To any and all that look up to Fictional Characters.

Here’s to the kids that admire Billy Kaplan, who’s gay, struggles with depression, and is full of self-doubt. Sweat Heart, you’re perfect.

Here’s to the kids that admire Damian Wayne, who’s life is just a huge custody battle, and feeling like you wont fit in. Darling, It’s not you. It’s your parents. You’re wonderful.

Here’s to the kids that admire Kate Bishop, who’s neglected by her family and is possibly a rape survivor. Sugar, don’t let them down you. You are YOU. wonderful and awesome.

Here’s to the kids that admire Roy Harper, who’s always felt and been treated like a screw up, and has had substance abuse issue. Baby, it gets better. You are LOVED. don’t forget it.

the list goes on

here’s to any and all with struggles that use fictional characters as means to feel better, because you’re MY hero.

A New Wickling Fic: I Call Not Being Juliet

AU: Where Billy is a bad guy and Teddy is Captain America’s son.

Summary: It’s not easy being the son of the Scarlet Witch. It’s also not easy having to follow her around on her “errands.” But when I run into a certain hero, it gets even harder to stay sane. I don’t like being a villain, but I do it for the love of my mother.

It’s not easy being the son of Captain America. Especially when I’m part Kree and Skull…I know…complicated story. Then being in the hero business, it’s a lot of pressure to keep my dad proud. Well…dads I should say…again, complicated. Then it gets even trickier juggling my life around when I meet this one kid at school. He’s nice and a complete nerd, but, he seems to have a lot of issues at home.

Read It Here!

So yes this is a new story. I’m new to the fandom (well, no, I’ve been reading Young Avengers since i was a kid) and I’m a veteran to fanfiction. So, yeah, give it a shot. Tell me what you guys think! 

y-esfir  asked:

top ten things about your girlfriend

how is this a tmi

(thank you though o mf g)

(also this isnt rly in order i just ???)

  1. she’s incredibly kind and sweet and intelligent and talented and yeaaaa h yeah oh god ok moving on
  3. AND A NICE LAUGH (kill me)
  4. she cries a lot w/ me 
  5. she thinks im cute that’s a p big plus???? ah
  6. she’s willing to go on all these dumb/cute dates with me i.e. camping and to the zoo and aquarium and stuff
  9. attractive more like yes
  10. we’re into mostly the same things and she’s rly cute about nkotb and stuff aw man middle aged boy bands
  11. im going to have an 11 bc ok rowan likes me and stuff and!!!! yeah ok goodbye
  12. (i like everything about her tbh whoops)
  13. (dont forget the part where we talk all day and since we started dating my mood has improved 2347932743%)
  14. (also she makes me smile a lot w/ dumb jokes and hbo war headcanons and sometimes she fangirls and then she showers me w/ compliments and love and i cant stop fucking grinning godDAMMIT ROWan)