So far….Wanda and Billy are done. On to Jean-Paul. 

There are purposefully unattended sections to them. That’s because Daredevil will be using that space; so no need to put the time in.

As much as I’m  enjoying learning illustrator, I’m really looking forward to finishing.

To any and all that look up to Fictional Characters.

Here’s to the kids that admire Billy Kaplan, who’s gay, struggles with depression, and is full of self-doubt. Sweat Heart, you’re perfect.

Here’s to the kids that admire Damian Wayne, who’s life is just a huge custody battle, and feeling like you wont fit in. Darling, It’s not you. It’s your parents. You’re wonderful.

Here’s to the kids that admire Kate Bishop, who’s neglected by her family and is possibly a rape survivor. Sugar, don’t let them down you. You are YOU. wonderful and awesome.

Here’s to the kids that admire Roy Harper, who’s always felt and been treated like a screw up, and has had substance abuse issue. Baby, it gets better. You are LOVED. don’t forget it.

the list goes on

here’s to any and all with struggles that use fictional characters as means to feel better, because you’re MY hero.

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