Lucid Dreaming Part 4 - Joker x Reader

So i’m not all too happy with this part and I really struggled to write it but let me know what you think? - Thank you for all the support on the story though it is highly appreciated :) Keep requesting and even suggesting ideas of what you want to happen. Thank you amazing followers: WARNING -slight hint at smut.




You could feel his breath on your cheek, hot and sweet. “When did I fall so deeply for you, dollface?” he searched your face but you could tell he was being rhetorical. With how dark it was now it made his eyes seem even darker than usual but they still glinted slightly, not in a dangerous way, not this time. “I cannot quite put my finger on the hour or the moment or the look that made me realise, what I do know is that I was in the middle before I knew I began.” he moved his arms up so his hands rested on the wall either side if your head before he breathed out heavily letting out a slight laugh that wasn’t quite manic. “I have faced the harsh truth that I, the king of Gotham am in love.” He had admitted it to you, Frost was right. You didn’t have much time to think about that when his lips crashed to yours. He tasted sweet yet metallic like he always had, but this time, it was different; this was passion and love not just wanting and sex. He moaned into your mouth before pushing himself off the wall and away from you landing himself on the sofa. You slowly made your way over to him, sitting on his lap and wrapping your arm around his neck resting your head on his shoulder.

“I love you” you mumbled into his neck peppering small kisses onto his exposed neck and shoulder. You forgot you were still only in his shirt until his hand started working its way up and down your thigh.

“You always have” he purred into your ear making you shiver slightly. His hand work its way further up leaving you a moaning mess on his lap, biting lightly into his shoulder making him call you a good girl. His hands soon found your waist again, “my desire made me surrender and my surrender gives me power” he growled in your ear and threw you over his shoulder making you giggle and carrying you to the bedroom.



This was now the third night I watched (y/n) ’s nightmares increase drastically over a few minutes. I watched her twist and turn and then wake up screaming and sweating. I stayed in my place in the chair in the corner of the room watching her as she looked over for me. “J?” she called out just before she saw me, I sauntered over to her, pushing the hair from her face and sitting beside her letting her lean back into me, gently rocking her back and forth trying to calm her. She clung onto me, crying into my chest. “Shh, what is it? What does dada need to do?“ I asked stroking her hair. “Well it s-s-started with Andrew,” she sobbed, “It’s the memories, I can’t get rid of them now. Ever.” Her crying increased as I stopped rocking her.

“I was back in Arkham again. When you left me alone, the things they did to me when you left me alone.” Her sobs intensified,  

“What did they do?” She never mentioned anything to me about when I was gone, I did leave her for months - I should have been quicker.

“They kept me in your old straight jacket almost all the time, I couldn’t move forced me to stay alive, forced me into therapy with a Doctor Quinzel. They convinced me you were never coming back, even told me you were dead.”

“Why have you never told me this before?” I was deep in thought,

“I, I don’t know.” she turned to look at me, “Can we go out? I don’t want to stay here.”

“Of course” I nodded watching as she shuffled to get up her hand subconsciously running its way over her scars on her chest. The girl would never recover from this. “We’ll go for a drive” I started to move, grabbing a shirt from the floor and slinging it around my shoulders before my holster. Walking up behind her I placed my hands on her shoulders running them up and down as she watched me in the mirror.

“I’m  sorry, Joker” that was the first time she had used my name in a long time,

“Nonsense doll. You know I’ll do anything for you. I’ll get the car brought round, we’ll finish our little date night” I smiled at her, kissing her just behind the ear before leaving, shouting for Frost to get the car.



The streets were empty as you roared down them, J was laughing manically like always, but you were unusually quiet. J admitted to loving you, yes but that was but one happy thought amongst some of the darkest that you have to relive.

“Smile doll, your about to have your photo taken” J laughed as a speed camera flashed. You didn’t smile, in fact you shouted as you saw the silhouette of a man walk out in front of the car. The headlights lit him up to reveal the bat, “Batsy Batsy.” J snarled spinning the car round to a stop and jumping out, “Stay here.” you watched as J approached him but you couldn’t hear what was being said. He was being cocky you could tell that. That’s when he drew his gun waving it and his arms around like a toy but that’s all it was to him, Batsy still didn’t move but you had a feeling that he would attack soon. You stepped out the car ignoring what J had asked,

“Hey Batsy, you’re ruining date night”
“(y/n), what the fuck.” The bat stayed quiet and watched, “Get back in the fucking car.”
“I’m not here for her Joker, not this time” Bats deep but obviously fake voice called out. You looked to J panicked.

