So Tracer was revealed to have a girlfriend back home by Blizzard in their Overwatch comics earlier today. Which is neat, no complaints from me on that.

What’s interesting to me is some of the comments I’ve been seeing. While most of them have ranged from positive to indifferent, there are, of course, a few negative ones.

Some people seem to see this as nothing more than Blizzard “pandering” to the LGBTQ community or SJWs in general, which made me think about another franchise.

In 1986, Metroid was released. Its ending had a surprise reveal that has been widely celebrated in gaming history: the badass, armored bounty hunter Samus Aran you just spent hours playing as was a woman the whole time.

It makes me wonder, though. What if Metroid wasn’t released in 1986? What if the first Metroid game came out in 2017? Would Nintendo face a little backlash of their own? Accusations of “pandering?” Or of a “publicity stunt” to drive sales?

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headcanon: your favorite flavor of ice cream is something kind of unusual, like pistachio or cherry cordial or something other than the Napoleon Trifecta of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

Haha. Well, yes and no. I really like strawberry, but my favorite ice cream is not one of those three. It’s not really all that weird either though.

I like mint ice cream. Preferably with brownies in it, although that’s not a thing I can ever just… find. If I want to not make it myself, I have to buy it as a bilzzard or a flurry or something like that for a ridiculously trumped up charge, lol. But yeah. Mint is my favorite. =)

Thanks for the ask! What’s yours? =)

veuve-lilac replied to your post: //When the new comic is great in every way yet…

there’s full of hate in the tag of your favorite character, I know how it feels

//I just don’t get the vehement hated for Gency in the fandom.  I always hear that;

1.Gency or Mercy isn’t straight (or bi).  This really can’t be proven until we get word from Bilzzard.  I mean at this point they can have any sexual orientation, but people always just dismiss it as “they must be gay.”

2.Doctor/Patient relationships are terrible.  By that logic Mercy shouldn’t be shipped with anyone, since she has likely treated every member of Overwatch.  And she treated what was years ago in the canon, so I doubt they hardly see each other as doctor and patient.

3. Mercy is bad cause she made him a cyborg.  Do you really think Angela “Outspoken critic of war and weapons.” Ziegler would do that to a person without their consent?  And not even in a “Agree or die.” way.  I am 100% certain they stabilized Genji and would of gave him basic cybernetic replacements should he of declined.  If anything she would probably be the one person telling him not to accept that deal

In short, I don’t get Gency hate.


Starcraft2 Hots Fan art contest runner-up

As I draw this picture, I took two Tall size starbucks americano….

Yeah, I give them to my parents

I took two cups of coffee by 16 hours


스타크래프트2 군단의심장 팬아트 경연대회에서 가작받은 그림

이걸 16시간동안 그리고 스타벅스 아메리카노 톨 사이즈 2잔을 받았다지…

결국 부모님한테 드림



A super 8mm film I shot after a big snow storm a few years ago.