysterious, and a powerful force for good with many things in his past that he regrets. Plus, they’re both hard to understand (Yoda speaks backwards and Host speaks in 3rd person).

Bim–Padme, easily. They’re both spunky and fight for what’s right, but they have this innocent spark that tends to get them into trouble. Their love for the people around them is their greatest strength but also their greatest weakness.

Google–R2D2′s interstellar sass with C3PO’s ability to speak and constantly annoy the others.

Silver–Jar jar Binks. Clumsy, loud, but somehow still endearing (unless you’re one of the people who think he’s secretly a sith lord).

Doc–Lando Calrissian. Why? I don’t know. Just go with it, ok?

Ed–Watto, always trying to strike a deal and not afraid to cheat to get what he wants.

Wilford–Han Solo. No one else in the world has a big enough ego (except maybe Mark) to pull it off, but Wilford Warfstache is definitely Han Solo.

Dark–I know you all want me to say Darth Vader, but honestly, he’s Jaba and no one can convince me otherwise.

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I wish you would write a fic where Bim was the star of the show, as he deserves. <3

Ooh! I like this! I’m gonna write it on my oneshot series over on WattPad and i’ll post a link to it in a reblog of this ask so you can go and read it when I finish! Hopefully I’ll finish today but it’s a busy day for me.

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This is kind of a random ask but in one of your stories I think you mentioned that Dark watches Marks videos. Well, does he make comments while watching them like, "Mark you idiot you obviously have to...", "Why would you do that, just..?" or if Mark posts a song that a fan made he starts tapping his foot to the song and then the song gets stuck in his head for the rest of the day?

Yes. Just yes. Good job, cutie pie. You’re better at headcanons than I am. He HATES getting “Space is Cool” stuck in his head with the burning passion of a thousand stars, but Bim is CONSTANTLY SINGING IT!!!

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After all this insanity blows over, I bet Bim and Chase would be good buddies. Even pen pals when Jack takes everyone home.

Bim would be so excited by every “trick shot” Chase does, constantly asking how he does it and even trying a few of them himself, and they collab on a video with Bim as a “guest star.” Chase thinks it’s so cool that Bim once had his own TV, even if it only aired one episode, and together, they become the ultimate dream team of very excitable cinnamon rolls.