“Go to the car, now” J wasn’t playing anymore so you started to move slowly still a little panicked,

“You are not going back to Arkham. You just can’t.”

“Oh, I have no intention of going back there either doll.” You were so engrossed in J’s eyes that you didn’t  realise that the bat had moved until J shouted. He was behind you, his arm went around your neck and your hands flew up to try and pull it away but failed, you threw your head back smacking him in the jaw making him loosen his arm slightly allowing you to pull away and grab at his arm and twist it, but not enough. He turned and grabbed you pulling you against him and you watched as J seethed at the fact he had no control over the situation.

“You almost lost her once Joker.” Bat said holding one of this bat blades up to you neck, “Don’t make this the time it finally happens.” You struggled but couldn’t get free. You could see J contemplating whether to shoot or not, he wouldn’t be able to get a clear shot without the risk of hurting you. He didn’t take that risk. He lowered his gun keeping his eyes on yours as bat loosened his grip, just as you thought he would throw it away he ran raising it and aiming again, shooting and hitting bats arm distracting him enough to let you go. Joker changed direction and jumped into the car, speeding off and leaving you behind. Batsy began running in his direction,

“Why aren’t you taking me?” you asked,

“Trust me, you aren’t as crazy as you think you are.” and with that, he was gone and you were stood in the road, alone again.

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Willow curled up in the corner of her camp walls, where there was only a little bit of shade to protect her new form from the searing sun. It still burned, but she couldn’t exactly slip away to somewhere darker while there was still daylight.

It was complete misery having to be stuck in such a small place.

She suddenly heard somebody walking towards the entrance of the camp. “Hell…o?” she rasped.

Open for MISTA’ J 

Happiness. Anxiety. Fear. Even more happiness.

Her emotions were a whirlwind as she looked down at the little white thing in her hand. She didn’t know - didn’t have a clue how to inform J about this but she knew she would have to. If she kept it a secret at some point he would notice either way. It was too dangerous to keep it hidden from her lover. She had to tell the truth.

“Ha. Ha. Ha.”

A soft giggle escaped her lips, the sound echoing around the empty bathroom. The blonde stood up quietly and walked to Joker’s offie. She was sure he was not there at the moment and that in one of the drawers of his desk he kept paper bags - those colourful bags that you put your gift into. She had no idea why it was there but they were. ‘Perfect’

Harley snuck into the office and put the pregnancy test with the positive result into one of those colorful childish gift bags before she placed it in the middle of the desk. The young woman giggled at that once again before skipping out of the room and back into the bedroom. She laid down on the bed and waited for her King to come back and see the little surprise she had for him.

Bastion still seems to be undergoing the effects of its little episode. It continues staring blankly at the tree it had just utterly obliterated. The internal gears of the robot were still whirring and clunking. The unit was battle-ready.

And yet, it did not felt victorious standing in front of the shot-down stump. The unit just stood there. Speechless. And alone, without Ganymede.

[throwing pillows off couches, shining his flash light under the shelves, and basically combing every inch of the main floor]

Perkele, perkele, PERKELE!

My parents reported me as a missing person. I told them I was kidnapped. They then tried to ground me.

It is the year of our Lord 2016, I am in my late 20s, I’m married, and I’m famous. And my parents tried to ground me because I was kidnapped.

Void | Chapter 1 | General Open

Anyone who wants to deal with Yuko, feel free to respond. I’ll take as many as I think I can handle!

Yuko sat at the cafeteria table with his giant jar of animal crackers, though it was less than half full now.

He drummed his fingers along the wooden table and tried to ignore the lack of weight around his neck. He’d already had his freakout, somehow Pidge had managed to drag him out of it.

Yuko’s room was destroyed, but he’d put it back together before he went to sleep tonight. Right now, thought, all he wanted to do was veg out and eat a ton of junk food. 

He was spaced out, drawing random patterns on the table with his finger. Though he did notice several people coming in and out of the cafeteria. He wondered what they were all going through, were they freaking out as bad as he was? If so, they were all impressively hiding it.