bils and teninch

Think about all of the times the director had to yell cut because Billie and David kept looking at one another and smiling and the director is just exasperated because, “You two aren’t supposed to look at one another!”

And there’s just a whole case of B-roll of David and Billie locking eyes from across the room or brushing hands and interacting when they aren’t supposed to just because they can’t help themselves (✿◠‿◠)

Billie reads the comment, “A sexual component would be, er, wrong," and she freezes because what?

She thought this whole time–but, what?

She’s picking up the phone and dialing his number before she even has time to process beyond a sexual component would be wrong

He answers on the third ring, "Bils?”

“What do you mean there’s not a sexual component between the Doctor and Rose?”

He doesn’t even have time to respond before she’s off again.

“Because I thought, this whole time, that you, that we, that we were playing it up as the Doctor and Rose. The tongue flicking and looking at each other’s lips and getting handsy and, and–I thought it was the Doctor and Rose! Not, not–

Not us?”

And there it is. This whole time she could convince herself that those touches and looks and the current of tension was she and David playing up the relationship between the Doctor and Rose, saying everything the script didn’t. But with David thinking it wouldn’t be there…that meant it was all between them

“Billie? You alright? Can I, can I do something?”

She closes her eyes and just breathes because, “The whole time?”

A beat of silence. Then, “Yes.”


“I-I thought you knew, Billie.”


“Oh. Right…”

She thinks about the would haves and could haves. Her and David carrying on their friendship until, perhaps on an outing at a park or zoo, he kisses her and blushes and tentatively tangles his hand with hers. They would have progressed from there into messy nights together filled with laughter and gasps. Maybe it would be his ring on her finger now…

“I don’t know what to do with this, Dave.”

She knows it’s impossible, but she can hear him grin and shrug.

“We don't do anything with it, Bils. We keep being friends, we look after our families, and that’s it.”

Her feeling of disappointment shocks her, unsettles her. 

“Wh-what if I think about it every once in a while? Just occasionally think about what could have been?”

There’s a small strangled sound on his end and she regrets voicing the thought.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, Billie. Just, it’s in the past. A missed opportunity, yeah?”

She smiles softly because she knew he’d react this way–noble and a gentlemen to the end. 

“Yeah, a sexual component between us would be…wrong.”

She just wishes she could believe that.