Yup! I’m opening up commissions for my two week break! Act now because my slots are limited. Also, once all my current slots are filled and payed for I will hold a raffle and randomly pick a person to recieve a FREE sketch.


If you want to commission me leave a message through either my fanmail on Tumblr or DA notes (preferably DA notes).

You can also find more examples of the commissions that I am offering right here If there’s anything that you want that isn’t listed in there feel free to ask me about it. As long as it’s nothing NSFW, I’m willing to negotiate.

Not again | Piper and (open)

Piper couldn’t believe it. This just wasn’t going to end for her. She wasn’t even finished with the rental with Xavier and now she was pulled out for this. Two and half days of more punishment. Surely, he would take advantage of it, too. Then she would be going back to his room for more, as he hadn’t finished with her, yet. “Shit,” was all she could say when the crop hit her ass. “Could this get any worse?”


Charlie could have handled punishment if it had been with one or two people. But to be naked– stripped in front of everyone and anyone had sent him into a panic attack. Everyone would know who he was now– and there would be no hiding the fact that he’d been born a female. It hadn’t taken several supernaturals to get him naked and bent into the stockade. And now that he was– he was visibly falling apart. He felt like screaming– bruises lining his cheeks from where he struggled and his body squirming through his panic.