Starcraft2 Hots Fan art contest runner-up

As I draw this picture, I took two Tall size starbucks americano….

Yeah, I give them to my parents

I took two cups of coffee by 16 hours


스타크래프트2 군단의심장 팬아트 경연대회에서 가작받은 그림

이걸 16시간동안 그리고 스타벅스 아메리카노 톨 사이즈 2잔을 받았다지…

결국 부모님한테 드림



A super 8mm film I shot after a big snow storm a few years ago.

We keep getting all of these emails from school, my apartment complex, the news, even, telling us how to stay safe and what to do with no power.

We’re New Englanders.

We’re used to it =P


Weather be cray cray today!!! This is March!!!! #snowstorm #bilzzard #filter #video #winterwhyyoudothis?

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