The cabinet updated, also Happy new years to all!

Topshelf - Both minitubes by Trust Glass

Next shelf - Ben Jordan Glass and Jebb Glass.

Next shelf - Billygoat Glass and Kevin Murray.

Bottom shelf - Misc dabbers by sherbet, Kayla James, chaka. 2 spoons done by Liberty glass. One sherlock from Peter Muller and another from Midknight glass.

People I met today:

- Little boy who said he liked math and science, but not as much as he liked Spider-Man. He couldn’t read, so he had me read a Spider-Man book to him. He did not manage to guess what Peter Parker’s secret was. He had the coolest hat of anybody in the library.

- Girl who shook her head “no” when asked if she paid as much attention in school as she did to our story time. She blew through a step-2 Moana book in a couple minutes, then read a step-3 nonfiction book about the differences between cats and dogs. When I asked if she wanted to play games, she asked if we could keep reading instead. (We kept reading.) She wanted me to know that she used to have a dog, but it got shot in the leg. She said “thank you” every time I helped her with a word. I didn’t have to help her very much.

- Very small girl who did not know what the first letter of her name was. (I wrote her name in her book for her, but I had to guess at the spelling.) She knew one letter, and the letter was “B”, which she recognized on the front of the Barbie Dream House in the book we read. She repeated everything I read under her breath, a half-second after me. She liked Spider-Man, too. (The Spider-Man book informed us that everyone likes Spider-Man. Presumably it takes place in an AU where the Daily Bugle isn’t constantly running hit pieces on him.) She asked me to read her Barbie book to her again after we finished it, then hugged me before she left.

- Third-grade boy who picked out the same TMNT book as the kid from yesterday, except this kid could actually read it. He ended up taking an easier TMNT book home, though, because 1) his brother already had the harder book, and 2) the easier book came with stickers. These are both very sensible reasons, IMO. I would also add that the easier book had robot sharks in space, while the harder book had robots that were neither sharks nor in space.

- Extremely small boy who was very insistent about picking up his own mess. He occasionally said that I could help him move a few game pieces off the floor and back into the box, but he would object if I helped too much. He also wanted specific pieces in specific places and would move them if I put them in the wrong spot, even though the pieces appeared to be identical.

- Older boy who didn’t really need help reading his chapter book. I did get to explain to him what jousting was, though. I beat him at Connect Four. I actually beat several kids at Connect Four. I had no idea that I was decent at Connect Four. I considered letting them win, but they weren’t little kids, and I didn’t want to insult their Connect Four skills.

- Very small child who stood up during story time and tried to offer dandelions to the illustrations of the three billygoats gruff. He later found a cool stick and immediately ran off to show his mom.

Things I learned:

- I will never be as cool as Spider-Man. This is OK. We all have a day in our lives where we make peace with the fact that we will never be as cool as five-year-olds think Spider-Man is. It’s a necessary stage in our development as people.

- It’s basically impossible to help more than one kid at a time if the kids are all reading different books. (This is true even if they have multiple copies of the same book—one of the kids will read ahead instead of following along, and then chaos ensues shortly thereafter.) I think next time I’m going to have to insist that we read the books one by one, as a group, because otherwise some kids get ignored or distracted, meaning 1) the ignored kids get sad, and 2) everything inevitably spirals out of control. It’s even harder if you end up with a group where the kids are at very different reading levels, so I’m going to try to minimize that in the future.

- People who write and illustrate early reader books about cartoon and movie characters are heroes. Even (or especially) if kids don’t like reading, they like the pictures of their favorite heroes from TV, which gives you at least a small opportunity to interest them in the story and help them practice literacy skills.

- You need to be really frickin’ loud if you want to read a story to kids who are either 1) eating lunch, or 2) outside. It’s a good thing I already know the story of the three billygoats gruff, because I definitely couldn’t hear our story team at some of our locations. I’ll have to make sure to project a lot when it’s my turn to present a book.

- In related news, my hearing is impressively terrible, and small children are either super loud or very, very quiet. But no matter how quiet they are, it’s very important to try to repeat their names, then let them correct you if you get them wrong, rather than pretending you heard them fine the first time and hoping it doesn’t come up again. This is partly because it’s a good way to establish respect for them, and partly because “[name], we need to be quiet and listen now” is way more effective than going “hey. hey. hey. hey” until they happen to realize that you’re talking to them.

- Mermaid Island looks like a really boring and terrible game, but it’s actually a great game for very small children, who are still struggling with concepts like “not touching the spinner until it stops” and “counting to two”. Very small children are very smart, but they were also born, like, five weeks ago. They have no idea what anything is. It’s important to account for this when trying to entertain them.

- Apples to Apples is a fantastic game for any group old enough to read, but it becomes super tense if you play it outside while there are strong winds. Not that you should necessarily let that stop you, but you should be prepared for it to transform into an activity that is 50% card game and 50% extreme sport.

- Connect Four is a terrible game for a group of three children. In hindsight, this discovery should have been obvious.

- My city is ridiculously segregated. Roughly half my college classes are 100% white or white-passing (the other half typically have one or two students who are visibly not white), and I can think of maybe one black family in my neighborhood, but every site we’ve been to so far has been majority (or entirely) black. Obviously I knew we had majority-black neighborhoods (my brother lives in one), but I hadn’t realized how stark the divisions were. It’s fairly creepy, compared to the diversity of the school and neighborhood where I grew up. (I’m still homesick. I can’t wait to graduate so I can move back.)

