“Boys and girls of every age, Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see; This, our town of Halloween!” - Tim Burton’s, Nightmare Before Christmas

With that, Kaelyn and I present to you, our Fright Night Awards!

R U L E S :

🕷  Must be following the both of us (Kaelyn’s blog here and mine here)

🕸  Must reblog this banner at least once, (to showcase Carissa’s lovely work)

🕷  Must not delete/alter/change any of the text or you will be automatically be disqualified or reduce your chances of being picked.

🕸  Only 16 Winners will be chosen to be featured on our Halloween page

C A T E G O R I E S :

🕷   Best url x2

🕸   Best theme x2

🕷   Best Posts x2

🕸   Best Aesthetics x2

🕷   Best new Discovery x2

🕸   Promising Undiscovered (Under 5k, must submit proof to either me or Kaelyn) x2

🕷   Nicest Blogger x2

🕸   Kaelyn’s favorite x1

🕷   My Favorite x1

P E R K S :

🕷   A follow from Kaelyn and I, if we’re not already.

🕸   You’re blog being showcased on our Halloween Page (currently under construction)

🕷   More blog exposure

🕸   Two new friends (if you like us) :-)

🕷   Be featured on Kaelyn’s award index here and Fhawke’s Hall of Fame (link tba)

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O T H E R (S) :

🕷   Banner by the lovely and talented Carissa, her blog can be found here and her banner blog here

🕸   We will be choosing when we’re satisfied with the notes (hopefully right before Halloween)

🕷   Good luck guys! Hope to see some of you here :)

Oi Oi gente aqui é a Admin Rabbit do @intotheneoculture e venho aqui apresentar pra vocês o mais novo projetinho, a união mais top desse universo, o club das cerejinhas, as donas do site brincadeirinha : KBR-SQUAD!!!

O KBR-Squad é a união de vários tumblrs brasileiros que produzem conteúdo de kpop,! 

Nosso intuito é divertir vocês com conteúdos divertidos e interativos, tanto entre as admins e os seguidores, quanto entre os nossos próprios blogs! Nós também queremos, com essa união, ajudar a divulgar tumblrs brasileiros que estejam começando ou que não tenham conseguido ganhar tanto destaque mas que merecem reconhecimento! 

Nós resolvemos unir também fandoms pois o nosso desejo é ter vários tumblrs de diversos grupos! 

Mas o que vamos postar? TUDO! Vocês é que decidem, vamos postar tanto reactions, imagines, fake texts quanto edits, click and drags e muito mais!

♡ Espero que vocês gostem e apoiem nosso projetinho, deixando claro que nossos blogs principais NÃO serão abandonados, o KBR-Squad é um projeto paralelo e única e exclusivamente direcionado para os nossos seguidores brasileiros ♡

PS : Se vocês conhecerem algum tumblr brasileiro que vocês gostem e queiram indicar pra se unir ao KBR-Squad podem ficar avontade e fazer sugestões, nós iremos entrar em contato com os responsáveis e fazer um convite!

Rabbit e CIA!

Fall’s here and it’s the perfect time of the year to snack on your favorite doughnut! Just kidding, “perfect time of the year..” Everyday seems more accurate in the endeavor.  I’ve been dying to host a Fall-themed network since it’s one of the loveliest times of the year. So let’s get to it?

R U L E S :

🍩   Must be following me (@fhawkes)

🍩   Likes will only be counted as bookmarks, must reblog in order to compete

🍩   Deleting/Altering the text will automatically disqualify you.

P E R K S : 

🍩   A follow from me if I’m not already + an additional 50 free queues upon being a chosen winner

🍩   A new friend :-)

🍩   Being featured  on a cute Fall themed Network till next Fall (link tba)

🍩   Being featured on my Hall of Fame (theme is currently under construction)

C A T E G O R I E  S :

🍩   Best Posts: Lemon Custard x2

🍩   Best Theme: Bavarian Cream x2

🍩   Best Aesthetics: Bear Claw x2

🍩   Best Icon: Cinnamon Twist x2

🍩   Friendliest Blogger: Glazed x2

🍩   New Discovery: Chocolate x1

🍩   Childhood Favorite: Sprinkles x1

H I G H E R C H A N C E S :

🍩   Apply to my other networks here

🍩   Talk to me, I don’t bite. (Only after I choose u as my doughnut, but that’ll be out of affection)  :)

🍩   Follow me on my other socials (Spotify and Insta)

O T H E R :

🍩   Banner made by me

🍩   Image found on tumblr

🍩   Will be choosing when happy with the notes, so let’s get to it :)


Art Commissions Open!
traditional Watercolor paintings and sketch pages!

especially exotic pets are very welcome for this but I can do pretty much every animal but humans.

Sketch Pages - 15–20€
Full body no background - 30–60€
Full illustration with a background like shown - 80–110€

highly depending on complexity and paper size (either A5 or A4)
shipping of originals not included but possible (worldwide)

for more infos keep reading!

Keep reading


hello, all ! perhaps, buy some commissions? Help A Poor Brazilian Girl Buy Some Fish ? it will AT LEAST make me stop clogging up your dash with fish posts. 

think like this: any dollar you give me will be TRIPLIFIED when turned into my coin, the Real. this means that you are helping me three times as much! it is wonderful and nothing hurts.

please reblog if you can, because it helps a lot with spreading the word!


Commissions are officially OPEN much to my excitement!
There will be 5 slots open at a time before I close commissions to work on art again!


Anyone interested can —–
Note me on Deviantart: FriendOfMegamanTrash
Send me a Note on Tumblr: DankRobotOwl
Direct Message me on Discord: Lub™#8501
Email me on Gmail:

- I have the right to refuse any commission.

- I will send you a screenshot of the art when I finish but you will not receive the original file UNTIL you pay for the art through paypal.

-I will try to complete the works in a timely fashion but please note I am a high school student who is very passionate about their studies.

-It is okay to be descriptive about what you want, and I can send you screenshots of the work in progress at major milestones so you are sure to receive art that you actually want!

     Road bumped into someone, muttering an apology. She felt so sleepy. Her eyes had rings under them and they were half lidded. It looked like the girl was about to keel over. But she kept walking with unsteady steps. She bumped into another person and apologized again. And then finally full body hit against someone and fell over back wards onto her rump.

     “H-hey!…. Never mind, it was probably my fault,” she sighed.