Apologies Are Overrated // Aiden & Billy

It’s been a couple days since the ‘incident’ with Billy Kaplan and Aiden is only now getting his head checked out. Well, technically, he got it checked out last night, the nurse or whatever demanded that he spend the night in the medical wing of the school. Of course he attempted to leave, numerous times, but he’s been running off of energy drinks and 5 hour energies, he was bound to fall asleep at some point. It’s annoying enough that he didn’t wake up in his room, but to see the one boy he’s had mixed thoughts about for the past few days is more than annoying, it’s frustrating. “Here to slap me again?”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any more context on the polaris drama? Not been able to find much about it by googling

BillyK did a fairly good writeup over on the subreddit. Only a few corrections: 

  • Co-Optional split from Polaris over creative differences, not specifically for Julian’s sake. 
  • The description of the copyright flagging is also not especially fair. The going to court and the flagging of videos are consequences, YouTubers using copyrighted music in their videos is the trigger. If YouTubers under Maker are responsible for respecting copyrights to keep Maker out of court, they failed, initiating a poorly handled pushback from Maker.
  • BillyK glossed over the 2014 GameJam on account of not remembering it initially, I think it’s definitely worth the full read - I use an archive link because it’s the original source and IndieStatik is now dead. Bear with it because it takes a minute to load. I’d have linked to some crappy secondhand thing on Polygon, but this is too well written. Like:

To say there is an uncomfortable air of fear in security is one (perhaps overblown) thing. To see the largest and only production of its kind, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line and an entire secondary production company locked in silent rapture under lit signage for Mountain Dew, the entire project gloriously rupturing like the belly of the Bismark – that is another. To be ushered by muted fear and nervous glances, to stand in desolate directors rooms filled with black screens and empty chairs. Darkened judging stands. Color-coded team challenge floors, soon to be dismantled, but left intact in the hopes that some shimmering archangel would descend and reinvigorate the eleven indie developers currently revolting against Maker Studios inside their rented Winnebagos.

Are you not sold? It’s arguably the birthplace of the whole Gamergate/AGG fight and it’s just as thorny as that turned out to be. On one hand you have Matti asking Zoe Quinn if women are disadvantages for their team, and on the other you have the author himself contracting for the company he’s independently reporting on and then (not mentioned) he lets Quinn, subject of his article, stay at his apartment that evening. I couldn’t begin to point fingers because they’re all terrible, independent of one another.

Anyway, the point is that YouTube is changing. People are distributing themselves into the long tail rather than all watching the same channels. Multi-year investments into YouTube channels are becoming unrealistic because long term success can’t be predicted. Maker is feeling the hurt, so Polaris is feeling it, so all the channels are. Drama and brigading aren’t going to put things back where they were. Everyone just needs a fast, clean break.

Another Guy? || Billy & Aiden

It’s the second night Aiden has spent in his apartment. Or was it the third? He doesn’t really know. Now that no one’s really watching him, he doesn’t feel the need to pretend to sleep or keep track of the time anymore. Of course he tries to sleep, but the waves scare him, they keep him awake more than they normally do. They make him feel as if he’s waiting for something, as if the other shoe is going to drop, any day, any second now. Now that Aiden thinks about it, it could be the fourth day. Why does he keep saying day? His entire apartment is as dark as it can be, with the waves beating about, so it’s probably night time.

Just as he came to this decision, Aiden heard someone knocking at the door. He groaned, but that was all he did, not moving a single muscle. It was probably another suit, coming in to check on him, coming in to see if he remembers anything yet. It’s ridiculous. The knocking got louder, so Aiden did the only logical thing, he groaned louder, hoping that the other person would hear him and just come in so that he wouldn’t have to move. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the door opened and Aiden pulled himself into a sitting position. “What do you want?”