Carakitten found an amazing playground and Babyface is displeased.

Carakitten/cabbage belongs to Ashley Lee.

I hope your day goes better :)

(Those big holes are cooling vents. Babyface is remarkable efficient and resistant to heat, but the amount of energy he puts out demands a lot of cooling. No he will not turn on the fans with someone in there, don’t worry.)

This was going to be fanart for Ren, who is a very cool person, but then I had to throw in Ashley’s Cabbage, and then I added kitty!Banjaree for kicks.

Louis is going to be in for a rude awakening when both these hoodlums end up jumping him.

I got really tired and loopy and somehow a Gale appeared?!

Gale seems like the sort of guy who’d patiently listen to your crazy story at 1:00am even if he has no idea what you’re talking about. Or why you have a computer instead of a head.

I need to talk more about Joel.

Gale belongs to Billy Bartos