The summer reading program seems kind of pathetically inadequate, given the needs of the kids who participate in it, but I’m glad it exists anyway. Giving out free books and reading lessons is only a tiny piece of what you need to do to give everyone the opportunity to succeed, but eh. A boy learned the word “joust” today. A girl recognized the letter “B”. Some kids got to eat free lunches. Something was accomplished, however small it might have been. More will be accomplished tomorrow. I will probably suck less at my job.

It’s a really, really good job.

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why ru so gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um Ok So There Were Three Billygoats And Tgey Were Uh Walking Arounf Um I Think Thry Wete Brothers And Fhey Come Across A Bridge And Under The Bridgd Is Mean Troll Man And Ges Like “Mmm Yummy Goat” To The Littlest Brither And The Baby Boy Is Like “No No Troll You Can’t Eat ME Cause My Big Brother Is Even Bigger And Yummier” So The Troll Is Like “🆗🆒” And Lets The Baby Boy Pass Do Then The Middlest Brother Comed And The Troll Us Like “Mmm Biger Boy Better Yum Goat” Or Whatever But The Middlest Goat He’s Like “Nah Dude My Bro Justin He’s Wven Bigger And Yummier So Just Eat Him” And The Troll Letd Him Pass Too Cayse The Troll Us Dumb. So Then Yhe Biggest Brothet Shows Up And The Troll Is Like “Mmm Yes This One I Can Just Vore Right Up” But Then The Biggest Billygoat Is Like Not Having It And He Does A Hit On The Troll So The Troll Falls Into The River And Died Probably And The Three Billygoat Brothers Live Happily Ever After While The Mean Ugly Evil Troll Rots In Hell

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Joy to the World - m00n_un1t_luna - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Day 4 of EreriWeek2015: Fireflies
Title: Joy to the World
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~10k
Description: Pastel!Eren and Punk!Levi are the last two people on Earth. So they go to the mall.

@foxicology @sebastianstanismyman I did the thing!

I think everyone has these kinds of days, where they think, if there was no one else in the world what would you do? For me, I think I thought I’d stop shaving, but then again I’ve never really had much in the way of facial hair anyway. Just a few little stray hairs that look like they’re from a billygoat or one of Nile’s pubes. What would you do? Walk around naked? Braid your armpit hair? Rub your junk on the Mona Lisa?

I woke up past noon which was great. Usually Mom was banging on the door before then telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed. She always would knock on the door with a polite, “Levi!” and then knock-knock “Levi! Time to get up!” and then knock-knock-knock “Levi, you have five minutes or I’m sending Uncle Kenny in.” Uncle Kenny never knocked, he just pulled off the covers and opened the blinds and if I wasn’t out of bed by then, he’d grab my ankle and drag me to the front porch to wake up on the welcome mat. And if you’re really committed (like I am) you can sleep out on the welcome mat, but our cat, Jinx, has taken to licking my ears so I’ve given up on that.

So I woke up after noon, made coffee and that’s when I realized mom’s purse was still on the counter. Lucky day, I thought to myself. I’ll steal her ciggys. Then I realized that Kenny’s truck was in the driveway. Huh.

Sipping coffee and smoking a cigarette I watched the neighbor’s mower drive by my window. Huh.

Jinx jumped up on the counter and begged for food, wailing and dipping his paw in my coffee.

“Let’s get you kibble, eh boy?” I said, scratching his ears.

The silence was starting to get to me so I turned on the tv, but all of the channels were blanked out save for TVLand which was airing some I Love Lucy special. Ha, Lucy is a fucking crackup. But then TVLand blipped out too and it was just me and Jinx. The air felt heavy, like the still before a storm, hot and languid and making my arm hairs stand on end. I was too afraid to go outside. Too afraid to step past the doormat. I didn’t hear anyone all day. Not the mailman, not the neighbors fighting. Not kids playing in the street. Nothing. That sense of trepidation that had me waiting for the other shoe to drop. And I waited. I stayed up until 3AM waiting for Mom to come home or for Kenny to come bursting through the doors drunk off his ass.

Was this some joke? If it was, it wasn’t funny.

Was this like a weird Home Alone-type scenario? Had terrorists released some kind of poison gas and my family had evacuated and left me behind? Was I Kevin? Was there a gas leak and everyone died? Where was everyone?

Come day two, I got up and left the house.

I guess I don’t really need to tell you what comes next. A lot of running. A lot of screaming. “Hello? Is anybody there? Hello!!!” Crazy Tom Cruise running through Times Square in Vanilla Sky, yada yada. My therapist says I do that (the “yada yada” and my terrible shit jokes) because I’m afraid of appearing weak. That I think my emotions are a weakness. I’m like, buddy, who the fuck doesn’t? No one wants to appear fragile. Because then they know they can break you. And I come from the “Fighting Ackermans!” no seriously my uncle looks like if Clint Eastwood had a baby with the Notre Dame mascot. We’re fighters. We’re survivors. So I’m not going to tell you that I fell down crying, weeping at the complete emptiness of the world.

Everyone was gone.

That’s all you need to know.

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If I knew Luke personally I would always be the one correcting his grammar mistakes and he would just HATE me for it but in the end he would be so great full and THAT LITTLE #votw5sos SHIT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED AND THE “YOUR” and “YOU’RE” SWITCH UPS WOULD DISAPPEAR