Happy Halloween {Open started}

Dan looked around the part he was attending. There were a bunch of people in all kinds of different outfits and it sure was fun to see how creative people could get.
Seeing as Dan was a Neko he found it funny to see people dressed as cats.
Halloween was also one of the only times he was free to wear one of his costumes without feeling too awkward about it, even if many people still found it weird to see a boy in a dress. But he couldn’t care at this point.
He was wearing a maid’s outfit and a mask on his face.
He held onto his cup as he stood in the corner of the room.

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Henry turned when he felt eyes on himself. The wolf had been examining the scarred M tattoo on his chest– trying to figure out the best way to cover it up or remove it. He pulled his dirty shirt over his head and turned to look at them. “Can I help you?”


Commissions are now open

email me at if you would like a commission!


  • extra character to any of the commissions is +30% from the original price
  • I don’t draw nsfw, mecha or furry.
  • Send me an email BEFORE sending me a payment for your commission
  • I will send you a wip for anything above sketch commissions to get your approval
  • I’ll need a fully colored reference of your character or I’ll decline
  • Maximum 3 characters per picture
  • I won’t give refunds after I’m completely finished with a picture
  • I’ll charge extra depending on the difficulty 
  • I accept payment by paypal

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Con-Soul Episode 3: We’re All Soldiers Now

“You think you can best a champ?” A mysterious red, white, and blue Rider asks, holding a gun. 

“Whoever wins has to do whatever the other one wants!” Satomi grins. 

“…Fine by me.”

A “VS” appears over them.

Lellowberry’s Commissions!

Sketches: Bust $5, Waist up $10, Full body $15

Flats: Bust: $10, Waist up $15, Full $20

Full Color/Shading: Bust $20, Waist up $25, Full $30

New Color Options: Inks and Watercolor!

Payment or partial payment must be made up front (using paypal). I will do a mock up messy sketch for you to make sure you like the direction I’m taking before I send you the final product.

Things I am happy to draw:

  • OCs
  • Canon Characters
  • Furry or Anthro
  • Kung Fu Panda, Zootopia, etc.
  • Undertale
  • AU’s of any kind
  • NSFW (see restrictions)

Things I’m not very good at drawing but will draw if you want me to:

  • Humans or humanoids
  • Gemsonas
  • Mechanoid

Things I WILL NOT draw:

  • Lollita, beastiallity
  • Gore, vore, or hyper
  • Excessive brutality

To commission: please message me at either @lellowberry or @lellowberrysart so we can discuss details. I do work full time but I will of course try to get back to you right away! I reserve the right to decline any commission, but I’m pretty easy going.

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[Maxime sits in a random teacher’s classroom, going through their grade book, jotting notes and occasionally making changes.] [The teacher is currently a half hour late to a 3 hour class and thus he was called in] [The students happily watch anime]